Abhigya – A flight to remember Episode 1


Hiiii guyyyyzzzz its me Farhana . I was
overwhelmed hearing ur comments in the one
shot . So i thought to write a short story
containing 4 to 5 episodes hope u guyyzz like it.

As usual Abhi is a rock star . Pragya is an Air hostess

The one nd only Abhi the rockstar is travelling on this flight, but please as part of being the staff I do not expect any amateur behaviour, you will be allowed permission for autographs at the end however until then please no disruption” The head of the department told them as the air hostess’ stood in line. She looked at the excitement on all of the girls faces.
“And” She continued. “To make sure this happens Pragya you will be the one making sure he is getting what he needs so there are no complains.”
“What? Why? No? Pick me!” Many of them complained but with one hand she silenced them and walked away as the decision had been made. Pragya quickly walked after her.
“Ma’am please no, I don’t like him-”

“And that is exactly why I have chosen you as I know you will not behave badly with him around”
“But ma’am this is torture-”
“Then torture it is” She gently smiled as she walked away and Pragya huffed. His songs had always irritated her to the limit, that big fat ego of his was not going to go down well with her. But still, it was one thing listening to his voice on the radio but another having him standing live before her, not only that but she was going to have to serve him as well. Pragya heard the exciting talk of the girls and it could only mean one thing.
The Rockstar had arrived…

Abhi took off his shades as he eyed the flight watching heads turn his way, arms wave at him. Oh the usual, there were many fans. Abhi smiled in pride as he walked past them gently blowing kisses at them all. He had become used to all this by now but still every time felt like the first. Abhi shook hands with the main air hostess who squealed at his touch when his eyes fell on one bespectacled girl, standing looking away, showing no interest in him, clearly not a fan of his. She had a petite little figure and Abhi couldn’t help but feel something, a feeling that he couldn’t really understand. Abhi forwarded his hand grinning slightly. She looked up and Abhi made eye contact with the bold confident magical eyes behind the glasses. She shook his hand without a word and led him to his seat.

“You may sit down, any drink?” She asked.
“Yes, coke maybe?” He would have drunk a beer or something but as per his Daadi’s instructions he couldn’t. He watched the confused look on her face.
Pragya thought for a moment, so did he not drink alcohol? She stood there in thoughts when she felt him clicking his fingers before her.
“Hey chashmish?” He asked her.
“I’m sorry?” Pragya asked him shocked at his attitude.

“Apology accepted”
“I was not asking for forgiveness and I’m not chashmish, I’m Pragya, Pragya Arora”
“Well, Miss Pragya Arora, nice name but chashmish is better, and I like to name people what I want thank you very much” Abhi grinned at her again.
“Well, in that case I would like to tell you I hate your music and your attitude” Pragya said in a very gentle voice which was a hard skill that she had mastered with great difficulty.
“You see I kind of established that fact as soon as I walked in, the look you gave me said it all” Abhi said without wiping the grin off his face knowing that this was very well annoying her.
“You are so so annoying! Just the arrogant person I had expected with an ego too big to handle! How the hell girls drool all over you I will never understand.” Pragya turned on her feet and walked out in anger not waiting for an answer.

While she was getting his drink she watched her friend Bulbul come over asking her what he said, what he was like, how she was so jealous and how this must be a great opportunity for Pragya.
“Jealous my foot I’d rather swap with you. He insulted me, he called me chashmish!” Pragya told her in anger. “He is one lazy ass that needs to learn manners, this is torture honestly, and I hate him! Serving him is like suicide in itself except I’m not dead, not yet anyway, but I bet I will be if I spend more time with him but if that brat says anything else I am going to rip his hair-”

“Pragya! Stop it!” Bulbul laughed at her. “Listen, calm down and if he tries to annoy you, act like you don’t care because he will only tease you more.” With that she walked away to serve other passengers. Pragya wished she could do that but oh no, she was stuck with the big headed Rockstar. She turned to go back and bumped into a tall frame. She looked up and it was none other than him again.
“You, what the hell are you doing here?” She screeched.
“Well, chashmish, where is the washroom? And by the way what were you just saying about me?”
“The washroom is over there and I was just telling my friend about how much of a brat you are and how much I hate your songs, they make my ears bleed”

“Oh, really? Let me check” He tried to look at he ears but she pushed him away.
“Washroom, over there” She pointed.
“There really need to be some signs here, this is so confusing”
“Well why didn’t you just fly on your private plane?”
“I was in a rush”
She shook her head and stepped to walk to the left but so did he, she turned to the right but so did he.
“Stop it!” She told him irritated.
“Oh, lady’s first” He moved to the side letting her walk through.
After sometime she walked back with his drink and saw him with his earphones in, listening to his own songs and singing along. She slammed the glass down and stuck her fingers in her ears.
“Hey, chashmish, you’re back, be quick next time though. What happened?” Abhi asked her.
Pragya saw it was safe to listen. “I didn’t want to listen to your horrendous voice, you see my ears are very precious to me” She turned to leave but he stopped her.
“Eww, chashmish, where is the ice?” He asked.

“I did put some in” Pragya replied.
“Not enough put more in it.” He handed the glass to her and she walked away muttering.
She came back and slammed it on his desk, but when she saw the manager walk over she spoke to him through gritted teeth “Is this better Sir?”
Abhi smiled. “No chashmish, too much ice now”
Pragya watched her walk away and started up again. “Listen Rockstar, I am not you’re maid, I know you are only doing this to annoy me, I don’t care about the ice now drink it because I have more work to do.”

She turned to walk away but he held her wrist gently. “Shall I call the manager?” He teased her.
“So now you’re going to black mail me? Well you can try but you see Mr. ImthinkImperfect even I have attitude, other girls may not be like this and go oh my gosh look at him he is so so so cute” Pragya imitated his fans and he laughed at her. “You can laugh all you want but I am not like them and I’m happy, I mean you may be famous but as well as talent one should be kind-hearted as well, the rest I don’t care about” Pragya swiftly turned away and walked out.
Abhi looked after her in amazement. She really was like no other girl he had ever met and why she hated him so much even he couldn’t understand but for now teasing her was fun and he couldn’t help but stop it.
She walked back in some time later.

“Don’t ever insult my fans again okay? They are the reason I am successful” Abhi told her.
“Wow, you actually praise people? Huh?” Pragya asked him surprised.
“Yeah, those that mean a lot, except you clearly don’t want to be a lucky person like that” Abhi said handing her the empty glass and gesturing her to place the food down.
Pragya snorted as she served him. “I believe I am far luckier to not be someone who runs after you all the time”
She left again and he called after her. “Chashmish, get me another drink.”
She came back with nothing.
“Hey, I asked for a drink!” He moaned.
“You forgot a word” She taunted him.

“What word?”
She looked at him waiting.
“Oh you mean please?”
“Oh chashmish, pleeeaaassseee may I have a drink?”
She came back with a glass with the right amount of ice this time.
“You know I didn’t mean that right?” He said taking the glass.
“You will never change will you?” She shook her head at him.
“Why you want me to?” He winked at her.
Pragya ignore him. She spoke after a pause. “Umm, if you don’t mind me asking, how come a great Rockstar like you doesn’t drink alcohol?” She asked.
“Oh so now you show some interest? Well, I do sometimes but my Daadi told me not to and I always obey her instructions more than anything else.”
“You’re parents?”
“They passed away when I was young” Abhi said quietly as he began to eat.
“Oh, I’m sorry” Pragya said feeling bad.
“It’s fine”

Pragya walked out and wondered. She felt really bad for having said such a thing, why had she asked such a personal question. He had gone so quiet after that, and she knew exactly how it must feel as it was the same for her. Not having any parents was something that was similar between them, probably the only similar thing.
Pragya went to get his empty plates and he didn’t say much. Pragya wanted him to tease her say something. She slowly walked away when she heard him.
“Hey chashmish, you are so so sooo rude, you didn’t even ask me if I enjoyed the food?” He asked her in disbelief and Pragya smiled at his comment, the fun Rockstar was back.
“Well, you’re meal does not affect me in any way so why should I ask?” She answered sharply.
“Oh come on, I am the Rockstar many girls would die to talk to me and here you are not giving a slight care?”

“Well, as I said earlier I do not like your music”
“But you like me, huh?” He teased her raising his eyebrows as he watched her blush.
“No – I never said that!” She said. “You are such a besharam”
“You never said you didn’t?”
Pragya walked out quickly not replying.
“Thanks for the compliment” He called after her.

Well, he wasn’t as annoying as the beginning, there was a lot more to this Rockstar, more than what he showed the world anyway.
As the passenger’s tied their seat belts, the plane came to land. As the manager had promised earlier the air hostess were allowed an autograph when Abhi came out. After they had gone the manager asked if he had a comfortable flight.
“Yes, a very comfortable flight, chashmish is a very good air hostess” Abhi looked at her.
“Oh I mean Pragya Arora”

“Oh well that is exactly why I asked her to serve you today, hope you have a great day sir.” She left and Pragya was about to follow but Abhi called her gently and she stopped.
“Chashmish, I rarely meet people like you, and I rarely like them either, but you know it was fun teasing you, and whether you like it or not, you are one person who I am glad I met. Such visits are good at least once in a lifetime.” Abhi got his pen out and scribbled his number and autograph on her hand before pinching her nose and walking away with a grin on his face like he had arrived, except this time it felt different like he felt more complete.
Pragya looked after him. A complete stranger had somehow created memories with her in such a short space of time. She looked at his phone number, whether she would call or not she didn’t know but what she did know was this had been a different but special flight for her.
A flight she would remember, and he would too.

Precap – Meeting of Abhi nd pragya after a year

Hope u like dis guyyzzz

Pls pls comment whether i want to continue or not

Credit to: Farhana

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