Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 3


Abhi gets a call from his research office to head toward his new project but he flatly denies to leave Pragya alone in this state.

Vishal : what are you doing ? I am here for Pragya

Abhi : But I will not leave both of you alone, and your sister is too devastated

Pragya ; I am completely fine, don’t worry I don’t want your work to suffer here please

Abhi : Okay, fine

Vishal : Then I will leave tomorrow morning for Bombay too

Abhi leaves next day afternoon leaving Pragya alone but with tight security around her.

At night time Pragya goes to take shower and she sees a shadow when drying her hair. She goes into balcony. Hears dog’s noise and closes window.

Phone rings

Pragya : hello

Same voice : Hello Pragya, sad to hear about your sister (fakes sympathy)

Pragya gets scared hearing the voice : No, who are you what do you want from me

“only to talk”says softly

Pragya : Dial somebody else and stop calling me (says more furiously)

Voice (gets angry) : don’t hang up on me, or else will have same fate like your sister

Pragya : Go to hell (hangs up quickly)

Suddenly the white masked killer approaches her from the back. She hits him with the chair and starts running upstairs. The killer pulls her down from the leg but she kicks his a*s and runs upstairs locking the room. She tries to call police but the landline line is dead. She calls police by the walkie talkie she was given. In a second police comes down. Abhi calls Sonali convincing her to stay with Pragya. She reaches the farm house and finds police on the spot.

Shekhar : you cannot be here, it is murder spot

Pragya : thats fine, she is my friend

Sonali : Abhi called me that Pragya needs me right now, I came to take her with me

Constable : Sir, we found this jacket from the backyard, the killer must have approached from the back porch

Sonali : can I take her with officer

Shekhar : fine, we will call her again for interrogation after we get the phone records

Sonali takes Pragya at her house. There is complete silence between both of them for a while.

Sonali : I am sorry to hear about your sister, have some coffer you will feel better (gives her coffee)

Pragya : thats fine, thanks I did not expected you to be here with me

Sonali : Abhi told me everything, from past few days I started to realize that we should move on from the past

Pragya gets bit started to hear it

Sonali : how is your married life?

Pragya is emotional and feels secure to share her inner feelings to somebody after her sister

Sonali : are you okay? thats fine if you are not comfortable

Pragya : after marriage I still have not let Abhi come close to me, that incidence is haunting me in my mind and heart

Sonali : you have to forget that Pragya, it was nobody’s fault and it will only ruin your marriage

Pragya : what about your marriage?

Sonali : everything that looks good from outside is never the same, I haven’t given the happiness which Rohan craves for, and still he loves me like nothing but i decided to give him everything he deserves, Its quite late, I think you should take some rest, come I will show your room

Pragya rests for a while but is not able to sleep due to the incidence. Abhi gets to know everything and is glad he sent Sonali behind Pragya.

Abhi : how is she right now (says driving his car)

Sonali : you just don’t worry, she is fine, I am with her till you come back and stop stressing out okay

Abhi : thanks Sonali, that you forgot all the bad memories and ..

Sonali : don’t do that emotional drama with me

Abhi : how is Rohan? where is he

Sonali : he is alright, he is out of country right now should be back soon, Abhi I want everybody to be together like before will that happen

Abhi : Of course I want that, I will talk to Vishal and we both will come once Rohan will be back

Pragya looks at the locket her sister gave to her. She closes her eyes

Sonali : good morning, how are you

Pragya : I am feeling alright, just my head is bit high

Sonali : have this breakfast and take the tablet, your headache will vanish and get ready we are going out

Pragya : where?

Sonali : shopping, I have to buy materials for the next event

Pragya : oh yeah, how is your photography going?

Sonali : I have got big contract to make the documentary, Ladak

Pragya : that is amazing, you will rock it

“I heard your radio show on friendship day, quite impressive “ says Sonali putting things on in her purse and getting the keys of her car

Pragya : thanks now lets go

Both girls gets in the car sharing their talks after long time.

Pragya : change this music, (throw the CD) I can’t believe that you still have the choice of old music

Sonali : oh my god, stop bossing me like before (snatches the CD) and give me that

Pragya : fine, but this music is for deaf people

Sonali : whatever, don’t make fun of my choice alright

Pragya : you are getting dangerous, anyway when are you going to ladak

Sonali : very soon, I have to finish the final presentation and then they will tell me the date to head the meeting

Pragya : thats great, I am so happy for you, do you remember those days when we both always dreamt about our profession

Sonali : we succeeded in making it reality

Pragya : not yet, I still want to go higher and make my name

Sonali : ambitious as always

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