Abhigya – A flight to remember Episode 3


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Sry fr the late update i was busy in ma sis marriage . Im the sister of the bride na . So i was busy .

Nw we move on to the story……

For the next few months Abhi and Pragya got closer developing a bond they called friends’. There were pointless arguments and both knew a lot about each other. That evening Abhi was about to go to sleep when his Daadi called him to her room-
“Oh no not again” Abhi sighed watching her hand him photos of new girls for marriage.
“Abhi, you have to settle down some day or another” She sat him down and handed him a pile of photos.
Abhi as usual picked them up, rarely looked at them and refused.
“No, no, no and n-” Abhi threw the photo on the bed before picking it up in surprise.
It was a photo of Pragya, Abhi grinned. Pragya had told him that her Daadi was trying to look for a groom for her and there had been a lot of agreements between them lately. It was the same for him too.
“Abhi? Where are you lost beta?” Daadi asked him smiling at him looking at the photo.
“Oh nothing, I mean Daadi you know I don’t want to get married yet” Abhi said quietly.
“Abhi you are such a bad liar just because you don’t tell me things doesn’t mean this old woman doesn’t know. This girl” She took the photo. “Pragya, I know how much you both like each other okay so why are you refusing?”
“Daadi that’s not the point it’s just that I don’t know if she likes me, and I don’t want to take things forward and then end up losing her as a friend as well?”
“Abhi, if you won’t do anything how will you find out if she feels the same?”
Abhi thought for a few moments.
“You know what Daadi, arrange with her Daadi that a boy is coming to see her but tell her to not say who it is exactly”
“As you wish”
“Pragya!” her Daadi smiled as she entered putting the phone down. “You know how I gave photos for your marriage well a young lad is coming tomorrow with his family”
Pragya sighed. This wasn’t the first time, again they would arrive again she would refuse.
“Fine whatever” Pragya walked to her room and text Abhi.
She’s up to it yet again; he and his family are coming tomorrow…
Really? Well who knows, maybe you will like him (;
I seriously doubt it… Good night
Good night chashmish, sweet dreams 🙂
Pragya put her phone on the side. Life was a misery currently. For how long would she keep on refusing her Daadi? She didn’t want to get married to anyone like that but when her Daadi asked why Pragya never had a strong answer.
It was mainly because of Abhi, Pragya didn’t know if it was just an attraction or love but she had become so close to the Rockstar she once hated which sounded unreal to her now that she hated time without him.
Pragya tossed and turned before falling asleep wondering what excuse she would come up with the next day.
Abhi smiled reading her text. Tomorrow she would be in for a surprise, he just hoped all would go well and he wouldn’t annoy her so that he lost the friend in her too…
Abhi fell asleep smiling.
“Pragya, they are here” Her Daadi called to her as she welcomed Abhi and his Daadi. Abhi took her blessing before sitting down waiting for her to come out.
After the two women got chatting Abhi looked around eagerly. Where was she? Why so much time?
Pragya got up from the mirror satisfied with her normal look and got the tray with tea before walking out slowly. She hated doing all this drama. As she stepped out she saw her Daadi and the two sitting opposite her. She walked over listening to them laughing. They seemed nice, it was going to be hard saying no.
Pragya gently placed the tray down and her eyes widened in shock seeing the Rockstar sitting before her grinning away.
“You?” She shrieked.
“Yes, me chashmish” Abhi winked at her.

Precap – pragya said to everyone tht she wanna speak to Abhi alone ……

Credit to: Farhana

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