Abhigya FF : Something is Wrong (Intro)


The story revolves around a group of friends who are terrified by one incident which changed their lives forever.

The plot revolves group of college friends who reconcile after 7 years thinking the reunion would solve their past issues but nobody is aware of the consequences with their union.
Pragya : Most beautiful girl in her friend circle who is the shaken up by her sister’s death due to unknown circumstances. Wife of Abhi and a successful radio jockey.
Sonali : Best friend of Pragya but is jealous of her sometimes. Loved Abhi since college days and wanted him to love back but finds soulmate in Rohan resulting to get married with him and have blissful life. An amazing photographer
Abhi : Cool dude from college and loves Pragya. He rejects Sonali as he does not love her. Best friend of Rohan and husband of Pragya. Head of National Geographic company and is given a project of research.

Rohan : An extremely talented but hot tempered guy who cannot handle anybody eyeing his wife Sonail whom he loves to an extent. Became heartbroken after Sonali did not reciprocate his love but finally got married to her and won her heart. Friend of Abhi from college and can do anything for his family.

Vishal : Another fun spirited guy who likes to spread happiness around people including his friends. His passion is adventure and lives life to the fullest.
Ishika : Girlfriend of Vishal. Hails from very rich family and believes she is born to win. Gets everything in plate and hence does not know meaning of struggling. Possessive for Vishal.
Tanya : Newcomer in the friends group and catches Vishal’s eyes soon perturbing Ishika to the core. Also comes with big motive and starts ruining the relationship of all friends.

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