Abhigya – A flight to remember Episode 4


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Part 4 –
"What are you even doing here?" Pragya asked utterly gobsmacked.
"Umm, chashmish , woh-" Abhi stopped as his Daadi interrupted.
"I think I should explain because he won't get a word out." She laughed at her grandson. "Pragya beta, I know you and Abhi have been very good friends as you call it for a long time now, me and your Daadi were both talking one day and we both want each of you to settle down soon because who knows how much more longer we will live and I my last wish is to see you married-"

"Daadi please don't talk like that" Abhi and Pragya both protested at their words, they loved them and they were not going to go away so soon.
"We all go some day, but the point is that you both need to settle some day and you both don't like anyone else and I know why. It's because you both do love each other you just won't admit it. Now I know you both will argue against it but we know the truth. Old people can be wise you know." She laughed as Abhi watched Pragya.
"And not only that, Abhi does love you"
Pragya looked at him surprised.
"He told me that yesterday and it was his plan not to tell you that it was him coming to meet you. And guess what, how weird is it that your photo ended up being seen by us and no one else?"
"It's all because of destiny, and Pragya beta I don't know why you would say no now, I mean you never tell me but it's obvious you love him really" Her Daadi teased her.
Abhi and Pragya looked at each other for some time before she said she wanted to talk to him alone and the women agreed.
As they walked out, Pragya was the first to speak.

"How dare you hide that from me, you could have just told me that you were coming, why the lie?"
"Because I didn't know if you felt the same way, I didn't want to lose you as a friend as well chashmish, and seeing as you love this irresistible Rockstar anyway why didn't you just propose to me" Abhi asked her.
"Me, propose you, never" Pragya snorted.
"Anyway, chashmish so what is your answer to this marriage?"
"Well yeah, don't you get it?"
"Well the way you're moaning at me didn't really make it seem so"
"Stop arguing with me okay, you know I'm right"
"I am a Rockstar okay? I am right, you are wrong"
Pragya huffed as she turned around in anger only to feel him hold her by the waist and pull her to him.
"Chashmish, see this is exactly why I love you and probably did since our first meeting because you are different from every other girl I ever met, you make a point and stick to it, you don't sugar coat your ideas. I love you a lot" Abhi made her look at him.

Pragya looked at him with desire, she did love him, a lot. "I love you too" She hugged him tight and after a moment he whispered to her. "I told you I was irresistibly hot didn't I?"
"Stop it" Pragya moved away.
"See this is what I am looking forward to, get used to it from now then it will prepare you for living your life with the Rockstar" Abhi grinned at her before leading her back to the old women who were waiting for them.
"So what have you decided?" They asked.
"You tell" Pragya nudged him.
"Why should I, you tell them"
"No you, you're the Rockstar are you not? Fattu" Pragya teased him.
"Oh look who's talking" Abhi said with sarcasm and pinched her nose.
"Will you stop it! You always do that"
"Why, the way you scrunch it up makes it way too small and I have to"
"Now you're criticizing my looks, how dare you?"
"I just did what will you do?"

"I, I just you wait after marriage I am gonna so-"
"Congratulations" The women hugged each other.
"Finally, an answer, so when shall we fix the engagement?"
"Oh I'm prepared" Abhi picked up the box with the simple diamond studded ring and put it on Pragya, proposing to her.
Pragya smiled at his seriousness for once and hugged him gently forgetting about their argument just a few seconds ago.
"Always one step ahead aren't you?" His Daadi laughed.
"What to do, hoon hi aisa" Abhi grinned at his chashmish who rolled her eyes.

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Credit to: Farhana

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