Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong Part 1

The story opens with a young girl named Amy playing table tennis with her friend Ruqsana in a sport club late at night.
Ruqsana : I am off babe,see you tomorrow, should I drop you home
Amy : don’t worry Sunny will be here soon, you leave
Ruqsana : Oho, not bad duty to boyfriend, by the way when will you guys settle down, its been 5 years
Amy : We will be leaving for our home to Mumbai to see my darling sister Pragya and Vishal
Ruqsana : Pragya?
Amy : I am so waiting to see her, I haven’t seen her from past seven years and my brother Vishal
Ruqsana leaves while Amy waits for her boyfriend Sunny. She hears voiceover praising her for game.
Amy : Sunny, thats so sweet but where are you
Voiceover : There are things you cannot see but they exists
Amy : really? which game are we playing, now come on stop it
Voiceover ; everything is a game sweetheart you love playing games right
Amy : you know me then why asking silly question
Voiceover : then lets play the game of life and death today, it will be fun
Amy gets scared when the person talks about death.
Voiceover : Death is inevitable, nobody can avoid it
Amy : who is it (goes near a glass door)
Voiceover : You should never ask who is it, you should ask where are you

Suddenly she sees blood on the door and gets horrified to see her boyfriend with blood on his body. Amy who is terrified goes near his death body.
Amy : Sunny (sits near him)
She asks for help to security but finds him dead too. There is a call on her phone when the lights are flashing in the hallway. She answers with terrified voice .
Amy : who is it?
Same voice : how was the gift?
Amy : what do you want from me? who are you?
Voice : your death (cuts call)
Amy starts running in the building but finds the door are closed and phones are dead. She kneels nears an exit door when a white mask person wearing black hooded with knife walks slowly behind her. She turns around to see the killer and kicks him. The killer chases Amy who is hiding under the table in office. Killer walks around and hears noise under table but finds nobody over there. Amy reaches the locker room of girls trying to find the keys of exit door. She reaches at the swimming pool and finds the way from there but finally the killer slashes her neck throwing the dead body into the pool which gets full of blood. The killer walks from the places leaving his mask design behind.

Pragya suddenly wakes up with nightmare. She hears thunderstorm from outside. Abhi consoles her.
Abhi : Its okay, (pats her shoulder)
Pragya : I am scared, our past is not letting us forget that incidence
Abhi : Pragya, come on it been more that 3 years to that accident, the more you think about it more you will spoil your mind
Pragya : But
Abhi : listen, if you behave like this then your career for which you worked so hard will start getting bad, now go to sleep its too late
Pragya goes back to sleep hesitantly.
Next day a lady is horrified to witness the dead bodies of Sunny and Amy. People gathers around with police investigating about it. They does not get any clue except the mask left behind by killer. One of the police officer named Shekhar (ishika’s brother) is given the responsibility to handle the case.
Constable : what do you think Sir?
Shekhar : I feel this is a planned murder and the killing will not stop here, the killer did not left any clue expect his footprint but wherever he is he cannot run away far from me

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