Abhigya Drabble – My girlfriend and ur boyfriend (episode 1)


Abhi : Pragya.. Pragya…?
Pragya : Kahiye *while folding their cloths in their room*?
Abhi : I was calling u from my bottom but u r asking casually*stares at her*?
Pragya : *stares him back*I have lots of work I’m not in mood of fighting with u just tell me wht happened.?

Abhi : *gulps the words and stammers*woh..Woh..Woh..dono aa..aagya..*with a hesitation*?
Pragya : *shocked* what?? They both had came..So soon..now what to do..??
Abhi : We should hide them from these two.??
Pragya : Do u think it ll work???
Abhi : Then what??If u have any idea just tell me.*yelled*?
Pragya : *pouts* Why u r yelling at me.?

Abhi : I know u r useless u can’t give me any idea.?
Pragya : Oh.. Really then remember onething coz of ur stupid idea they took my boyfriend away.??
Abhi : *jealous*boy friend u r feeling bad for ur boy friend when I’m here.??
Pragya : Oh..u r saying this..I learned that from u..U had affair with ur gf when I’m “UR WIFE” is here.*stares* I’m ur wife and still I’m in ur life.??

Abhi : U know..I didn’t see her for past week..coz we both were busy in ahem…ahem?
Pragya : Really??Then what I saw yesterday is not true??
Abhi : *shocks*what u saw??
Pragya : Chi…U and ur gf in this room..In this bed she was on ur top..u r almost half naked.*fumes*?

Abhi : Who ask u to come in when v r having our private time?*raised his eyebrows*?
Pragya : This is my room too*stares*??
Abhi : But u said yesterday u won’t talk with me..u won’t come to this room.. that’s y I took my gf with me.. *yells again*??
Pragya : Did u thought how Dadi n all ll react u r double timing with me and Ur gf.?
Abhi : So what u r doing.. Yesterday I saw u with ur bf in our guest room..U r sleeping by hugging him?

Pragya : *stammered* Leave that..First we have to hide them..else they ll caught.?
Abhi : U r ryt..let’s go and hide them.
Pragya : Pakka..and goes in.
*Both shocked*
Pragya : Oh..no Whr is my bf.
Abhi : Whr is my gf.
Pragya : Oh..no *holds her head*
Abhi : *started to search them*
They heard giggles.

Pragya : Suniye ..?
Abhi : Yeah ..even I too heard the giggles.?
Outside the closest,
Aditi : Aarav bhai.. finally we got their dolls..we gonna play with them *gives hifi*
Aarav : yeah..Aditi..Thanks to Mumma and Papa..Their fight Always made us the way*giggles*.??
*abhigya hears it and came out of closest..Aditi and Aarav ran away*
Abhi : Oh..no they took my fuggi.?
Pragya : My Rockstar too*pouts*?
Abhi and Pragya blinks at each other.?
. .
I’m really Sorry guys I didn’t upload any episodes till now coz I didn’t have enough time to write coz loads of work..then my bestie’s wedding so now I’m lil bit free but suffering from heavy cold and dry cough..Now somehow feeling better..that’s y I decided to give this drabble..soon I ll update my ff journey of love… Really I missed u all..I know u r searching for me.. sorry again..

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Stupidstarakshaya

    Awesome akka it was brillant drabble

  2. ths epi so funny …and take care sri and waiting for that ff also….

  3. Maahhi

    diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kithna aapko miss kiyana uthna shayadh kabhi kisi ko meine miss nahi kiya har din iss umeedh mei check karthi thi ko ki aaj tho aap update karengi par its kkkk diiii u had work naa but plzzzzzzzz do take care of ur health nd cmng to dizzz drabble my god its hilarious to me hahah laughing hard missed uu to death b back soooooon diii I vil b waiting fr uuu loads of love no need to be srry diiii bcoz ur our pyaari cute lovely diiii sooo ee sabh kuch chaltha hai lv uuuuuuuu lyk anything which u would nvr cme to knw

  4. Omg I m really waiting for it ff….h don’t know if u remember me r not……but I m always can of it ff…. h m really shocked when it love nd eternal ff for over I was really angry on but when I read journey of love……????omg th I r d best in writing ff…….wowwwwwwww……it’s spook luvly…..nd also cute….h really liked no no no lives it nd also loving it….plsss I m madly waiting for it ff…pizzazz upload it soon…..nd take care of it health

  5. Sethidisha002

    very sweet

  6. Really di very funny updates di. i start read u r ff first confuse but finaly i laughed like a stupid di very cool and funny update di.I am also missing u di very badly di and u r ff too di. And take care of your health di is very important don’t ask sorry di first well soon and update u r ff di we r wait u r update di but most important u r health di so take care di. And Happy marriage life for your bestie di.

  7. I really missed u n ur ff very very very badly.but it’s ok as u said ur were busy n also was not well.so plzzzzz take care dr then only we can enjoy your writings ,just joking yr.This drabble was awesome as usual.iam madly waiting for ur ff journey of love. ur driving me more mad n crazy by not uploading it .plzzzzz upload that ff also n If u can plz give a longer update its my request plzzzzzz yr .be safe n take care dr.

  8. RiyaDcruz

    Very funnnyyyy yaar loved it………… Pls upload journey of love ASAP………………………

  9. Really sooooooooo cute n funny episode yaar

  10. Ya missing you badly

  11. Nice

  12. Awesome…tisha… Waiting for ur ff….

  13. superbb yarr…………………i loved it

  14. VarshaVenkat

    Missing u vry badly tisha diii…..come back asap …… Waiting for ur updates……also it was actually unexpected …….. it’s cool di

  15. Omg sri , I was missing u very badly…daily I ll come to TU in a hope u have updated journey of life..get well soon dear..n update asap..waiting for ur ff..
    And about this episode, it is too cute 🙂

  16. Asmithaa

    Very nice.. Update it soon..

  17. Trisha


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