Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 13

Pragya is going to radio station while Rohan decides to offer her the ride when Abhi is not able to come home early.
Rohan : it’s really okay, I will drop you and our offices are very close
Pragya : thank you Rohan
Rohan : No formalities, and did Shekhar sir found anything about Ishika, I wonder where she might have gone
Pragya : I hope wherever she is. She would be fine
Rohan : Pragya, I wanted to tell you something from many days, I could not tell this to Abhi. I didn’t have courage
Pragya : Come on Rohan, we are friends whats wrong
Rohan : I feel whatever happened that day during valentine was not good, it was all my fault, I got so possessive about Sonali that I hit Abhi
Pragya : Rohan I told you whatever happened was past and now it should not affect our present, even I learnt to move on from life

Rohan : you guys don’t even know how I felt after the break up, each and every day I used to think how should I ask for forgiveness
Pragya ; we learn from our mistakes Rohan, you are not bad person so take that burden from your heart, and we all were at fault we didn’t trust each other and lost faith
Rohan ; thanks Pragya after talking to you I felt peace of mind
Pragya : and I am sure everything is fine between you and my best friend
Rohan : I don’t but sometimes I feel sonali is not happy with me, she didn’t came out of past
Pragya: give her some time I am very sure she loves you a lot
Rohan : I hope you are right oh your office is here
Pragya : thanks for the lift, bye (goes out of car )
Tanya suggests Sonali to plan candle light dinner for Rohan and confess her feelings
Sonali : are you sure it will work
Tanya : trust me it will work out now go get ready
Sonali : you are so nice I don’t know why that ishika does not like you
Tanya : forget all that now go get ready

Later in the evening Sonali prepares everything for candle light dinner. She writes on ballon her and Rohan’s name. Abhi returns back from home and misunderstand about Pragya surprising for him. Tanya looks from behind but does not tell abhi the truth. Abhi sees a girl standing in balcony and thinks it’s Pragya as it is dark. He silently goes and twirls Sonali by mistake when Pragya and Rohan come back immediately. All four of them are shocked on seeing the incidence. Tanya turns light on when Abhi puts Sonali down. Both of them feels awkward in front of Pragya and Rohan.
Sonali : Rohan you are seeing all wrong
Rohan : really then you tell me what is the truth
Sonali : I planned this for you but abhi misunderstood it
Pragya : we can see that (sees ballon with abhi and Sonalis name on it)
Abhi : Pragya trust me I thought it was for you
Rohan : Sonali do you think we are fools here, you are claiming to love me but have name of Abhi on this heart shaped ballon, Pragya you were telling me to give her time to do this
Pragya : this is disgusting ( goes to her room angrily)
Abhi : Pragya what is wrong with you how can you even think about that
Pragya : I am not doubting you or Sonali
Abhi : then what is happening, can you tell me
Pragya : I will but before that you have to do something for me
Abhi : what is it

Tanya is walking outside in garden when a black hooded person put chloroform on her mouth. It is none other than Abhi who takes her to store room.
Rohan : what are you saying Pragya
Pragya : whatever happened today was Tanya’s plan to separate us and break our unity but we will not let that happen
Abhi : I locked her in store room , now tell what is going on
Pragya : ishika is dead
All shocked to the core
Sonali : what ? But who did it
Pragya : I am suspecting it is Tanya because remember she said she went to office work that evening but shekhar sir said she lied to all of us, she was terminated from her office
Sonali : that means ishika was right, this girl came here for some purpose
Abhi : Pragya is right, her purpose is something bigger than revenge
Rohan : but how will we find out what is that
Pragya : if anybody who can do that is Vishal but where is he
Vishal ; I am right here, Pragya I can’t believe that anybody could be so low that can kill innocent people , I will not spare her she killed my ishika
Abhi : vishal only you can find out her real motive
Vishal : what is the plan

Abhi and Rohan devise a plan to make Tanya distraction through Vishal. Tanya comes to her senses and finds herself in the room
Tanya : Vishal did you bring me here
Vishal : no I saw you outside in garden unconscious so I brought you here , are you okay
Tanya : I am fine , thank you
Vishal : after ishika only you are the one close to me so I can share my feelings with you
Tanya : is everything okay
Vishal : I am guilty of killing someone Tanya (reveals everything to her )
Tanya : what? You all killed
Vishal : it was an accident, I don’t know how it happened
While Vishal is distracting Tanya everybody goes to the house where Tanya killed Ishika. However they could not find any clues there. Vishal unites Tanya and pretends to care for her when she shares her plea to him
Tanya : you know everything about me that I am all alone I considered you all my family
Both of them gets bit intimate but Vishal stops in between. Shekhar suggests everybody to go at priyas party
Abhi : what are you saying sir , how can we go when so much is happening
Shekhar : I am not telling you to go there for enjoyment but think wisely till you all are here in this house that killer will not strike you, ishika was killed outside of house, he will all try to strike you during the party and take Tanya with you

Rohan : you are right, we should go to party
Shekhar tell Pragya in private something which goes unnoticed by everybody. Next day everybody goes at Priya’s party.
Priya : oh my god I am so happy that you guys came here today
Sonali : why would we not come it our friends party
Priya : where is ishika I am dying to see her, you only told me about her on phone
Vishal: actually she went out of town for some work and this is our new friend Tanya I hope you don’t mind her coming here
Priya : no not all all
Abhi : where is Vicky
Priya : he is inside in kitchen, you boys can chill out there we girls will go to other room and don’t worry I will take care of your guest Vishal
Vishal : alright, go Tanya
The group of friends enjoy their get together after long time. Pragya puts a spy camera in the living room which is seen by Tanya and calls somebody. Priya : Damn I forgot again
Pragya : what happened

Priya : I had put the drinks downstairs in basement
Sonali : it’s okay I will get it where are they
Priya : so sweet of you, it’s in refrigerator near the cabinet you will find it
Sonali goes down in the garage to grab the bottle. The door starts closing by itself while Sonali is grabbing bottles. She finds the door locked and shouts to open the door but nobody could hear it due to loud music. She find switch to open the garage door and starts walking but get scared seeing the door shutting down. She turns around and sees black hooded person dropping the bottles. She hits the person with things she find but her energy reduces after fighting with him. She finds small hole between the door and tries to escape from there but is stuck. The killer drags her back and slashes her to death. Pragya keeps waiting for Sonali
Priya : where is she , I should have gone by myself I hope she found it
Pragya : she will be back don’t worry
Priya : okay guys it was fun with all of you today and Vishal next time I want to see ishika
Vishal : sure (says sadly)
Rohan : did any one of saw Sonali, I don’t know where she went
Pragya : yea she went to basement to grab bottles but didn’t came back, Abhi I will get my purse from upstairs
Abhi : okay you all wait here. I parked the car far so I will bring it
Rohan goes down in garage but does not find Sonali there. He goes out of house to find Sonali.

Pragya goes upstairs to grab her belongings when she sees a shadow of the hooded person and starts running to other room. She gets in a room which does not have a lock on door and is closed room. The killer bangs on door but pragya puts big table so I does not open. Pragya opens the window to sneak out but killer approaches suddenly causing her to fall down from roof. She sees Sonali’s dead body in the pitch and gets scared but keeps running on the road. Abhi is trying to start the car but engine wire is damaged. Shekhar come to the projector room and sees the living room scattered. He rushes to the house quickly. Pragya is running sweatily in the cold only to find her phone left inside.
Abhi : why are they not picking up phone, let me go check (tries to open the door but is stucked inside) damn it I hope they are fine

Shekhar : yes Abhi (on phone) the killer is inside the home are you all okay
Abhi : sir i am stuck inside the car , i can’t get through Pragya and rohan’s phone
Shekhar : where is Vishal and Tanya
The bell rings in Abhis mind as they were missing after the party was over
Abhi : sir I don’t know those left towards the end
Shekhar : Abhi you try to break the glass of car and run to save Pragya and Rohan
Abhi : yes sir I am trying (searches something in the car to break car glass )
Pragya sees the killer searching for her and hides behind the trees. She does not make footstep and jumps on other side. Shekhar reaches the house and finds it empty. He goes around each room with his revolver when somebody hit on his head with rod. Pragya comes back to the house and tries to call Abhi but could not reach his phone. Rohan comes back injured on his back in front of Pragya
Pragya : Rohan are you okay who did this
Rohan gets unconscious before telling the name. She runs inside and finds Tanya who is smiling at her with knife in her hands. While moving back she clashes on the black hooded person who pushes her on floor. The person reveals his face which blows Pragya to the core. It is none other than Vishal standing in front as a killer
Pragya : you?
Vishal : hi my dear sister, how was it

Tanya : Vishal look how tired she is , poor soul nobody is here to save her today her best friend, her husband nobody is here
Vishal : seriously I never chased anybody like this in my whole life
Pragya is on floor with no energy left to fight for her life.
Vishal : no you cannot die like this before knowing my secret, you are my favorite sister how can I kill you like this (puts knife on her face slowly)
Tanya grabs her hair tightly and reveals the person they hit other night was her brother.
Pragya : your brother ?
Tanya : yes he was my brother my everything, you guys are responsible for ruining my life
Pragya : it was an accident and you are forgetting we all were responsible
Tanya : she has point Vishal actually that why I spared you when all of you except ishika and Abhi
Tanya was unknowingly former girlfriend of Vishal before ishika. The day he decides to introduce her to everybody he had to rush back to his hometown. The fateful night which changed everybody’s life when they killed a guy accidentally.
Flashback ends
Each and everything comes as shock to Pragya
Tanya : now you will think that if I was his girlfriend why he did not tell you
Vishal :actually I did not knew that he was Tanya’s brother and none of you even got that idea of thinking about that person’s family, I was the one to find out

Vishal gets to know that person they hit was Tanya’s brother and apologize to her
Vishal : I am sorry Tanya (holds her hands) for everything it was an accident we didn’t do it intentionally, if you want then we will surrender ourself
Tanya : no you will not do anything like that, I will not tell anything to anybody, after brother you are my everything
Flashback ends
Pragya : if you forgave him then why all this
Tanya : good question who killed everybody, ask your brother
Pragya : Vishal how could you do this ( grabs him tightly asking him)
Vishal : yes I did everything (pushes her angrily) you, your dear sister are responsible for all this
Pragya : what
Vishal : your dad cheated on my mom and left her at the altar. I saw my mom thriving in poverty and you both sisters took my rights, everything I wanted you had in your childhood, and dad he brought us back home but did partiality with me why just because of my lifestyle he was ready to disown me
Pragya : so much poison, you could told once just for some money Vishal (cries)
Vishal : it’s not money; dad gave my rights to you both and I became second class citizen in my own when it was not my fault
Pragya : what about ishika, what was her fault just that she loved you truly
Vishal : Tanya why did you kill that girl, she was so innocent (laughs crazily)
Tanya : oh Pragya I thought you were smart but you are completely opposite

Vishal : she was just a pawn, you should give hats off to my genius idea, she was a cop’s sister I wooed her to the extent that she starts loving me crazily and then can do anything for me, I trapped her for money and then she could save us from this brawl we did
Pragya : I can’t believe we have same blood
Vishal ; but not anymore, I am my mom’s son who your dad tortured a lot and then I gave the same pain to his daughters
Tanya : actually killing ishika was not part of our plan but that idiot knew about us
Before ishika’s got killed, while running in basement she sees Vishal and Tanya’s pictures together and gets shocked
Tanya : unfortunately you won’t find out the secret of your boyfriend (stabs from back )
Flashback ends
Tanya : by the way Vishal your sister is very shrewd, she knew first about ishika’s murder and the put spy camera here (takes out from TV and breaks the camera) I am sorry Pragya but I failed this plan of yours
Pragya (laughs) : who are you to fail my plan, it is god that will punish you both
Tanya : you are right, we both are crazy people and now after killing you we both will start our new life
Pragya distracts Tanya by throwing table on her and tries to run upstairs but Vishal grabs her leg.
Vishal : now even your philosophy cannot save you

There is gunshot noise from behind as Tanya is shot by shekhar. Abhi too comes and beats him up
Shekhar : never ever underestimate power of law, (shoots Vishal on his head)
Rohan too is luckily alive but is disheartened of losing only girl he loved.
Pragya : wish you understood real meaning of love
(Says looking at Vishal)
Abhi consoles Pragya emotionally and hugs her. Shekhar tells the media both of them (Vishal and Tanya) attacked him and were killed in encounter. Also shows the video of Tanya and Vishal confessing their crimes and attacking them. There was another camera fixed by Pragya in living room which Tanya didn’t see .
Pragya : I am sorry Rohan, you lost Sonali because of my brother
Rohan : no Pragya it is you who lost everything, and me I will live with Sonali’s memories
Shekhar tells constable to take the trio’s statement and let them go. The scene ends with trio hugging each other. Pragya and Abhi heads towards their car while Rohan too goes in his car towards opposite direction. Pragya holds Abhis hand and rest on his shoulder when he is driving. Both of them leaves Mumbai and settles in Pune.

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