Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 8


Later in the evening Pragya is organizing her room when she looks at their old pictures of college and their fights. She puts it back when she gets a call from an unknown person and picks it up
Pragya : hello (says putting things on her bed)
Caller : hello Pragya, how was trip, I heard you and your friend were attacked in the hotel
Pragya gets scared hearing his words and starts sweating
Caller : what happened Pragya? why are you sweating like that, don’t be scared because I have got surprise for you

Pragya : what is it? (says with terrified voice)
Caller : don’t worry, you will find out soon I promise Ms RJ
Pragya ; what do you want from me? who are you?
Caller : nothing I will tell you when time comes, but yes make sure to make your best friend check her backseat (hangs up)
Pragya : hello, listen (shouts but throws the phone in anger)
She runs to Sonali’s office to stop her from driving the car
Pragya : Pia, where is Sonali

Pia : she just left 10 minutes ago, is everything alright
Pragya : oh god, I have to stop her (runs to the parking garage and drives the car)
She keeps calling Sonali who is busy listening to the music with her phone in the bag.
Pragya : damn, why is she not picking up the phone (says irritatedly)

Suddenly it starts raining while Sonali is busy driving the car. Somebody approaches on the backseat of the car. Sonali checks her phone and sees Pragya’s missed call.
Sonali : Pragya? sorry I was driving, your so many missed call is everything alright
Pragya : Sonali, there is somebody in your backseat
Sonali gets frightened hearing it and looks at the back noticing somebody holding a knife. The killer is about to slash her but she turns the car around causing the killer to fall outside in river.
Pragya hears the noise and keeps calling her but Sonali is not able to respond
The car crashes on the tree which makes Sonali unconscious. Pragya reaches the spot and sees the police around.
Pragya ; Excuse me officer

The officer turns out to be Shekhar who got transferred to Bombay.
Pragya : you? what are you doing in Bombay
Shekhar : Commissioner Sir sent me here to solve your sister’s case, but what are you doing here, it is a murder spot
Pragya : thats my best friend’s car, I came her to see,

Shekhar : okay, we are shifting her to hospital, because she is injured in her head
Pragya rushes to the hospital and informs everybody about the accident. She gets the call from the killer
Caller : so how was the surprise, I heard your friend is injured
Pragya looks around the corridor
Caller : are you trying to find me, not so easy sweetheart, you will not be able to find me till I want, have fun till then (hangs up)
Rohan : Pragya (scares her from behind) how is Sonali, where is she
” She is in that room” says Pragya pointing to the room
Abhi and Vishal too comes there asking for Sonali . The trio goes inside to meet the doctor in the cabin

Doctor : please take the seat
Rohan : doctor, how is my wife, she will be alright na, is there any major injuries
Doctor ; she is out of danger but in the accident she has some fractures in the leg and due to injury in the head we have to keep her under observation
Pragya ; there is no other problem right, we can take her home after that ?
Doctor : yea definitely but make sure she takes complete bed rest and don’t let her take any kind of stress or else it will be a problem for her
Abhi ; thank you doctor
Vishal consoles Rohan who is quite upset around what is happening. Shekhar calls Pragya outside the hospital and asks about the aware of the accident
Shekhar : I checked Sonali’s phone and I saw your number in very recent calls, you had talk with her few minutes ago

Pragya gets slightly restless but is encouraged by Shekhar to reveal truth. Abhi intervenes their conversation and changes the topic
Abhi : actually officer, Pragya and I were discussing about having get together with our friends after long time, so I told her to inform Sonali about that
Shekhar : but so many missed
, you could have texted it right
Pragya : actually she said her phone was in the bag and she was listening to loud music thats why she didn’t pick my call

Shekhar : and then when you were talking with her the car crashed
Pragya : yes (nods nervously)
Shekhar’s POV : Something is definitely wrong here, their eyes clearly says they are lying to me
Abhi ; officer can we go home
Shekhar : yea sure, good night and take care
Mehra house
Abhi tells Pragya not to mention anything to police till they find out about real killer
Pragya ; but Abhi, one day truth has to come out one way or the other
Abhi : Pragya, have you lost it? if you open your mouth then you all will be finished in a moment, that officer will never believe that whatever you all did was just an accident
Pragya : we should have checked it, I don’t know what he wants from us

Abhi : he is revenging from you guys, first your sister, now Sonali, he just wants to kill those people and their families who were there that night, means you, Sonali, Rohan and Vishal, but police already considered it was an accident
Pragya : somebody knows our secret, thats why he is targeting my family too not only us
Abhi ; yea, that person might be a witness of that accident and maybe one of his
Pragya : Abhi , I am really scared, how will we find him he has his eyes on our every single moment
” Don’t worry Pragya I will not let anybody to get harmed even if it cost my life” says holding her hand tightly
Pragya ; please don’t say that, you don’t have anything to do with our mistake I will not let you suffer

Abhi : Pragya, remember, our lives are one now and we will face everything together
Pragya hugs him emotionally while Abhi have little bit of smirk on his face
Rohan enters the room and gets emotional seeing Sonali’s condition. She is surrounded by the machines and wires.
Rohan : I am sorry Sonali, after today I will never leave you alone even for a moment
At night Pragya, Abhi and Vishal reaches near an isolated lake, They hear some weird noises of bird chirping, They could only hear their own footsteps.
Pragya : this is the place of accident
Abhi walks around the place and finds a small bracelet on the edge. He hides the bracelet in his pocket and leaves the place with Pragya and Vishal immediately. Shekhar goes over the old files of accidents three years ago.
Shekhar ; what might be the matter that this people are hiding, I think maybe Ishika can help me find the truth
Shekhar requests Ishika to help him find the truth .
Ishika : bro, how should I do this

Shekhar : look Ishika, my instincts are never wrong, and god forbid if anything drastic happens I will not be abe to do anything, your friends are scared to reveal anything to me because I am a cop but they don’t know that we are here for their help
Ishika : are you sure they might know anything
Shekhar : I am damn sure, Ishika if things go out of hand then they will have to spend their whole life in jail
Ishika : don’t worry bro, I will find out everything and let you know
Shekhar : thank you (puts hand on her head)

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