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I am so fedup of the track going on now too I really wanted to write a drabble on Abhigya. It will be after Abhi gets to know the truth, but he there is still something he isn’t aware of! I have already written dis on indiaforums. I hope you guys like it.

Abhi on his bed waiting for his dear fuggy.
Pragya comes in The room and says, “suniye”
Abhi doesn’t answer but looked at her with a smile on his face.
Pragya tried again “Suniye What happened?”
Abhi: “Nothing, just admiring my wife beauty.
Pragya: (Blushes)
Abhi comes near Pragya and says ” I love u Fuggy, u r da most beautiful in dis entire world”.
Pragya:smiles and says “I luv u 2, Mr. Handsome.
(Abhi was about to kiss her but she gets away).
Abhi with a confused voice asks her about What happen
Pragya: Sorry, but we can’t do dis.
Abi: (shocked) Why?
Pragya: Bcz, we r divorced. The day I left the house, you actually signed the divorce papers not property papers ;(
Abhi gets shocked and shouts ” And u r telling dis to me now. Why did u said yesterday infront of Tanu and the other family members, that werent divorced. Why did you divorce me when you knew da truth about Tanu.
Pragya in a disappointed voice asked him many times to listen to her but he didnt.
Abhi: “That means you dont want to live with me, you dont love me”.
Pragya: (shouts) listen to me! Stop it
Pragya in a hurt voice explains him everything. She ends ups wid saying, ” I love you more than myself and want to spend my whole life with you”. ( gets tears in her eyes)Cry
Abhi: Sorry, Pragya! I dont know Why I reacted. You know I am really very sensitive when it comes to relations. I have lost many people in my life before and can’t loose u know. And its not only my fault, its your fault too.
Pragya: “My fault?”
Abhi: ( in A naughty voice) ” Yes, you shared your plan with everyone. You even shared it with your so-called brothers Tushaar and Aftaab but not with me.
Pragya: I just thaught that u will not trust me.
Abhi: Why wouldnt I trust you. I am not like you my Aboutobe wife.
Pragya: about to be wife?
Abhi: YEs, i can’t call u wife before we are married, so u r my about to be wife or Girlfriend if thats better.
Pragya: “I love u” ( wid tears in her eyes)
Abhi: “I love u to my beautiful wife, sorry sorry I mean about to be wife”
( they both laugh and hug

Credit to: maria

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