Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 10

The lights go off immediately when Ishika goes out of house. Omisha looks at the shadow outside the window and hides behind the couch. Pragya and Sonali who went inside to take the candle senses somebody’s presence outside in the couch. The killer looks at them from couch and tries to break the door .
Pragya : Sonali run (pushes her away)
Both of them meets Omisha in living room and runs upstairs in the attic. The killer approaches inside through front door and follows them upstairs. The girl keeps running in the room. They put huge table at the table to control the door banging. Pragya tries to call Abhi but in vain. There is loud thunderstorm and it starts raining when Abhi feels Pragya is in kind of danger.
Abhi : Vishal, where are you? this girls didn’t came back yet and I can’t get through Pragya’s phone
Vishal : okay i will reach the farm house, where are you
Abhi : I am on my way, I will call Shekhar, now only he can help us and I will not listen to all of your excuses
Vishal : fine do whatever you want

The three girls find an exit door in the basement and start running. Omisha while going down is scared when she sees killer coming in front of her. She instead runs upstairs in fear and reaches the glassed roof. Omisha’s leg slips causing her to fall down from roof. She goes inside the house and runs to one of the room.
Pragya ; where is Omisha? (starts looking for her down in basement)
Sonali : I don’t know, lets check outside, come on
Pragya ; no he might outside, lets find the other way
Both girls come outside of the house and looks upstairs to the room where Omisha is stuck the room. The girls gets scared when the killer finally approaches from the back and slashes badly on Omisha’s neck. The killer waves both girls and leaves. Abhi reaches there will police and finds Pragya terrified with the whole incidence.
Abhi : its okay I am here (consoles her)
The police investigates in the whole house and sends Omisha’s body to lab.
Shekhar : this is not an accident, Pragya, Sonali I know both of you have been hiding something big from me, I am not expecting anything from anybody else but if you want anything drastic happen its your choice

Abhi tells Sonali and Pragya to confess everything in front of Shekhar.
Abhi : I am with you all, go ahead
Rohan ; Abhi, if we had listen to you last time then situation might have been different right now
Abhi : thats fine Rohan, its still not late you guys can rectify your mistake, go
Ishika too requests Vishal to tell everything to police and I promise brother will help you all out, its high time truth should come out
in the evening the group comes to Shekhar’s house together.
Ishika : brother, they all came here to tell you something (signals everybody to come inside )
Shekhar : why are you all standing there, come and have a seat, now tell me what is happening, one thing is for sure that this murder links is related to all of you
Rohan : actually sir (starts telling him everything)
Shekhar stands up in disbelief hearing their foolishness
Shekhar : I don’t believe this, why didn’t you all report this incident before
Ishika : brother, please do something, they didn’t do this accident intentionally
Shekhar : nobody will believe all this, I will think of something, first I have to find about that killer, what does he want
Pragya : but how? he is very shrewd, he has close eye on all of us
Shekhar : thats why, we have to lay a trap very carefully but he should not get any kind of signs for this
Ishika : brother but till then don’t you think they should get some security
Shekhar : how about you all move to my guest house for couple days and I will get tight security for you all so don’t worry
Everybody agrees to Shekhar’s condition and goes to their respective house to grab their belongings.
Ishika : brother, I want to tell you something
Shekhar : go ahead

Ishika : I want to marry Vishal, you know i am with him from 3 years, its high time now
Shekhar : look Ishika, I know i never refused you for anything but unfortunately today I have to
Ishika : but why bro, what does he lack
Shakhar : till this case does not get solved, I will not take decision and better not do anything wrong
Ishika : then listen to me, I will not marry anybody else other than Vishal (runs away)
Mehra house
Pragya is quite tensed reminiscing her moments with Omisha
Abhi : Pragya, I know you are quite upset with Omisha’s incidence but its life
Pragya : Abhi, she was my friend, I shared everything with her and because of our enmity she became the victim (cries soberly)
Abhi : its okay, I promise you I will not let anybody harm you all even it will cost me to risk my life, you all are my life
Pragya puts hand on his mouth and warns him to not say anything like that
Later all of them comes to Shekhar’s guest house where Ishika welcomes them
Ishika : welcome everybody to my house, don’t stare at me like stranger
Sonali : Ishika, why is this house so messy
Ishika : actually Sona, we haven’t opened this house from last 5 years, so I will start cleaning, you guys can put belongings inside the room
Pragya ; why you alone? we all will do it together
Abhi : and we boys will rest

Ishika : not so easy, Mr Mehra, you boys will cook today
Pragya and Sonali widens their mouth hearing her
Sonali : ishika, let it be, we will cook it or else we have to eat burnt food
Rohan : oh Ms photographer, don’t challenge us, we can make better food than us clear
Abhi : this Rohan will make screw us up today, what is the need to agree
Ishika : Sonali, let them make food, we will make them eat first if it is not good
Abhi : how convenient Ishika, boys lets go and start preparing
Sonali : all the best boys (gives them thumbs up)
The boys goes into the kitchen while Ishika consoles tensed Pragya
Ishika : I know whatever happened was not good but Pragya don’t blame yourself, its not your fault
Pragya : how should I not, first my mom, then Amy and now Omisha, why
Ishika : Pragya, whoever it is, he wants you all to get weak and surrender yourself but you all have to be strong enough alright
Sonali : Ishika is right, Pragya its high time we should move on, I am sure Shekhar sir will that person and we will ask forgiveness to him for whatever happened
Ishika : okay now come on cheer up, lets go and start cleaning
The boys have hard time in the kitchen. Girls look at the condition from the door and laughs at them.
Abhi : this all happened because of you Rohan, what was the need to agree
Vishal : I know, (stamps the vessels) you are so fond of challenging this girls when you know we cannot cook
Rohan : you both are cowards, always scared of this girls
The girls start cleaning the house including the rooms and sweeps everything.

Precap : Tanya makes re entry to the farm house and gains Vishals sympathy again which disturbs Ishika way too much. She goes to confront Tanya directly

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