Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 6


Tanya : wow, dinner is just fabulous, I must say good choice of hotel
Pragya : where do you live by the way
Tanya : I live in shimla but my work is in Mumbai, by the way I am sorry to hear about your sister
Pragya and Vishal are disheartened to hear it while Ishika changes the topic quickly.
Abhi : I think we should leave its quite late
Vishal : Tanya, where are you staying by the way
Tanya : blue diamond hotel
Rohan : we are staying in the same hotel, what a coincidence
Tanya : well then we should start moving.

Vishal : why don’t you come in my car with ishika
Ishika fumes in anger when Vishal takes the chance to bring Tanya with them.
Pragya tells Abhi about Ishika’s perturbing due to Tanya.
Abhi : why? she knows how much Vishal loves her
Pragya : come one its natural, she is like that but only thing I fear is her anger, I hope she doesn’t land up in big trouble due to her temper.
Vishal decides to propose Ishika lavishly and surprise her with the help of Tanya.
Tanya : really ?
Vishal : her and Pragya’s birthday is coming on same day, I want to give big surprise to both of them
Abhi : Excuse me I will the part of that plane because it my wife’s birthday
Vishal : she is my sister before
Tanya : you guys are fighting like small kids, we are here to plan surprise
Abhi : book the venue first I tell you

Pragya :where is this Abhi, he never forgets to tell me where he went, let me call him
She mentally slaps herself for forgetting the phone inside the car late at night. She goes to parking lot and opens her car from far. Somebody is watching her from the back of a car opening the door. Pragya hears a noise from nearby car and looks down but finds nobody. The person holding knife behind her when she starts walking towards the room when suddenly a hand touches her shoulder scaring her to death.
Pragya : Its you, scared hell out of me
Abhi : your life in mine then why would I scare myself
Pragya : very funny
Abhi : what are you doing here
Pragya : I left my phone inside the car so I came to take it
Abhi : lets go inside
Rohan sees Sonali sitting sadly inside the room and goes to her.
Rohan : why are you so tensed, is everything okay
Sonali : Rohan, I feel somebody is trying to kill Pragya intentionally, I mean first Amy, now Pragya’s accident in pool, this is not coincidence
Rohan : you are worrying for no reason, when Abhi is with her why so much worrying
Sonali : you are not getting my point, this is all the sign of upcoming danger
Rohan : Sonali, you are thinking too much, just relax, I mean her leg must have been slipped thats why she fell in the pool
Sonali goes out of room angrily walking down to lobby
Rohan : Sona, listen to me

Later Sonali goes inside the bathroom to take steam bath and adjusts the temperature . She listens to the music when a black hooded person turns the temperature higher. Sonali gets up immediately when she realizes the increasing of humid inside the bathroom. She finds the door locked and shouts for help.
Sonali : help (shouts out loud) Rohan
Rohan who is sleeping on couch hears her noise and goes downstairs immediately. Abhi and everybody reaches down too. Sonali feels suffocation inside the bathroom while Rohan breaks the glass.
Rohan : you are okay (covers her with the jacket)
Sonali : I am fine
Pragya : Sona, what happened (runs towards her)
Rohan : the steam bath temperature was increased and door was locked
Abhi : oh my god your hand is bleeding Rohan
Ishika : I will apply the ointment it will be fine,
Vishal shouts at the manager for the accident
Manager : I am sorry for the trouble but Sir this door locks from inside and the temperature does not increase by itself, she might have turned it at high by mistake
Abhi : she is not crazy and what kind of hotel is this
Tanya : but the manager might be right that she must have not realized it but Sonali are you sure there was somebody inside
Ishika : For your kind information she is not illiterate, there might be something else, we will figure it out later, Pragya lets take her inside
The girls take Sonali into the room. Vishal suggests to go back to Mumbai soon before anything strikes back again.
Abhi : Vishal is right, we should head back

Rohan : Okay, I will talk to manager for check out tomorrow morning
Tanya overhears their talk strangely and thinks about something. Rohan apologizes to Sonali for his behavior.
Sonali : don’t be sorry
Rohan : we are leaving tomorrow for Mumbai, don’t worry
Tanya sees Vishal and Ishika happily enjoying together and her legs gets injured when flower vase falls on her. Vishal runs to her aid quickly
Vishal : are you okay
Tanya : its hurting a lot Vishal (holds his hands)
Vishal puts her hand on his arms and takes her to the room. Ishika notices Tanya’s smirk before going into the room. She goes to her room immediately and starts packing quickly
Abhi consoles Pragya who is disturbed after the incidence with Sonali and looks at the picture she is holding of Amy.
Pragya : today Sonali’s accident reminds me of Amy, somebody is trying to harm us
Abhi : pack the bags we are leaving tomorrow morning, we will find out soon who is there behind all of this but I feel it is somebody from us
Pragya : what are you saying? who can do this, they are all our friends
Abhi : that person is keeping eye on us at every moment but my heart says that it is somebody who we know (thinks suspiciously)

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