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Hi guys! I am also a silent reader all the while. I had just this idea of what it would be like if the professions are reversed for abhi and pragya but with with their basic characteristics being the same! So here we go with the story…..

Its a very big day for Pragya, she is going to have a massive concert in Mumbai and all eyes are on her as it her first live concert themassive hit of her music album. Since the hit of her album she have sung numerous songs in movies but this live concert is something that she didn’t expect of. She decided to do this as huge part of the money will be used for donations to the Make a wish foundation. Less that she know that this concert will also bring closer to her life partner.

‘Pragya make it fast! Everyone is waiting for u at the hall!’ said Sarla ma. Pragya, ‘ I am coming just 2 mins’. She was very nervous but still she was determined to do this well for a good cause. With that she took the blessings of the elders in her family and left the house to the auditorium that her concert was going to take place.

Inside the car…
Pragya was keep on recalling the lyrics and the way she had to perform on stage. That’s when she caught the attention of a guy who was very smart in casual wear and running hurriedly in the road. She thought may be he had to rush somewhere that’s why he is running so fast.

Pragya sees the same guy in her concert! She is surprised to see him cheering for her….

Credit to: Maya

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