Abhigya – Happy love Episode 12 and 13


Hi guys !..I know last episode was little bit boring ! Sorry guys !..I posted 2 episodes today !Today episode is gonna very interesting . And thanks to all who wished my chachi !..My chachi also said thanks to u all !!..Ok now let’s quickly get into the episode !..

The episode starts with Abhigya saying we Team Abhigya will surely win this mission and they smiles !..
Abhi – Of course fuggy we will definitely win this mission !..
Pragya – Ya ..!
Abhi – Ok let’s don’t waste time here . we will move to our home and today execute a plan !
Pragya – Haan then chalo na ?.
Abhi – Areeyy wait a min my samosa is there . (and pampers)
Pragya – Abhishek chalo !..While going i will buy dozens of samosas for u tk?
Abhi – Pinky promise ? and shows his finger
Pragya smiles – Pakka pinky promise and joins her finger with abhi ..
Pragya – done ?
Abhi – Double done !!..

Abhi stops near a samosa shop . Pragya stares
Pragya – Why u stopped here?
Abhi – Did u forgot your pinky sorry pakka pinky promise ?.
Pragya – No i didn’t ..after executing our plan i will defintely make samosa by my hands and give u na pls ?
Abhi – Na na na ..Now i need samosa ..
Pragya – Dundoos !!..
Abhi – Kya ??..
Pragya – nothing !
Abhi – No u said somethng !
Pragya – I said na nothng !
Abhi – Ok then i will not help u in this plan !..
Pragya – Definitely u r Dundoos ! (and thinks oops !!)
Abhi – Oh u said this only ah ffuggyy!.
Pragya – haan !
Abhi – I like it !
Pragya smiles ..Abhi is just lost in her eyes ..Allah waariyan plays ..
Pragya – Ok i will get samosas for u !..come ?
Abhi – Good fuggy !
Pragya bought samosas for abhi !..Abhi smells it and says Waare wah !..Yummy !! ..
Abhi – Do u want it !!..?
Pragya – No this is chicken samosa i will get vomit if i eat chicken samosa !
Abhi – Areey thoda khalo na ?
and feeds Pragya ..
Pragya starts to have nauseous feeling ..
Abhi – Areeyy what happnd ?
Pragya rushes to vomit !..Abhi says Hey i become daddy !!..Pragya says Hey Dundoos !.Stop it !..(This scene is in memory of Tisha/Srimathi akka)
Abhi – Ok i am sorry ..Do u eat veg samosa ?
Pragya – Hmm..Yummy !..
Abhigya shares and eats the veg samosas ..Pragya smiles by seeing Abhi’s funny actions !..

Abhigya reaches home . Dadi welcomes them . Abhi says this is fuggy !..i mean Pragya !..Dadi welcome beta
Pragya – Namaste Dadi ji ! and gets blessings ..
Abhi – She is my best friend ! .
Pragya – Waise where is Ishani
Dadi – Ishani went to your Bhai’s office she is working there only !
Pragya – What ?
Abhi – Haan i will tell u ..
Dadi – Ok u guys get inside i will make somethng for u !
Pragya – No dadi i will help u !
Dadi – No ! i will only make ok ?!
Pragya smiles and says Ok dadi!

Abhigya enters inside ..Abhi takes Pragya to his room !.
Pragya looks around – Is this your room ?
Abhi – Yes why ?.
Pragya – Not bad atleast little bit u r maintaining ur room !
Abhi – What do u mean ?
Pragya pouts and says – Nothing !
Abhi – Ok now let’s think abt our plan..
Pragya – Hey i forgot ..Y u didn’t tell me that Ishani is working in my bhai’s office ?
Abhi narrates Why ishani went to her bhai’s office !
Pragya – What to become my frnd she came to bhai’s office to work !..But already we became frnds !
Abhi – What ?
Pragya – Haan and narrates the Janmashtami day when Ishani she Pragya became frnds !
Abhi – So u both r now frnds ..Then y she is working there still now ?
Pragya – Hey dundoos Wait !..I said We became frnds on Janmashtami day !..And the scene i told u na that also i saw on Janmashtami day !..
Abhi – So ?..
Pragya – So !..Now a love story is started blooming between them !
Abhi – WHAT !!..Yaay!!
Pragya – Ok Now Ishani and Bhai both r in Office let’s execute our plan there !
Abhi – What is our plan ?..
Pragya – I will tell u later !..Just wait and watch !..

Screen shifts to Ishveer .
Rv – Ritika did u gave all the files to Ishani i mean my PA?..
Ritika – why sir i am the manager so i can manage !
Rv – No ritika Ishani is also a efficient worker i forgot to inform u that a contract file is pending and still u didn’t check the file and send me ?..I want to sign it soon !..Go and complete that work !
Ishani enters ..Ritika smirks ..and says Ok sir ..
Rv – Ishani thank god u came !..Ritika handover the files to Ishani !..
Ritika handovers to Ishani ..Ritika goes out and says This Ishani is always dominating and letting me down ..No i will not leave that happen !
Ritika sees Ishani coming out with files ..Ritika takes some water and pours it on floor (acting like she mistakenly poured it)..
Ishani comes out and keeps her feet on the water and slips ..Rv sees it and says ISHANI!!..He runs and holds Ishani ..all the files fall !..Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte tere bina kya wajood mera plays ..Abhigya enters at the same time ..They both r surprised ..Pragya says Dekhliya na Aashiqui moment and smiles and Abhi says yes !..Kyunki tum hi ho plays ..Suddenly they both came to senses !..Pragya says Hi Bhai !..
Rv – choti and Abhi !..
Abhi – Hi dude !
Ishani – Bhai !
Abhi – Hi Ishu !
Rv – U both here !
Abhi – we just thought to visit ur office
Rv – And not me !
Pragya – Of course u too bhai !! and smiles ..
Abhi – Ishu what happnd how u fall ?
Ishani – Bhai actually water was poured in the floor . I didn’t notice so i losed my balance !..
Rv – who poured water here (angrily) ?
No one didn’t answer ..
Ishani – May be mistakenly they have poured !
Rv – No !..Give me the answer i said who poured the water ?..
Pragya – Bhai relax !..Don’t worry check out the CCTV footage !
Ritika smirks on Pragya !.
Abhi rewinds the footage ..
Pragya sees Ritika in a video and says Abhishek play it ..
Abhi plays ..Pragya says now pause and zoom !..Abhi pauses and zoom ..Pragya says Ritika !..
Evrybdy looks at Ritika !..Rv – Why Ritika ?..
Ritika – Sir !..
Rv – Answer me Ritika !..
Ritika – I poured mistakenly sir i didn’t notice it !.
Rv – Becoz of ur this small mistake today our files would have been get damaged !
Ritika – Sorry sir Sorry Ishani !.
Ishani – No it’s ok !.
Rv – Now u can move !..
Pragya says to Abhi She is the villain of bhai’s and Ishu’s love story and points Ritika !..
Abhi – I think u r ryt !..Ok first execute ur plan then we can easily let her out !.
Pragya – Ok ! and whispers her plan !..
Abhi – Hey it’s a mokka plan yaar !.??
Pragya – Hey this will definitely work out !.
Abhi – Ok

Pragya – Bhai today we booked tickets for a new movie called Ae dil hai mushkil (upcoming movie releasing on diwali)
Rv – So what choti ?..
Pragya – Bhai we booked for u and Ishani too !!..
Rv – Ok choti we will complete all our works and reach the venue at 9:00 pm !..
Pragya – Ok bhai we will be waiting !.Chalo Dundoos !..
Rv and Ishani blinks Dundoos ?
Pragya – thats the new name kept for abhishek !
Ishveer smiles ..
Abhi – Chalo na ?..
Pragya – ok bye !!..

Abhi – Arreyy Pagal fuggy now what we should do ?..
Pragya – We have to wait here till 9’o clock !..
Abhi – What ?..Nahi nahi it will be very boring !
Pragya – Then what we should do ?..
Abhi – You are very boring !
Pragya – What i am boring ?
Abhi – Ok can u prove that u r not boring ?
Pragya – Ya what i have to do !
Abhi – Can u sing a song for me ?..
Pragya – No !..Nahi
Abhi – Then u r boring !
Pragya – Ok ok i will sing !..
Abhi starts to admire her eyes !..

Pragya starts to sing the song of Aashiqui 2 – (You can see this scene by video)

Pragya starts to sing – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKPA6Hfj_JB/

Abhi joins with her Kyunki tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho – https://www.instagram.com/p/BKPBMwIDEtz/

Abhigya is just lost in that song ..Pragya comes to senses and says see maine prove kardiya !

Abhi – Not bad You proved it !..Now u r not boring !.

Pragya checks her phone – Oh No Dundoos now 9’o clock !

Abhi – What ?..Come fast !..

Ishveer was in a room keeping their files ready . Pragya was in the nearby another room to give Abhi signal . Pragya – Dundoos go !..

Abhigya goes near the room . Pragya near the door – Come on quickly karo na ?
Abhi – Wait ..he puts the stap near the door and both Abhigya went to another room and hided

Rv and Ishani in the room !..
Rv pulls the door but can’t open .
Ishani – What happnd Ranveer ?
Rv – Door lock hogayi ?
Ishani – Kya ??.
Rv – Today fully we have to stay here !..
Ishani – Oh no !..

Abhigya in another room says success . Pragya says finally we did it . Abhi says Hey ! and mistakenly and puts the lock in their room also !..and gets freezed
Pragya – Oyye Dundoos kya hua ?
Abhi (stammers) – I put the lock in our room door also !
Pragya – What ??!.Dundoos i am not going to leave u !.. and tries to catch Abhi ..
Abhi – Hey sorry Fuggy !! ..
Pragya – U !!
Both Abhi and Pragya slips and rolls together !..Allah Waariyan plays …

Precap : Abhi says now this my chance to put plan !.Pragya says Dundoos what plan r u going to put ?..Abhi says i need a new model for my next album and they r Rv and my sis Ishani ! ..Evrybdy claps !!..

Hi Guys ! Hope this episode is not that much boring !..Next episode also will be very much interesting . And ya it’s me only in that profile yours little reji !..When i was reading some of the ffs my brother clicked !..So it’s the real reji in my profile !..And pls see that scene visually !i don’t know they posted the link correctly but the link address is correct ! You just type that address in the website tab !and pls see it ! !..You will just fall in love with Abhigya !..Really u have the kick in that scene if u see it visually !..And i got the name Dundoos from our Tisha i mean Srimathi akka and that scene is one from her episode !.Today i got her thought so only !..She was an excellent writer !..And then today for u guys i posted a lengthy episode !..Pls share ur comment guys !..Thanks a lot for ur comment !..Really they r my energy boosters !!..Many and Many abhigya and Ishveer scenes r waiting so till then stay tuned !!

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