Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 2

Shekhar ; Find out everything about this two, I want each and every deal

Contable : Sir, the girl’s name was Amy and guy was Sunny, both were dating each other, I talked with their friends and they said Amy had one sister and brother in Bombay

Shekhar : okay, inform their families (gives him the file) and tell them I need to talk with them urgently


After the nightmare Pragya tries to get normal. She calls Abhi for breakfast.

Abhi : coming, good morning sweetheart, how are you now

Pragya : I am fine, I am leaving for work soon

Abhi : when is your sister coming? is she planning to give us surprise

Pragya : I am trying to call her from last night but she is not picking up my calls, hope she is fine (says with concern)

Abhi : why do you have to think negative? don’t worry she will be fine, anyway I have to leave early for an meeting today, see you

Pragya : Bye, go safely (says loudly)

Abhi : bye sweetheart

Pragya tries to call Amy but is not able to talk with her and leaves for her radio station.

Omisha : Hey Ms RJ, get ready next is your turn

Pragya goes on live into radio

“Good morning my Mumbai friends, welcome to our show, today’s theme is friendship because it is special day for friends”says Pragya with a cheerful voice

In a car one young girl turns on the radio hearing Pragya’s voice.

Pragya : if there is anything where there is no place of conditions it is friendship, you can pull each other’s leg (remembers her friends), fight with them

Later Abhi gets a big consignment for a research.

Omisha : I must say the whole city is your fan, (sipping coffee)

Mouli : hey Pragya, there is a call for you

Pragya : coming (goes to attend her call), hello

There is no voice for few seconds

Voice : Hello Pragya

Pragya : yes, who is this

Voice : consider me your well wisher (evil laugh) or someone whom you buried inside your heart and very soon I will send surprise to you, your sister’s death body

Pragya gets scared hearing the talk : No (screams)

The staff runs up to Pragya who gets unconscious after the conversation.

Omisha : somebody call the doctor

Pragya is brought home by her friend and calls Abhi later.

Omisha : doctor, what is the matter

Doctor : she is suffering from trauma, i have given her the injection, she will be fine don’t worry, I feel like something is stressing her out make sure she gets enough rest

Abhi ; Omisha, what happened?

Omisha : I don’t know, doctor said she got unconscious due to some shock, she was talking on phone and then suddenly lost her sense

Abhi gets worried and rushes to Pragya who comes into senses.

Pragya : Abhi (hugs him cryingly)

Abhi : what happened baby, why are you crying, tell me

Pragya tells him everything and requests him to find about her sister.

Abhi : don’t worry, I will find out soon, I have contacts in Ooty, but you promise me you will take care of yourself

Amy and Sunny’s murder news go on live. Abhi turns the TV on after his friend tells him about the incidence.

Pragya gets in deep shock after hearing the sad demise of her sister.

Abhi :Pragya, get hold of yourself (holds her)

Both leaves for Ooty immediately. Pragya informs her brother Vishal to come at Ooty for final rituals.

Shekhar : I am Shekhar. investigating officer of this case

Abhi : I am Abhi Mehra, did you find any clues

Shekhar : Not yet, the killer did not left any clue except this mask (shows him mask)

The constable shows Pragya dead body of her sister causing her to be shocked to the core.

Shekhar talks with Abhi alone on how killer is striking only people related to Pragya.

Abhi : what do you mean

Shekhar : From previous records I found out how Pragya’s mom was killed in same way but people considered it as an accident

Abhi : I have one request to you, keep Pragya out of this queries for a while till she.. you know what i mean

Shekhar : don’t worry, but till I am not done with investigating, you both have to stay here

Abhi : thank you officer, let me know If i can help you with anything

Shekhar : sure, you can claim the body after the reports come from lab

Abhi : okay

Pragya looks at the picture with her sibling and goes into flashback of sweet moments with her sister.


Amy : are you sure dad will agree to this marriage

Pragya : don’t worry I will convince him, you think about your boyfriend (snaps her picture)

Flashback ends

Abhi ; Pragya, (kisses her hand) you take some rest, you are tired from the journey

Pragya : how should I take rest, when my sister got victim of my deeds,

Abhi : how many times I told you not to blame yourself for that incidence, its been more that 3 years, forget it

Pragya rests her head on Abhi’s lap who covers her up with duvet properly and leaves downstairs to meet Shekhar.

Shekhar : Did you know Amy very well

Abhi : I only met for few times, but how much I knew her she seemed to be very decent girl

Shekhar : do you think she might had any enmity with anybody

Abhi : I don’t think so, because Pragya never mentioned like that to me, all three of them had good relations and Amy was supposed to come meet us in Mumbai next week

Shekhar : okay, Abhi thank you for your cooperation, I hope Pragya would be fine sooner or later

Abhi : I know it is very difficult for any girl, but she is strong girl she will manage it
Shekhar : go take some rest, good night

Abhi ; good night (leaves)

While entering the room Abhi looks at Pragya who is sleeping peacefully. He has flashes for Pragya’s look during their college days adjusting her duvet.

“ I don’t know when will I see my old Pragya back who was fierce and never knew the word of defeat “ cries softly holding her hand

Pragya wakes up and sees Abhi sleeping on couch after the tiring day. She looks at her old belongings of her sister recalling the moments with her and goes outside. She puts all things in the center and lights the match burning all the memories of her sister.

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