Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 5


The group heads to Goa in the car. Abhi drives the car, Rohan sits with him at the passenger seat while the girls and Vishal sit on the backseat.
Rohan : Wow I am so excited for this trip
Abhi plays the loud music. Everybody enjoys the journey with great fun. They stop at midway for dinner.
Rohan : this is the best restaurant where you will eat
Ishika : you are talking like you own this hotel
Rohan : Definitely not, but when you eat you will tell me I was right
Pragya : you guys can order I am not hungry
Abhi : why so? you haven’t ate since morning
Pragya walks out when she sees the news of her sister in the TV again.
Abhi : Pragya, whats wrong

Pragya : no matter how far I want to go but past never leaves me alone
Abhi : Thats why we brought you here, I want you to make this trip memorable for whole life
Pragya wipes her tears and goes inside with Abhi. Within few hours they reaches Goa resort and check in their rooms.
Rohan : one minute I hope Vishal and Ishika you have booked separate rooms (teases them)
Vishal : Come on we will get married soon,
Ishika : mr typical, I am still indian even if I am born in Canada
Sonali : Rohan, stop teasing them for god sake whats wrong with you
Abhi : okay now stop fighting, lets go to our room and take some rest, we will have to go out tomorrow morning
Everybody heads to their room.
Abhi : I am so tired
Pragya : take some rest

Abhi : hey wait (holds her hand) sit with me
Pragya : what happened now
Abhi : from many days i want to tell you something
Pragya : yea sure
Abhi : I realized something in this years, my Pragya is lost somewhere, I want that jolly Pragya back whom I loved and who always claimed on me
Pragya is lost in his words but her heart and mind is still stuck deep down.
Abhi : why are you lost
Pragya : nothing, I am sorry if my stressful life is bothering you, but I promise I will fulfill your wish soon and that too before we go back
Abhi : okay now lets take rest, good night

Pragya feels bad seeing Abhi sleeping on the couch they have not taken their marriage to next step. She was feeling lucky on how Abhi understood her fears and told her to take as much time as she want. Next day the group heads to Goa resort beach.
Vishal : Wow, this is just amazing, Rohan. look over there (girls swimming in water)
Rohan : have some shame, I am married and if Ishika sees you like this she will drown you in the water
Abhi : Hey boys its time to win the challenge lets go make girls jealous
Ishika : what? bet, how could you both
Sonali : if you behave like this then we will definitely lose it and at the end they have to come to us right Ms Rj
Pragya (smilingly) : Of course now lets do our fun come lets go, I am starving
Abhi stops them midway with his smirking smile
Pragya : what is it
Abhi ; where do you think you girls are going, bet is not over yet
Sonali ; we are hungry

Rohan : Ms Highness we will fulfill all of your wishes, give us a chance to prove our love
Vishal : why don’t you accept defeat
Ishika comes forward staring at him and leaves immediately.

Vishal : Ishika listen to me (runs behind her)
Abhi flirts with a girl by giving her the rose while Pragya looks it from far.
Pragya : Oh he is trying to make me jealous, I will also see you
Somebody is witnessing Pragya standing alone near the pool talking on phone. Suddenly she gets a push from someone causing her to fall in the pool. There is loud scream heard by everybody. Abhi panics seeing his love getting into life and death situation and immediately jumps into the pool to save her and brings her out.
Abhi : Pragya wake up (gives her CPR)
Sonali : Pragya, are you okay? wake up

Pragya coughs slowly waking up and sight gets blurry.
Rohan : are you okay?
Pragya nods
Ishika : lets go to room or else both of you will get cold
Later Abhi asks Pragya on who pushed her into pool
Pragya : I don’t know, I was talking on phone and somebody gave me a push
Vishal : are you sure? maybe your leg might be slipped
Pragya : I don’t know I felt I got a push
Sonali : thank god you are fine, take some rest now both of you
After everybody leaves Abhi shares his fear of losing Pragya.

Abhi : seeing you in that state made me think my life is lost
Pragya : I would never leave you, even if I die my spirit will not leave you (teases him)
But Abhi gets angry on her for saying such stuff.
Pragya ; sorry (holds her ears like a kid)
Next the group enjoys their day on the beach.
Rohan : girls are quite tensed from yesterday I have an idea
The boys sing song for their beloved. Abhi and Pragya enjoyed their moment too.
Kyon Aaj Kal neend kam Khwab zaada hai
Lagta Khuda ka koi neek iraada hai
Kal tha Fakeer aaj dil shezada hai
Lagta Khuda ka koi neek iraada hai
Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya
Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya
Pathar ke in raston pe
Phoolon ke ek chaadar hai
Jabse mile ho humko
Badla har ek manzar hai
Dekho jahaan main neele neele asmaan thale

Rang naye naye hai jaise ghulte huwe
Sohye se khwab mere jaage tere waaste
Tere khayalon se hai bheege mere raaste
Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya
Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya
Tum kyon chale aate ho
Har rozz in khwaabon main
Chupke se aa bhi jaao
ek din meri bahoon main
Tere he saapnein andheron mein ujaalon mein
Koi naasha hain tere aankhon ke pyalo mein
Tu mere khwabon mein jawabon mein sawaalon mein
Har din churaa tumhe mein laaton hoon kyaalon mein

Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya
Kya Mujhe Pyaar hai ya
Kaisa Khumar hai ya

Later while playing volley ball a beautiful young girl who is running around falls on Vishal raging Ishika
Vishal : I am so sorry, are you okay
Girl : I am fine
He admires the girl and it turns out to be his old co worker friend Tanya Sharma.
Vishal : Tanya Sharma? CEO of our music company
Tanya : Of my god Vishal (hugs him in excitement)
Ishika comes in between with angry face and moves Tanya away.
Vishal : Tanya, she is my girlfriend Ishika
Ishika : To be fianc (gives sober look to Tanya)
Tanya : oh you are Ishika, nice to meet you I must say Vishal was right about your beauty, you are really great beauty

Ishika : thats why he chose me
Vishal diverts her attention by making Tanya introduce to other Abhi, Pragya, Sonali and Rohan.
Tanya : So good to meet you all
Vishal ; what are you doing here
Tanya : Just came to meet my uncle but I am leaving tomorrow
Vishal : why don’t you join us for dinner today and you cannot go tomorrow you met me after 3 years join us
Tanya : umm

Rohan : Vishal is right, by this we will know you and you can hang out with us
Tanya : now if you all are insisting then I would go with you
While leaving Ishika stays behind with Pragya who consoles her.
Pragya : what happened
Ishika : Pragya, this girl seems very weird too me, did you how she was flirting with Vishal in front of me
Pragya : oh come on don’t spoil your mood lets go have dinner

Precap : Tanya’s closeness with Vishal disturbs Ishika to the core. Danger targeting on Sonal while Abhi and Pragya rejoicing their moments but later Pragya gets disturbed by the incidence happened with Sonali

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