Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 11

After a while boys set the dining table can call the girls for dinner.
Rohan : Girls, come on dinner will get cold
Sonali : wow, that smalls nice, I didn’t knew you were such a good cook
Rohan : didn’t I told you don’t try to challenge us or else you will lose
Vishal : yes (looks with attitude to Ishika who smiles at him)
Abhi : RJ Pragya, what auspicious time are you waiting for, start the dinner
Ishika : no, you all worked so hard today, we will feed you with your hands what say girls
Pragya : thats good idea, you all come sit with us
The girls make their respective partners sit with them and feed them.
Abhi stops Pragya midway and makes her eat the food which she tearfully eats.
Sonali : wow, the food was awesome, I enjoyed it so much
Rohan : come on then we will take the dishes and clean
Pragya : no, you all relax we will finish the cleaning in kitchen
Later while cleaning the kitchen Ishika finds a bill near the dustbin and food packages inside. She laughs inside for the boys’ deed
Sonali : what happened ? what is that
Ishika : no nothing at all, just some old receipts (tears it and throws away)
Vishal looks at Ishika while she was disposing off the packages. He goes to apologizes after girls leave the kitchen.
Vishal : I am sorry sweetheart (holds hie ears)
Ishika : and what if I don’t forgive you (Wraps her hand around his arms) my dear boyfriend, learn to cook before marriage, I will not put feet in kitchen after marriage
Vishal : ooh, you are telling me off from now, great job, after all you are police’s sister
Ishika : thats why start get afraid of me
Vishal holds her tightly and is about to kiss her but sees Tanya from window coming.
Vishal : Tanya? (leaves Ishika mistakenly and leaves outside to the door)
Ishika feels helpless as always she wishes to spend time with Vishal, Tanya lands up
Abhi : Tanya? what are you doing here

Tanya comes there with a bag and has tensed face
Pragya : is everything okay?
Vishal : why did you come suddenly? can you say something
Tanya : can I stay with you all for some days, my landlord kicked me out because I could not pay the money and I am leaving this town in few days for new job
Ishika looks on at disgust and ignores her tears
Tanya : I know i should have not come here like this, I thought before leaving I spend some time with you all before leaving, can I stay here
Vishal : sure, why not ? consider this your home okay
Ishika : excuse me (looks at Vishal)
Vishal : come on ishika, look at her state, where will she go, she does not even know anybody in this city
Ishika : thats not my problem, this is my house not any type of orphanage home
Shekhar : Ishika, thats not the way to talk with any guest, its okay thats matter of only few days (says angrily)
Abhi : sir, its okay calm down, don’t be angry on her
Ishika : But brother, you don’t know this girl
Shekhar ; I don’t want to hear anything
Ishika ; fine brother, If you are insisting then (leaves outside)
Shekhar : Tanya, you can put the luggage in the guest room
Shekhar goes outside to console Ishika who is sitting on grass.
Ishika : brother, from childhood you never refused me for anything, let alone shouting at me and today you told me off in front of everybody
Shekhar : I know i did wrong but this is not what i taught you
Ishika : bro, respect is given to people who deserve it, you don’t know what girl is upto, she has bad eyes on my Vishal, ever since we met in Goa
Shekhar : look Ishika, I don’t know what happened there but there is a reason why I let all stay together
Ishika : why?
Shekhar : till now, only Pragya and Sonali are attacked, those two boys not attacked yet
Ishika : so what? whats your point
Shekhar : my point is, the killer will now play his next move very carefully
Vishal goes to meet Tanya who is arranging the room
Vishal : Tanya, are you okay (puts hand on her shoulder)
Tanya : Yes I am (slowly hugs him)
Vishal : don’t worry everything will be fine, I am with you always
Ishika fumes in anger when Tanya unexpectedly gets close to Vishal
Ishika : what is going here (goes inside)
Vishal : nothing, I was just trying to cheer her up,
Ishika : yea, I was looking how you were you cheering her up,
Tanya : No you are getting all wrong (feigns innocence)
Ishika : and you, I am letting you stay here only because my brother wants, stay in your limits or else I will forget my promise to brother
Vishal : but Ishika, this poor girl
Ishika : Enough, I really don’t care what happened to her (shouts out loud)

Everybody comes to the room hearing Ishika’s anger
Pragya : what happened Ishika, why are you shouting
Ishika ; nothing Pragya, your brother has lost his senses
Vishal : thats it Ishika, you are over reacting now, stop it
Tanya : you both don’t fight because of me
Ishika : you keep your mouth shut, you are responsible for all this
Tanya ; if you have problem with me staying here then I will leave (takes her bag and goes outside)
Vishal : Ishika , what problem you have with this girl
Ishika : I don’t find it necessary to answer you that when you don’t care about me, just forget it (goes to her room)
Vishal : ishika listen to me
Pragya ; Vishal don’t forget ishika is your would be fiancee you cannot talk to her like this get that straignt
Vishal : Pragya, you tell me whats my fault, and Tanya she is just a friend to me I don’t know why Ishika hates her
Sonali : but Pragya, I feel Vishal is right, Tanya looks very decent and innocent girl, she have not done anything that would hurt Ishika
Pragya : its futile to argue with you all
Abhi : Pragya, end this argument right here
Pragya goes to console Ishika who is crying in the room
Pragya : Ishika, don’t cry like that I scolded Vishal a lot, how could he shout at you
Ishika : you tell me Pragya, what did I lack in my love, do I not love him, I stay like he wants then why can’t he listen to me one time
Pragya : look I don’t know why you hate Tanya, even I feel sometimes she is weird but maybe she might be not bad at heart
Ishika : no Pragya, I have seen by my eyes that she is purposely casting evil eyes on Vishal but I don’t know what magic she did
Pragya : I know what you are saying, I will find out what is happening but you please don’t cry like this okay, I love that attitude Ishk
Ishika ; okay, Pragya you know me so well from years but your brother does not understand me
Pragya : He will one day, trust me I know he loves you a lot
Ishika : just like you love Abhi so much, you are such a good wife for him, he is so lucky
Pragya : It is other way around, I haven’t given him the right of husband
Ishika : what?? you mean?
Pragya : yes, but he is still willing to wait till I am ready
Ishika : then finish his waiting Pragya, for how long you will torture poor guy, today is your night, go ahead and make it special
Vishal convinces Tanya to stay back. Pragya decides to take her marriage to next level. She enters the room and finds Abhi standing at the window and hugs him from back.
Abhi : what happened ? are you okay
Pragya : till today, you supported me everything, how could you love me so much when I did not give the happiness you deserved, my past always came in between
Abhi : not your past but your insecurity, Pragya, you are my whole life i cannot think a moment without you
Pragya slowly leans on him kisses him passionately. Abhi carries her in his arms and lays gently on bed and nuzzles her neck. Both of them end up consummating their long lasting marriage.
Tanya talks to herself : Ishika, you are not that stupid as I thought but today’s incident will definitely drive you away from Vishal and then he will be mine forever, this is just a beginning just wait and watch how I create rift, I know till you are between this people my task will not be completely

Her phone rings
Caller : Tanya, is work done, I heard today a good drama happened in the house
Tanya ; I know, work will be done, just few days I will drive this ishika away because she will not let me finish my task of creating the misunderstanding between everybody
Caller : do whatever you want, you only have a month, I want to see the fire in their life
Tanya : fine, Tanya would aways fulfill her promise (hangs up the phone)

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