Abhigya – Happy Love Episode 14

Hi Guys !..Thank u so so so much for ur lovely comments !..I am very very happy that u all liked it !..Once again thanks a lot !..Ok let’s quickly move onto the episode !!..

The episode starts with Abhigya rolling on each other Bol do na zara plays . Abhigya both were not in their senses . Soon Pragya some to senses!.
Pragya – Hey Dundoos leave me !..
Abhi – Sorry Fuggy and gets down !..
Pragya stands up and beats Abhi !..
Pragya – Like Bhai and Ishu we also get locked !.
Abhi – Sorry fuggy now what to do ?
Pragya – Then what like them we have to stay here whole night !
Abhi thinks Shit ! It’s all my mistake !..
Pragya – What are u thinking ?
Abhi – Nothing …Hey wait a min let’s call from our cellphone for help !
Pragya – Haan Dundoos good idea try it !
Abhi tries it but – Fuggy there is no signal here !.
Pragya stares him – Search for it !..
Abhi makes his face like a child .

Screen shifts to Ishveer 
Ishani – Ranveer now what we have to do ?..
Rv – There is no way we have to stay here only !
Ishani – But !..
Rv – Hmm?.
Ishani – Let’s call someone !..
Rv – There will be no signal !
Ishani – Oh no !! God pls save us !!..
Rv – Today we will stay here . But i think choti and Abhi will be searching for us !.(they only locked them?)
Ishani – Haan we have to inform them but how ?…
Rv – Tomorrow we may get signal chances r there so today we will stay here tomorrow we can come out !..
Ishani – Ok !.. 

Screen shifts to Abhigya ..
Abhi – Fuggy i am feeling hungry ?.
Pragya – What after eating  dozens of samosas u r feeling hungry ?..
Abhi – Haan ! but we both shared that na ?
Pragya – I ate only one veg samosa that too half only !
Abhi blinks !..
Pragya – Hey wait a min ..and takes a bottle !..

Abhi – Hey votka ryt ?..thanks fuggy
Pragya  – Chi …This is home made orange juice .
Abhi – Oh thank u so much my dear fuggy !
Pragya – Your welcome dundoos
Abhi – Moonh lagaloon ?..(Can i keep my mouth?)
Pragya smiles and nods ..
Abhi sips that like a baby . Pragya just admires him . Itni si baat hai plays ..

Abhi – Fuggy thanks for the juice party !
Pragya – Welcome Dundoos
Abhi – By the way who made this ?..
Pragya – Haan my ghost made this !
Abhi asks Kya ??..and shouts Oh Somebody help pls help !..

Suddenly Ishveer gets up by hearing that screaming sound ..
Pragya – Chup !!and closes his mouth …
Abhi is just mesmerized in her eyes suno na sangmarmar plays …

Ishani – Ranveer Kya hua ?
Rv – Nahi someone shouted..
Ishani – May be some dog !..
Rv – Ok !..
Ishani starts to shiver in cold ..
Rv – What happnd Ishani ?..
Ishani – No i am feeling very cold ..
Rv cant bear that ..
He removes his coat and covers Ishani
Ishani was just freezed in that moment ..Tum hi ho plays ..

Pragya takes her hand from Abhi’s mouth .
Pragya – What would have happened if bhai found us ?.
Abhi – Sorry fuggy
Pragya – Oh Dundoos i am just irked with that sorry. More than 10 times u said sorry l..
Abhi – Really ?.
Pragya stares ..

Abhi – OK so what can we do now ?..
Pragya – Tell me about your experiences in making songs !..
Abhi – Can i start ?
Pragya – Ready 1 ,2,3 start !..

Abhi starts to say abt his life experiences ..Pragya just admires him ..Soon she starts to sleep on Abhi’s shoulders !..Abhi stops and saw her and think Fuggy u r looking too cute while sleeping and smiles ..He also keep his head on her shoulders and starts to sleep ..

The next morning ..The sun rises it was a clear morning around 7’o clock .
Then sun light falls on Pragya and she wakes up .She saw her watch and says :
Pragya – Dundoos wake up !!.
Abhi in sleep – Fuggy let me sleep .I am feeling tired.
Pragya – Our mission ??.
Abhi (thought machine) – Machine got repaired !?..
Pragya – i have to do something ..
She saw a window there
Pragya – Its a window !! Why i didn’t see this yesterday night itself !.?..OK leave it ..
Pragya – Dundoos wake up i found way to go out !!.and thinks i have to wake him by another way ..

Pragya shouts – dundoos dekho bhoot aagaya !! .(ghost came !?)
Abhi suddenly wakes up – Bhoot where ??..where is ghost ?.
Pragya – On my head ! Chalo na i found way to go out !..
Abhi – how ?.
Pragya – see there is a window there !
Abhi – where ?.
Pragya – there and points the window !..
Abhi – y u didn’t see this before itself ?.
Pragya – Now i saw na ?.Lets move !.don’t wars time ..
Abhi ties a rope near the window and holds pragya tightly !.Pragya was tightened by his grip .They both gets down out of the office and shouts Yea we came out !!..?..Abhigya both hugs ..Allah waariyan plays …

Abhi -feeling happy that i got released from jail ..
Pragya – OK come lets open bhai and Ishu’s room door . ..
Abhi – Move !!.
They both moves ..

Screen shifts to Ishveer .
Rv wakes up and saw still Ishani is sleeping and smiles at her . He tries to wake her .
Rv – Ishani ,..Ishani wake up !..
Ishani doesn’t wake up ..
Rv gets panick ..

Rv starts to get scared and says Ishani !!..He checks her pulse !.And rubs her feet .He check that still heart beat is there ..He tries to break the door ..Abhigya enters that time ..

Rv – Choti, Abhi !!
Pragya – Bhai kya hua ?..
Rv – Ishani !
Abhi shouts Ishu !..
Pragya – Ishani !!.and calls the doctor !!.
Abhi asks How it all happen ?..
Rv narrates …

Abhigya gets a little happy for Rv’s care towards Ishani but Abhi feels sorry for Ishani’s condition . Doctor comes and checks Ishani ..

Doctor – Nothing to worry She just fainted for shivering . That’s it !.She will completely alright if she takes rest ..

Abhi – Thank u so much doctor !..
Pragya drops the doctor !..
Ishani slowly opens her eyes . Rv sees her . Ishani says Ranveer..Rv gets emotional and hugs her ..Tum hi ho plays. ..Abhigya thinks this couple should not be seperated !..

Pragya – R u fine Ishani ?.
Ishani – I am fine.
Abhi gets a call and goes out and speaks And says What ??.How can u say like this ?.Go to hell. .

Pragya says Dundoos kya hua ?..
Abhi – Tomorrow my new album launch but the models refused to come ..i need 2 models today itself. .
Pragya – How Abhishek ?..
Ishveer says We both will do …
Abhi – Ranveer r u OK with this ?..
Rv – No problem .
Pragya looks confused. ..

Abhi takes pragya and gives signal to her by his eyes. (?)..Pragya undertsands that and replies to him (???)And thumbs up !!.They both smiles ..

Precap : Ritika says Ishani only stole all the money . Rv feels very guilty for her . Abhi says this is too much we have only last option .Pragya asks what is it ?..Abhi says Jealousy!!

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