Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 9

After few days Sonali is discharged from hospital. The three girls get together at Sonali’s farm house. Omisha too joins them for get together. Ishika devies a plan to make Pragya reveal their past.
Omisha ; how are you feeling right now Sonali? I heard you had a bad accident
Sonali : I am fine, just a fracture on leg
Ishika : okay girls, here is the hot chocolate (brings the tray of coffee)
Pragya : give me I will help you
Ishika : its okay, I will do it, you relax (puts the tray on table) by the way did the police find out how did this accident happened
Sonali : actually the car’s break were failed thats why
Ishika realizes Sonali is lying as the car crashed due to rain. Shekhar calls Ishika and makes an excuse to go out for a while.
Ishika : I am so sorry Pragya but bro called me back to home, I will be back soon
Pragya : thats perfectly fine, we will be waiting soon
Omisha : Pragya, why do I feel you were lying to us about accident
Pragya : what do you mean by that?
Omisha : you forgot so easily that you received a threatening call in our office
Pragya and Sonali gets scared hearing her words
Omisha : Pragya, I am your friend from 5 years, we shared so many things with each other, what is happening
Sonali tells Pragya to reveal truth behind everything. Omisha gives thumbs up to Ishika (stands outside door) who is earlier requested her to convince Pragya.

Xaviers college
Group of five friends; Abhi, Pragya, Sonali, Rohan and Vishal are the perfect example of true friendship
Abhi plans to propose Pragya in front of whole college on Valentines day. Sonali who secretly loves Abhi misunderstands thinking Abhi will confess his feelings for her.
Abhi : hey Vishal, everything is ready (wraps the cloth of table)
Vishal : don’t worry, and you should be lucky I am here to guide you to woo my sister
Abhi : excuse me, don’t fly so high, I am enough by myself to do all decoration
Rohan too joins them
Abhi : hey lover boy
Rohan ; what lover boy? you are the cool stud of this college
Abhi : don’t worry, after my set up we will also do make Sonali confess
Rohan : no buddy, she loves somebody else I can feel it, she will never accept my love
Vishal : why running after one girl, you will get another hot girl (Stares at girl)
Rohan : shut up Vishal, mark my words one day you will get a girlfriend like that who will control your behavior
Vishal : dude, nobody can take my freedom
Abhi : if you both are done can we finish this preparation

Later on the day Abhi sings a romantic song for Pragya and bends on his knees
Abhi : Pragya, will you be my valentine for lifetime
Pragya : why for lifetime
Abhi : what? (Asks in confusion)
Pragya : why are you so shocked? oh now I understood that you never got rejection from any girl thats why your ego is hurt
Abhi : Pragya what are you saying?
Pragya ; because I don’t love you (says normally) why should hook up with someone I don’t love
Abhi : Pragya, please every time joking is not good
Pragya : listen Abhi I am not kidding, I don’t have same feelings for you
Everybody mocks on Abhi when Pragya leaves the floor. The friends are too shocked with Pragya’s sudden behavior.
Vishal : Pragya, have you lost it, till yesterday you were crazy behind Abhi, now what happened
Pragya : Its not my problem that you all had big misunderstanding, I don’t love Abhi, I just wanted to hurt his ego for being arrogant in front of whole college
Vishal ; no, do you really think I would believe your words, this is not my sister
Pragya : Vishal, I am very tired can you please go from here
Vishal informs their sister Amy about Pragya’s rude behavior with Abhi
Amy : but it might be possible she don’t love Abhi in that way
Vishal : sis, come on, I know her very well, she loves Abhi madly but something made her step back
Amy : okay, I am coming tomorrow to meet her, see you
Abhi is hardly hitting the punching bag reminiscing Pragya’s rejection and his humiliation in front of people.
Rohan : Sonali, isn’t it strange that Pragya who was behind Abhi till yesterday made him a joke in from of people
Sonali : I know, even it sounds strange to me, but maybe she does not love Abhi
Rohan : if she did not she would have said it politely but she made a fool of him
Sonali tries to talk with Pragya but shrugs her off
Next day Amy comes to meet Pragya and asks about her behavior
Pragya : what is wrong with all of you? sis you know me very well
Amy : thats why I am asking you, what is the problem I know you love Abhi so much then why did you say no to him
” Because Sonali loves him” says Pragya turning around with tears in eyes
Amy ; what? (shocked)

Pragya : that day when Abhi was preparing for valentine to propose me, Sonali took it all wrong and told me Abhi will tell his feeling to her
Amy : then why didn’t you tell her the truth
Pragya : she is my best friend, that day when she told she loves Abhi I just broke from inside and promised her that I will not come between her and Abhi at any cost
Amy : but how can you expect Abhi will love her
Pragya ; thats why I behaved rude with him so he can forget me and move on with Sonali
Amy : Pragya, I can’t believe this, do you really think Abhi will easily forget you
Pragya : I told Sonali to be with Abhi at this time, both of them will grow close
Amy ; ridiculous, Pragya (gets irritated with Pragya’s deed) you have no idea how foolish thing you did
Abhi overhears everything and is furious at Sonali and goes to her
Abhi ; wow, Sonali I must say you are such a good friend
Sonali : Abhi, what happened? what did I do
Abhi ; when you know I love Pragya more than my life and you told her to move away so I can be yours
Sonali : Abhi, please, I did everything for you, I love you a lot (gets in tears holding his collar)
Abhi : you don’t know the meaning of love, if you did then you would have understood that I love Pragya (holds her tightly and pushes hardly)
Sonali : Abhi , I am sorry
Rohan comes to the place when Abhi is behaving rudely with Sonali, Both of them gets into huge fight.
Rohan : how dare you talk to her like that, you don’t have right to tell her anything
Abhi : really? and she can do anything, because of her Pragya made fun of my emotion
The fight gets bad till vishal comes there and stops the fight.
Vishal : guys stop it (pushes Abhi)
Rohan : If you were not my friend then you don’t know what would I have done
Sonali : Calm down Rohan, why are you both fighting because of me
Rohan : this friendship is over Abhi
Abhi : really, even I don’t want to see your face for lifetime, hell with your friendship (leaves)
Later at night Abhi sneaks onto Pragya’s room which scares her
Abhi : its me (puts hand on her mouth)
Pragya : what the hell are you doing here (removes his hand) I told you I don’t want to see your face
Abhi : now your charade won’t matter in front of me so stop your acting
Pragya : what are you talking (looks away)
Abhi : really? don’t tell you are unaware of what is going on, (holds her waist tightly) I know what you were talking to Amy
Pragya : Abhi, I did everything for my friend
Abhi : really ? and what about me, you did not think about me
Pragya : you still haven’t understood me, friendship comes for me first alright, now go from here (is about to leave but Abhi leans her against the wall forcefully)
Pragya : Abhi what are you doing, leave me I said
Abhi looks intensely into her eyes and crushes her lips passionately. Their kiss turns wild and passionately but is broken by Pragya’s phone.
Pragya : yes Vishal, what happened
Vishal : Pragya, we have to rush to Ooty soon, dad’s health is deteriorating, we have to leave right now
Pragya : what (gets shocked) I will be there soon
Abhi : Pragya, whats wrong
Pragya : dad’s health is worsening, he is on the deathbed
Abhi : don’t worry he will be fine, I would have come with you but I have to leave tomorrow too to visit my sister Maya, she has been insisting from past 6 months
Pragya : its okay, you go I will manage and Vishal is with me too
Abhi : take care (hugs her and leaves)
Pragya starts her packing immediately. Sonali dresses wound on Rohan’s hand
Sonali : Rohan, what was the need to fight, you know how much guilty I am feeling that your 7 years friendship is over because of me
Rohan : anybody talking bad about you, I cannot tolerate that
Sonali ; why so and Abhi was right, I got selfish for a while and did not care about my best friend’s happiness
Rohan : I don’t think I find it necessary to answer that question
Sonali : you have to answer Rohan (holds his collar)
Rohan : because I love you a lot but never got courage to tell you that
Sonali : why didn’t you tell me this before
Rohan : because I know I would never get my love
Sonali : I am sorry Rohan
Vishal and Pragya rushes hurriedly in their car when their car breakdown in the middle. Rohan and Sonali who are passing by that road comes to their help.
Rohan : where are you both going?
Vishal : to airport, actually dad’s health is not good, he wants to see us and this damn car
Rohan : come I will drop both of you
Vishal and Pragya gets into the car.
Pragya : i am sorry Rohan for Abhi’s behavior
Rohan : Pragya please, lets not discuss that right now, just think about your family
Sonali puts hands on Pragya’s shoulder as comfort. Rohan’s phone is ringing but falls down when is about to pick it up. He bends down little but Sonali shouts when another car comes in front.
Sonali : Rohan watch out
Rohan looses the balance of the car and accidentally hits the car. The car crashes upside down on the hill. The road is deserted and complete silence. The foursome get out of the car and goes to the car. They opens the door and finds the driver dead.
Vishal : I think he is dead

The girls panic hearing it. Vishal suggests to run away as nobody saw them.
Rohan ; have you gone crazy, we cannot leave him like that
Sonali : Vishal is right, Rohan lets leave immediately from here
Pragya : that is wrong, we will be in big trouble
Vishal : okay don’t panic let dump his body down in the water
Pragya ; Vishal, use your senses, what if anybody found the body
Vishal : you keep quite Pragya, nobody will get to know about all this, Rohan what do you say
Rohan : I guess we don’t have any other choice
Pragya ; no way, lets call the police
Rohan : shut up Pragya, do you really think police will believe us, they will think we are culprits
Vishal : Rohan, don’t listen to her, lets dump this body
Both boys take the body and throws into the water. The four gets into car and escapes from the place
After few weeks the group meets and discuss about the accident when news channel shows the accident.
Sonali : guys, police found the dead body, Pragya you were right that day
Abhi : I don’t understand why didn’t you report that time, maybe police might have believed you now they have strong clues
Rohan : Abhi, we didn’t have any choice, and I don’t have rich father like you that he will bail me out in a moment
Abhi : you are going personal Rohan, I didn’t mean that
Vishal : guys stop fighting, the situation is serious right now, it has become police case
Abhi ; there is only one way, tell the truth to police and we will get the best team for case
Rohan : no Abhi, it is not that easy, because I was driving the car and it my car, no way I will tell the truth
Abhi ; Rohan, understand, situation will go complicated more if you stay quite
Rohan : i am not your slave that you can dominate me whenever you want
Abhi : fine do whatever you want, and I don’t want to waste my precious time on advising you all, don’t come to when something wrong goes
Rohan : I don’t need your advise, Abhi, and from today I don’t want to see your face, we all should break up, its high time now
The group of friends break up after the incidence due to the ego and jealousy.
Flashback ends

Pragya : I feel somebody close to that person is blackmailing us
Sonali : our 7 years friendship broke in a moment because of one incidence
Omisha looks at Ishika who is equally shocked to hear the story. Ishika goes away into the car when Shekhar calls her. The lights suddenly goes off which scares the girls .
Sonali :Pragya what happened
Pragya : don’t worry, there might be a problem in the electricity, I will get candles
Omisha sees a shadow of a person outside the window.

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