Abhigya: Destiny and its new games (episode 1)


Years passed and Abhigya were happy with their two children but once again destiny played its game. It is a game of search.

The search by Abhigya for someone close to them. The search that will have a lot of emotions and new revealtions. Who are they searching for? And what will happen in the process of this search?

Pragya: Abhi day by day I am losing hope! What if we lose! Is this even possible? I still feel that we can find but why everyone around us are keep on saying just move on!

Abhi: Fuggy! Ignore what others are saying! We can do this and have faith in me. We will surely be able to succeed.

Pragya hugged Abhi in tears for comfort.
Pragya: Why do we always have to face some troubles in life?
Abhi: All these troubles make us stronger Fuggy! And make our relationship unbreakable!

What is this new game of Destiny? Do you all want to know?

Ok I just got this idea and depending on all ur response i shall think to continue this ff….not now may be later…

And so sorry for not updating my other ff…it will makes it way soon. I was very busy ytd?

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  1. Angita

    Nice start…loved it

    1. Maya

      Thank u Angita!?

  2. Honey


    1. Maya

      ??Yeah Honey!

  3. Maya

    Its not episode 1!??…Just a intro!??

  4. Nice intro yaar…

    1. Maya

      Thank you Durga!?

  5. Nice intro….

    1. Maya

      Thank you Abhigya!?

  6. nice intro

    1. Maya

      Thank you Divya!?

  7. My fav ff is back! ????? i m waitinggggg and you know what i should name you as Miss Sorry! But this was best and i m very curious for this……..

    1. Maya

      Haha Ms Sorry??? I thought it was you!???…Haha not the best U all were find it funny at what mindset I typed this!??No thanks for ur curiosity!??

      1. It was me but now it’s you ?????? so ladies and girls ??????? We have named Suga aka sugar aka chinni as Miss Sorry ????

  8. Sharaya


    1. Maya

      Happy that u find it Superb Sharaya!

  9. VarshaVenkat

    A gr8 start…..keep goin….Sry for not cmntng in other ffs as I really didn’t had tym cause I come back home by 5 n wen I start to re there will b of 3 pages of kkb stories to b read so only

    1. Maya

      No worries Varsha! I am also like that and that’s why I am also replying to all ur comments or reading the other ffs very lately….Thank you for the support Varsha!

  10. Nice episode…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Nirmal!

  11. Superb intro.go ahead……!! Waiting for the next update.

    1. Maya

      Thank you Rosy! But I am not sure when will the nxt update will come!

  12. Riyashri

    Missed u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much Maya Di !!!
    U update it when ever u get time…But don’t take tooo much time na….
    This was something Differently Different !! Keep Rocking !!! LUFE MTMP !! Take Care !!

    1. Maya

      Ya missed ur lovely comment too! Sure will update when I am free but not for the time being! LUFE Riya! Take care and rock in ur life too!

  13. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice one…..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshma!

  14. Arshifan

    Hey maya..u know what i was very much impressed by ur writings becoz of this ff..i felt bad when u ended it but now i m so happy that ur back with this ff…i used to read it regularly without missing a single epi..so dont hesitate start it soon..keep going..

    1. Maya

      It’s great to hear that u read it without missing a single epi! It’s also very close to my heart as I used both my heart and brain power a lot for that! haha. Thank you for supporting that ff and I will try to start soon provided that there is enough time for me to do so…Sorry for making u feel bad by ending the ff!

  15. Woww happy to see tis ff back diii u must surely continue love u dii????

    1. Maya

      Omg! Must and surely…ok I will try my best dr! Thank u so much for the support again!

  16. It was awesome nice intro I loved it waiting for next episode sorry for late comment

    1. Maya

      Hey no sorry for late comment as I will always see the comments no matter when u comment! So pls don’t say that again! Thank u for the support Monesha!

  17. Maahi

    omg omg omg dr pinch me naa I am dreaming r wattttttt ayoooooooooooooooooooooo my evergreen fav ff is back cant blv dizzzzzzzzzzzz I just cant wait dr if at all I would hv a time machine I would turn tht to uu so tht u can update my godddd I won do u remember I bet with uu tht u cant find solution my god I won u lose u just gv me extra dosage of urs magic so by nw I vil b flying in ur magic all the time lv uuuuu dr cant stretch my mouth anymore bcoz its paining by smiling roughly cing ur dizz update

    1. Maya

      Hehe! Finally I won! haha at least in ur bet na! Ok this ff will come but not now as there is more logic needs to be in this…so my brain is not capable of that now! Pinch u ah? No dr it will be painful right? So I won’t pinch u! Magic again!!! I have nothing to say for that line…..

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