Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 12

Abhi : Guys, Priya called me yesterday
Rohan : Priya? that Vicky’s girlfriend, why did she call after so many years
Abhi ; both of them are having small party on their farm house after two days, and they want us to come
Ishika ; but we should ask brother first, lets ask his permission
Pragya ; she is right, we should talk to him before doing anything
Shekhar ; if you all want to go then its fine, but be careful and i will keep an eye on all of you
Sonali ; thank you sir
Tanya finds it a great opportunity to bring final execution to his plan.
Vishal : Tanya, why don’t you come with us too and you are too leaving right after three days
Tanya : no its okay, you guys can go
Sonali : Vishal is right, Tanya what will you do alone here
Ishika feels irked with everybody favoring Tanya for no reason
Later at night time Ishika is going outside for walk as the farm house is behind a forest. She sees Tanya going in a deserted house and follows her.
Tanya (talks on phone) : Yes, this is our last chance for final execution, but before that I want to make sure that Pragya and Rohan start misunderstanding Sonali and Abh, I just have to add fuel in the fire

Ishika gets furious on Tanya for creating rift between her friends.
Ishika ; You cheater, I was right no girl can be cheap like you (slaps her hardly)
Tanya ; you slapped me?
Ishika : If I can, I would have killed you by my bare hands, and these people are not my friends but my family, I will not let you break my family
Tanya : you cannot do anything, Ishika (stands up) because nobody will believe and now that Vishal have distance from you, do you want him lose forever?
Ishika ; if you think by distancing him from me, Vishal will be yours then it will never happen, I rule on his heart
Tanya ; not anymore (pushes Ishika down in basement)
There is big thunderstorm outside. Ishika start running for her life seeint Tanya’s true color. She hides behind the couch when she sees Tanya’s reflection. Tanya grabs her hair tightly and throws Ishika from roof after stabbing her. Vishal and everybody gets worried when they does not find Ishika at home.
Vishal : Pragya I am trying to call her but she is not picking up my phone
Pragya ; its all your fault, you are so concerned about that Tanya and Ishika was feeling so alone
Vishal : now where did Tanya came from, you are crazy,
Abhi : I hope she is not in any kind of problem, we should inform Shekhar sir
Rohan tells Shekhar about Ishika’s missing from evening
Shekhar : but she never does that, did she tell any of you where she is going
Pragya : no sir, she told me she is going out to buy something and then she didn’t came back
Shekhar : something wrong is going on

Tanya throws off Ishika’s body in the river close to the forest.
Shekhar ; where is Tanya?
Rohan : she has been missing too from evening, she didn’t came back
Tanya : I am here (comes back)
Shekhar : may I ask where were you?
Tanya ; actually sir, (sweats bit) I went out for some office work
Shekhar realizes about Tanya’s lie but does not tell in front of anybody.
Shekhar : okay, you guys don’t worry, i will find her
Later Shekhar tells Pragya about his doubt on Tanya
Pragya : Ishika’s doubt was always right, but how did you know she is lying
Shekhar ; other day when Ishika told me about Tanya, I found out that girl has been kicked out from her office and she has lied to all of you
Pragya : what? (shocked ) we were right, but nobody will believe us specially Vishal
Shekhar : its all my fault, your brother don’t deserve my sister, I am sorry to say that but its truth
Pragya : I am sorry sir, but please find Ishika soon and i will tell you if I get any information about her
Shekhar : look Pragya, I told you this because you are wise in all of you so don’t tell anybody yet
Pragya ; don’t worry sir it will be between us only
Shekhar ; now go take some rest, its too late good night
Pragya : good night sir and don’t worry everything will be fine
Vishal misses Ishika and apologizes to for being rude to her
Vishal (looks at her picture) ; I know I have been rude to you but please come back I promise I will not make you sad again, wherever are you come back
Tanya comes to console him
Vishal : you know Tanya, she is my whole life, I owe my life to her
Tanya (holds his hands) : don’t worry she will be fine and will come back to you (rest on his shoulder)
Sonali : Rohan, where might have Ishika gone like this
Rohan : I don’t have any clue, she is not that careless to go without informing
Shekhar goes for investigation near the forest and sees blood in the river. He gets biggest shock on seeing Ishika’s dead body. He immediately informs Pragya about it. She too gets emotional after witnessing the incidence.

Pragya ; sir, I cannot believe, who could have done this
Shekhar : whoever it is I will not spare him, he will have to pay heavy price for this, constable take body to forensic
Pragya ; sir you have to hold yourself, we have to bring justice to everybody who lost their lives in this battle
Shekhar : Pragya, nobody should get to know about this, especially Tanya I don’t want her to get clue about this
Pragya : I will make sure about that
Abhi : Pragya where did you go in hurry I was so worried about you
Pragya : I am fine, what happened
Abhi ; I have to go out for a while, you take care alright
Pragya : okay, be careful
Later Tanya tries to instigate Pragya
Pragya : what is it?
Tanya : I heard about your college stories, I must say you were popular in your college
Pragya : if you are trying to battering me then it won’t work on me keep that in mind (says cutting fruits)
Tanya : I was just joking, I even heard about Abhi and Sonali, she too loved him right
Pragya : look Tanya, if you are trying to instigate me against Abhi and Sonali then watch your tongue, they both are only friends
Tanya : I was just being frank now you only see your and Sonali’s marriage were at stake
Pragya: you know what just get out from here, I don’t want to argue with you
Tanya smirks before leaving thinking her plan will work out soon

Precap : Climax : Killer is out on front
Pragya is lying on floor helpless when she sees the face of stalker and gets biggest blow of her life.

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