Abhigya – Hamare rishta episode 2 (part 1)

Hiiiiiiii guyyyzzzz gud mrng tnq from ur comments nd varsha I’m not tht riya who u said in the comment…… I’m dng my 12th grade in Chennai… ..

No we move on to the story…….. .

Pragya was shell shocked. It came near her nd stopped. Pragya saw the person in the car nd said sir aap?? ?????? I was scared sir. He is Rohit he said hr to get in.. Pragya gets in the car. Rohit says just to surprise u Pragya. Nd u r gng to hospital nly na…. She said yes sir.. I’ll drop u… Dey arrives to the hospital… ..

While gng to the hospital Rohit keeps thinking something deeply… Pragya asks what r u thinking sir???????? He said I’m thinking about Neil donno when he’ll get responsibly to take over I’m also getting age donno when I’m gng to die…. Pragya says he will sir give him some time
Tht time dey comes to the hospital Pragya says tnq sir…
He says it’s OK
Pragya gets in the time Alia rushes to hr nd asks y u r soo late I’ve been waiting for u Pragya says nothing just leave it Alia says teeke patients are waiting u go

Akash’ marriage ends peace fully tht time abhi gets a call it’s tanu she says Kyung abhi u didn’t said anything u can say na tht we are gng to marry soon abhi says wat hw can I say that dadi is thr na she doesn’t knw anything if she comes to knw she’ll get angry first u come here nd impress dadi tht time dadi cuts Der nd asks who u wants to impress me abhi says dadi aap

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  1. Nice epi?

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  3. Nice episode

  4. Nice episode.

  5. Nice epi……keep rocking…..

  6. epi super ah iruku. un intro n epi 1 padichen but unable to cmnt. u r going well. keep it up.

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    Its Nice….

  8. nice keep going give long update pls yaa

  9. It was really super

  10. Nice episode yaar I’m waiting for abhigya’s meeting really excited how thy vl come across each other in their life

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