Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 7


Ishika goes to her room angrily and starts packing her bag when Pragya comes into the room.
Pragya : Ishika, what’s wrong why are you packing
Ishika : I am leaving from here, its enough I cannot tolerate that girl anymore
Pragya : why are you getting so angry
Ishika : you still think I am wrong, you guys cannot see but I have better judgement of people and that girl is upto something
Pragya : if she is really upto something then we have to do something quickly
Ishika : Pragya, she is deliberately trying to get close with Vishal and i can’t even tell him
Pragya : Listen to me very carefully

Vishal makes Tanya sit on the couch and applies the medicine on her feet.
Tanya : thank you so much for Vishal
Vishal : Take care now because I have to take care of somebody else
Tanya : your fianc is way too possessive, nobody can fight against her
Vishal : I know she is bit short tempered but she has clean heart, she will vent out what she has in mind
Pragya calls Vishal to run at Ishika’s room who already is ready to check out from hotel.
Vishal : where do you think you are going
Ishika : I am leaving right now, because i feel you don’t need me anymore
Vishal : Please don’t say that, you know I love you a lot, then why are you leaving like his
Ishika turns the situation and start laughing when she sees Tanya standing behind.
Vishal : you were joking with me?
Ishika : I am sorry but I was just testing you, from couple days few people are casting evil on you so I thought (look at Tanya smirkinly) but you know I cannot leave you
Vishal : you scared the hell out of me

Seeing the intimation between the couple Tanya runs to her angrily.
Pragya sits on the couch reading her book when Sonali comes to her.
Pragya : hey whats up how are you now
Sonali : thank god we are leaving tomorrow, I don’t want to stay here anymore
Tanya talks to somebody on phone informing about her plan to interrupt Vishal and Ishika.
Tanya :the plan is working, Ishika is doubting me but she might not know my real motive, you don’t worry I will make sure I will finish the task (disconnects the call)
Tanya : Its just the beginning brother, I promise I will revenge on this people for destroying our life
Constable : Sir, these are the things found from Amy’s house (hands in packet)
Shekhar : Any clue from her house ?
Constable : No sir, not yet we had talked her friends, relatives, Amy did not had any enmity with anybody and even her boyfriend was decent enough
Shekhar ; If thats the case then somebody is lying, the enemy is from inside
Later Abhi calls Shekhar and informs about the incidences in Goa.
Shekhar : Even I wanted to talk about this, according to the reports of people there is no enmity of Amy, there is somebody very close to all of you right according to what you said, till then you all be careful
Abhi : I need your help with this
Shekhar : when are you guys coming back to Bombay
Abhi : we will be there by tomorrow, i will talk to you when I come back
Next day everybody heads to Mumbai after checking out from the hotel.
Abhi : lets leave, we are already late
All of them leaves in their car.
Sonali : I was so happy about this trip but everything got spoiled
Pragya : Its okay, we don’t live far from each other, we will plan something else, cheer up
Within few hours all of them reaches Bombay and goes to their respective house.
Abhi : what happened Pragya, are you okay
Pragya : I am thinking about everything that happened in Goa
Abhi : don’t worry I talked to Shekhar about this, he will be here soon to investigate, he thinks the killer is in Mumbai
Pragya : what

Abhi : you don’t have to worry because I am with you (hugs her emotionally)
Pragya : Abhi, somebody has casted evil in our lives, maybe after sis I will be the target
Abhi : don’t you dare say that, I will not let you happen anything
Next day Pragya goes to her radio station as usual
Omisha : welcome back Ms RJ how was your trip to Goa
Pragya : It was good but we had to come back due to circumstances
Omisha : okay get ready you have to get live we will chat later
Sonali calls Pragya on the phone for the get together at her house
Pragya : what?
Sonali : we met after 7 years, lets have a girls get together at our farm house
Pragya : sure I will inform Ishika about is
Sonali : see you then
Later at night Pragya goes to her house and finds it decorated with candles and flowers
Abhi : May I have the pleasure to dance with you (extends his hand)
Pragya : what is this Abhi

Abhi : I knew you would forget but today is the day I proposed you remember
Pragya : okay then where is my gift
Abhi : Gift (questions her) ? you forgot the day you should be giving me the gift
Pragya : Oh Mr Research wants gift from me
Abhi fakes anger on Pragya for forgetting their special day. Pragya surprises him by giving his favorite shirt and watch.
Abhi : Not bad you remembered
Pragya : how can I forget that day Abhi but I have some bad memories on this day, you know how my mom was killed
Abhi : I can understand I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

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