Abhigya – Happy love Episode 10


Hi guys !…I hope all remember me !..Yes it is Reji !..How r u all my dear frnds ?..Missed u all a lot !..As i said finally my exams r over !..I informed to harisha that i will be continuing my ff after my exams !..I mean 23rd sept . And she said she told to duvaraksha to inform u guys !..Ok let’s quickly jump into Abhigya’s world !..Come on follow me !..

A short recap : Abhigya became good friends and pragya invited abhi for a function took place in her home . Abhigya Arjun and Ishveer enjoyed their party . Slowly Ishani and Ranveer started to realize their love . Pragya sees this and feels happy for her bhai and ishu and she thinks God made them united to make me to meet Abhishek again and smiles !.

The episode starts with a clear mrng . Pragya wakes up and saw 100 missed calls in her mobile .Pragya thinks Oh my God who gave me 100 missed calls ?..She saw it was from Abhi . She calls Abhi and she too gave Abhi 100 missed calls but Abhi didn’t take . Pragya felt very angry .
Pragya – Why this Abhishek is not taking my call ?..Ok i will talk to him later .
She saw Rv standing in the balcony and she thinks abt Ishveer yesterday . Pragya says Oh i see bhai is thinking abt bhabhi (Ishani) . I want to say this to Abhishek but before that i have to confirm !.

She goes to Rv .
Pragya – Bhai !
Rv thinks abt Ishani
Pragya – Bhai !!
Rv – lost in thoughts
Pragya shouts Bhai !!!..
Rv comes to senses and says haan choti what r u doing here ?
Pragya – Bhai this is my dialogue !..
Rv smiles ..
Pragya – Bhai i think u r lost in thoughts hua kya ?
Rv – Nothing choti .Why ?
Pragya – Really ?..Actually i know what r u thinking ?.
Rv looks clueless ..
Pragya – Ishani !!
Rv gets shocked and surprised
Rv – what r u saying choti r u mad ?.
Pragya – Bhai i know u will not lie to ur choti ryt ?..Yesterday i saw evrythng and i knew it what !
Rv didn’t accept
Pragya – Bhai see my eyes and tell me ! ..
Rv – No choti stop playing these games i want to sleep again and went
Pragya – Bhai i know u love Ishani but ur ego is not letting u to accept it ! ..But this superb pragya will surely make u to accept ur love !..and smiles ..

Pragya gets ready and sees Ragini making breakfast .
Pragya – Maa where is my Idly and sambar (My favourite) !?
Ragini – Arreyy wait a little i am coming ..
Rv – Haan maa i am sorry we r waiting !..
Ragini – Wait i came . and feeds both of them .
Ragini – You both became very big but still eating from my hands .
Rv and Pragya smiles and said maa How much height also we go but for u we r ur children only !.
Ragini smiles and feeds them .
Pragya – Ok bye Bhai bye Maa..
Rv – Bye choti ..
Ragini – Bye beta !..

Pragya goes to Abhi’s company to meet him Pragya says i want to meet Mr.Abhishek Mehra . Receptionist says Abhi sir is in a important meeting . after few mins u can go .
Pragya – Ok fine ! ..
A man sees her from CCTV camera and smiles . he says Welcome Fuggy !..(Ya u all guessed ryt) It is none other than Abhi . Pragya sees all the business officials r standing out. She asks one man and asked Sir why u all r standing out ?..You should be in meeting na ?..He says meeting already completed before 1 hour we r just waiting her to get some documents regarded to the deal which we signed . Pragya says Ok thank u sir . And thinks this means that these things r his plan . Abhi thinks what she is thinking abt ?..Pragya started to move towards Abhi’s cabin .

Pragya enters inside .
Abhi – Good morning fuggy !..
Pragya – Just keep ur gud mrng with urself . I didn’t come to hear ur good mrng .
Abhi – Then for wat u came here ?..
Pragya – I !?..
Abhi – u ??.
Pragya – I am not in mood to say that and one thng y u didn’t let me in if u r free . ?
Abhi – I made u 100 calls in early mrng so just played a game !
Pragya – Game ?
Abhi – Haan game !Ullu banaya bada mazaa aaya !
Pragya gets angry and splashes water on him ..
Pragya laughs and says – Ullu banaya bada mazaa aaya !..
Abhi – U poured water on me . Rockstar Abhi !..
Pragya – Haan
Abhi – I am not going to leave u !..and splashes water on her.
Pragya smirks – How dare u ?..
Pragya splashes and Abhi they both splashes water on each other .
Pragya laughs and says just see ur face !.
Abhi – U too ..
Abhi moves to take a towel but slips because of water ..
Pragya holds him ..Sanam re plays ..
Pragya gets Arjun’s call ..Abhigya came to senses . Abhi says thanks to her and eavesdrop her talk to Arjun (Pragya didn’t notice Abhi) ..
In call
Arjun – Hi Prags !..
Pragya – Hey Arjun how r u ?..
Arjun – i am fine !..
Arjun – And pragya we planned to go amusement park ryt ?.
Pragya says haan ..Abhi thinks what amusement park ?..Both r going to enjoy without me !
Arjun – That plan is cancelled !..
Pragya – Why ?..Abhi gets happy he did a action yes yes yes !..Pragya suddenly turns . Abhi made some funny antics .
Arjun – U know na i am a lawyer .So i got a new case in Delhi so i am going to Delhi for some days!
Pragya – Ok no problem !All the best for ur case .
Arjun – Thank u bye !..
Pragya – bye !

Pragya – What were u doing ? when i was speaking to Arjun ?..
Abhi – nothing !..
Pragya – ok Arjun is going to Delhi for a case ! so only u can help me in this !..I want to speak to u abt this !..
Abhi – What ?!
Pragya – Not here ..

They both move to a coffee shop ..
Abhi – Now tell me !..
Pragya – This matter is not abt mine or urs its abt my brother and ur sister ..
Abhi – What do u mean ?
Pragya – My bhai and Ishani loves each other !..
Abhi is in a mixed reaction ..
Abhi – Have u gone mad ?..Do u know what u r speaking ?..
Pragya – Abhishek i saw this before my eyes
Pragya narrates when Rv holds Ishani when she slips .
Abhi – He just saved her from falling . Today also u saved me from falling .
Pragya – What do u mean ?..Do u mean that i love u !
Abhi just suprised and looks in her eyes and Pragya too Allah waariyaan plays ..
Waiter comes and serves them . Abhigya comes to senses ..
Abhi – I didn’t say u only said i love u !..
Pragya – Oh God !..Now that’s not the problem who said i love u ..Now let’s come to this point ..I am very sure Abhishek . I asked to bhai also ..
Abhi – What did he said ?
Pragya – He said no from his mouth but not from his heart ..
Abhi – I don’t believe in this !..
Pragya – Everything is fair in love and war !.and evrythng is possible in love too
Abhi – hmm..nice to hear !.
Pragya – Just ask ur sister abt this !.I am damn sure definitely she will say no that she didn’t love him !..That time u notice her eyes then u will come to know the truth ..Tomorrow i will be waiting for u in this same place and same time if u feel that i am ryt means u come and meet me ! ..and leaves .
Abhi – Thanks ..Pragya stops and asks what ?..Abhi says thanks for saving me ..Abhigya smiles ..Allah waariyaan plays ..Pragya leaves ..

Precap : Abhi says Team Abhigya is on mission . Pragya says who is Abhigya ?.Abhi says Abhi + Pragya = Abhigya . Pragya smiles and says nice name . Abhi says Thanks fuggy !.Abhigya smiles

Guys i think i didn’t bore u guys !..So from now onwards Abhigya is on mission to unite Ishveer .I think u will all like this track . And guys successfully i wrote all my exams well . Please pray that my results should be good !..And thank u harisha and duva for informing my news ..Ok guys so from now onwards i will try to update regualarly pls support me guys !..keep commenting and keep supporting !..Thank u !.

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