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As people say you meet a stranger and a lot could happen, but very rarely do you meet them again. Well, not when there aren’t any plans. But with these two it just had to be destiny, the only explainable option to go with.
After another few weeks of tiring work Pragya had a week off, but that meant more lectures from her Daadi who was telling her to get married. Pragya sighed as she came out of the washroom freshened up and picked a book but her mind would not settle.
She was happy to be home for sometime after her hectic schedule as an air hostess but then this was not relaxing as she had imagined. She knew the old woman would nag the next morning about her marriage. She was twenty five now, and for some reason her Daadi did not want her to go past thirty still looking for a groom. Pragya had too thought about settling down now but there was not a single boy she liked or found to be a person who she would be happy with.
Pragya then remembered a time, a flight that she still remembered. She smiled at the thought. I t had been just over a year since that unique flight with Abhi, the Rockstar. She had never actually phoned him, she never thought that he would be serious and she would never even know if he had been in the first place because she had never met him again. But the truth was that he wasn’t the same old Rockstar. A while later his break up with his girlfriend at the time had been the head line of every newspaper possible, there was a lot of gossip about why a relation that had been heading towards marriage had been broken. But Pragya wasn’t worried about that.
She still remembered one thing that had made her regret not phoning him. It was because of the next release of his album. At the promotion of it he had made a speech, very different to his normal ones and only Pragya knew exactly what he had been talking about. He had dedicated it to someone who had left a very effective memory for him, he hadn’t known whether to call them a stranger or friend as they were neither but he had said that they if they ever heard to it he would not have to think twice about meeting again. It was about Pragya, she thought so, who else could it be? He hadn’t given any specific detail and as he was the one and only Rockstar of India, who knew, may be it was some other person. Pragya pushed away the thought and shut the book to find her phone ringing. It was from her company, she picked it up hoping her week off would not be cut off but things turned out different. She was being asked to model their company in a photoshoot the next day. They apologised for the short notice but listening to their reasoning of wanting her to model Pragya reluctantly said yes. It would divert her thoughts from the messed up life of hers for the moment anyway. Pragya fell asleep shortly after.
“Welcome, Miss Pragya Arora” The director greeted her and asked his assistant to take Pragya to the green room to get ready for the shoot that was being set up. Pragya had done this twice in the past before so it wasn’t anything new. As she got her makeover the stylist began chatting to her but more so about someone else.
“You know you are so lucky! I would love to model with him you know!” She said.
“What who?” Pragya asked quizzically.
“Oh you don’t know, well I will leave it as a surprise, don’t really want to spoil it for you” She grinned as she continued her work.
Pragya shrugged off the thought, who could she be so lucky to meet? Anyone that would please her Daadi as a groom would do Pragya laughed silently as she picked the new dress of the shoot to get changed into.
Abhi got up and came out as the director called him for the shot which was now ready. He noticed him pointing to the model, the experienced air hostess who had been chosen specifically. Abhi watched her back as she spoke to someone. She seemed familiar, a petite little figure, and a confident posture. Where had he seen such a girl?
She turned around and for the second time in his life he saw those eyes again. The magical hypnotising eyes, with increased power as the glasses were gone. His frown almost instantly turned to a grin as he watched her face turn from utter shock to surprised followed by a small grin and sparkling eyes, a sparkle he had never seen before.
Abhi forwarded his hand to her and she took it gently.
“You two may talk while I just make some finishing arrangements” The director excused himself.
“You here?” Pragya asked instantly.
“Why? I am a Rockstar, I am often involved in such things” Abhi smirked at her. The similar annoyance was back on her face, one that he loved.
“You still haven’t changed at all have you?” She shook her head.
“Neither have you chashmish” He teased her.
“Chashmish without chashma?”
“Oh yeah,anyway, I mean this is so weird” Abhi said
“I know right what a coincidence” Pragya replied.
“A coincidence or some game of destiny?” Abhi asked her.
“You believe in all that?” She asked surprised.
“I didn’t but I do now” He gently replied as they were called for the start of the shoot.
As the shoot ended which passed quickly, Pragya had quickly gotten changed but Abhi had asked her to wait. She felt a hand tap her on the shoulder. It was him.
“What got you so long?” She asked.
“Oh you see chashmish, and I can call you that cause missing chashma is back, I am a Rockstar and need their time to get ready, thousands of people look at me, I have a reputation to hold.”
“A very low one clearly” She smirked. “Anyway, why did you call me here?”
“To even out some things, how come you never phoned me?” He asked in disappointment.
“You were serious, I mean come on, you are a Rockstar, and you mustn’t have time for calls?”
“I do if they are from someone special” Abhi replied looking straight at her.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I thought we were friends, and you, you reject the friendship with a Rockstar” Abhi huffed and she laughed.
“And you very well know I hate big-headed people”
“So you hate me?”
“As a matter of fact no I don’t hate you, in fact you know I heard your new album and I actually like the new songs.”
“Really? You know I changed them after I met you, and after some other things I also realised that love isn’t always what I said in lyrics.”
There was a pause.
“Anyway, you wanna have lunch?” Abhi asked looking at his watch.
“Fine why not?”
As Abhi and Pragya sat down in the nearby quiet caf they ordered their own food which had many similarities to Pragya’s surprise.
“Chashmish if you spent more time reading magazines about me you would know what I like and hate wouldn’t you”
“I hate gossip and celebrity related news, I prefer romantic novels”
“Romantic novels huh? Oooh Chashmish, I hope you don’t imagine things about me” Abhi covered himself shyly and Pragya blushed before snapping at him.
“Eww never, stop it, they are actually very good books you should give some a try”
“Maybe I will” Abhi winked at her.
As their lunch was served Abhi continued to talk.
“So you know a lot about me, I’m like an open book what about you? You’re parents, family?”
“My dad left me when I was young and my mum passed away some years ago” Pragya spoked quietly.
“Oh sorry”
“Apology accepted” Pragya imitated his joke from their previous meeting.
“You remember everything very nicely don’t you, anyway so who do you live with then?”
“My Daadi, and currently she is on a mission to get me married”
“Really? Same, I have lived with my Daadi since childhood and she means a lot to me but currently she has showed me about fifty photos of girls to get married but I refused. She is annoyed which I guess is reasonable”
“Same” Pragya laughed.
There was a lot more in common between them than she had thought.
“Umm, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you break up with Tanu?”
“Ahh, so you do read about me” Abhi raised his eyebrows. “Well I thought I loved her but she clearly didn’t, she didn’t respect my Daadi and wanted to move out after marriage but my Daadi is my world and then she said stuff, I said stuff and here I am, a single Rockstar”
Pragya nodded. She liked his love for his Daadi, she could understand his feelings.
“So how come the Rockstar hasn’t dated anyone since?”
“I don’t want to, never met anyone like that either, you?”
As their lunch came to an end Abhi offered to drop her home. Arriving outside her house he stopped her before she got out.
“Chashmish, so are we friends now?”
“Umm, yeah, I believe so”
“So” He got out his pen and scribbled his number on her hand again. “Do phone this time” Abhi gently smiled at her before waving bye. Pragya saved his phone number into her phone unlike last time.
Pragya entered the house smiling at the time she had spent with him when she saw her Daadi sitting on the sofa.
“So did you have fun with your boyfriend”
“What?” Pragya asked in confusion. “He is Abhi, the Rockstar just a friend nothing else.”
“Whatever you say but I’m telling you now, you both look good together” Her Daadi said but Pragya laughed at the idea as she walked up to her room.
Could that be possible?
No of course it couldn’t, he was a Rockstar and she was an air hostess, just friends. There was nothing more to it. There couldn’t be?

Precape – Abhi tells his love for pragya to dadi

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