Abhigya – fix him (promo) one or few shots

Hey, guys, do you remember me? yes, this is Monesha. I am really happy to join you all again so here is a promo for my OS or TS before my blabbering


I am Abhishek Prem Mehra yes it’s me, I have a beautiful sister whose name is Aliya Mehra my twin sister. We both are very close to each other and she is the only one who knows me very well and also she knows my secret that nobody knows it that I am a gay. yeah! you hear me right? I am a gay. It’s NOT like I want to wear saree or jewelry or whatever you think and if you ask me i prefer jeans and T-shirt like i am a half gay, it’s just I don’t attract towards girls. I don’t know why? but I attract towards boys. I tried to change these feelings but I couldn’t, this makes me feel depressing. it makes fear to me. Every girl tried to be with me and every one say that i am very lucky which i am not. They think I can get any girl if I want and I am popular who is not scared of anything but in reality I am scared… I am scared that if anyone comes to know about me what they will think about me? what if they make fun of me? what if they know that the great Abhishek Prem Mehra is scared of something that he wanted to hide from everyone? *signs* my only happiness is my close friends are Purab, Nikhil, and Vijay and my twin sister. This is my life. There is nothing going to change, there is nothing going to fix me.


Hey, this is Pragya Arora, I am a confident, smart and shy girl. I have my sweet sister Bulbul Arora my twin sister, she is everything to me. And you know what? I am so madly in love with Abhishek Prem Mehra, yes you hear me right? I am in love with my best friend Aliya’s twin brother who is a gay. I know you all thinking that how I got to know? am I correct? I already mentioned Aliya is my best friend and also Tanushree and bulbul what? cause she is my sister doesn’t mean that she can’t be my friend right?. About Aliya, she knows that I love him i love Abhishek Prem Mehra with all my hear and she is thinking that I can change him, I too hope that will come true. This is my life I have to fight if I want to be with him. I want to FIX HIM, definitely, I am going to fix him and love him. I WILL FIX YOU ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA.

Will she win? will she fix him? will she make him love her? or fail?



So guys, what you all thinking about my story? do you all like it? I am going to continue if you like this story. Actually, i dropped the act of writing as episodes so I want to complete this like one shot or few shots. My reason why I didn’t show here these much days is I felt like I lost my writing skills I don’t have any inspiration and cause for this stupid storyline of kkb I lost my interest so I am terribly sorry for my mistake. if you think my storyline is good,  let me know via your comments so I can continue with my story.

I guess TU improved a lot, there is a lot of change on TU. I kind of liked it.

Thank you so much for reading my ff sisters and brothers and I hope you all will like my story, LOVE YOU ALL

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  1. Moni
    Missed you Yaar
    Very interesting

  2. Trisha

    Wow! This is totally different and extremely awesome! ???. Cant wait to see what happens! Missed you sooooo much angel. Happy that you will continue to write! Wairing for the next update… Take care… Love you??????

    1. ImRagela

      hi trisha akka .How r u ? Hope u still remember me . ? Happy to see you again after a long time akka . Love u

      1. Trisha

        Of course i remember you cutie?… I was so happy to see u return. Missed you and Monesha soooo much. But now that you both are here I hope you wont dissappear again without informing us.? We get worried. ? Happy to see you both back and writing! Love you! ?????

      2. ImRagela

        Sure akka love u too ???

  3. Very interesting dear …..

  4. Interesting dear …..

  5. ImRagela

    Hi Monesha . I hope you remember me . How are you ? ??. It’s been years that still I remember the memories of suha di though I didn’t see her . All is well . Awesome ff dear .Yes I am sure Pragya will fix him . Waiting for it ?? Love you ??

  6. Rithu

    Completely different plot dear.. I’m waiting…

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


  8. Prathi

    Moni ????? You are back and that too with a different plot????? Missed you so much and it’s ok if you write few shots. We just want you here ok?? And interesting plot waiting for it. And he’s TU has changed a lot and I am loving it too. Hope to see next update soon ???????

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