Abhigya: Destiny and its games- teaser 4


Hi friends!!! Thank u for the wonderful comments and we shall just straightly go into the episode!

Abhi finally picked up Pragya’s call and Abhi ‘Pragya I will talk to u later! Pls don’t disturb me now!’ Pragya ‘Pls don’t cut the call and I know u are stressed about something and I don’t want to disturb u too but u were angry after seeing someone right? And his name is Mr Ashok right?’ Abhi was shocked on how Pragya know his name!! Abhi ‘U know him? How u know him?’ Pragya replied in a low tone ‘ He is my real dad’ Abhi was now even more stressed and alarmed by knowing that the person that he hated most was Pragya’s dad. Abhi ‘ Pragya I don’t know how to say but yes it’s true that I am disturbed after seeing him but I am unable to tell the truth now. I am sorry about it’. With that he ended the call not wanting to talk further. Pragya was also very troubled on why suddenly Abhi is behaving like this! He was never like this before and wondered what he really happened between him and her real dad. She decided to ask Dadi about this as by now she was very close to Abhi’s Dadi.

Pragya called Dadi and asked ‘ Dadi can I ask u something?’ Dadi ‘Pragya what’s the matter and why u sound tensed? Is everything ok?’ Pragya explained everything that happened in the college and mentioned the name Ashok too. Dadi ‘Ashok?? Why does he have to be here again!! He only made our lives miserable!!’ Pragya ‘ Dadi pls tell me what he did and how it affected you all!’
Dadi started to reveal the truth…..Ashok was the best friend of Abhi’s father. Abhi’s father used to be a very big business tycoon but he believed his closed ones very easily.He won’t really think twice if his friends and family ask him anything. He had that much of faith in them. Knowing this quality of Abhi’s father, Ashok manipulated him and somehow managed to get the signatures of Abhi’s dad and converted all the property and the company under his name. Abhi’s father was totally broken down that his best friend backstabbed him. But still he didn’t lose his morale and continued to support his family by working in a simple job. Slowly Abhi’s father was building up a small company and had started to give competition to Ashok. Ashok was obsessed with victory and he didn’t want to lose to Abhi’s father and he decided to take a drastic step. Dadi was now in tears when she was telling these and Pragya told her not to cry and Dadi continued, That day it was Abhi’s parents wedding anniversary so both of them decided to go for a long drive and she had sent them off while she stayed at home with Abhi and his sister. Ashok made an accident to happen to Abhi’s parents and both of them died on the spot itself. Dadi came to know about Ashok’s plan from one of his staff. She was very furious but was helpless and she also doesn’t want him to harm her grandchildren. Within a few days of the accident, Ashok left the country and there was no news of him. Abhi got to know all these but we didn’t filed any complaint against him as there is no point of doing it. Even if we complained against him he was big enough to close the case. And what’s the point of doing it as Abhi’s parents will not come back again too.

Dadi also told that Ashok had a daughter and he left her in the orphanage as he was said by some astrologer that only when the daughter leaves you, then only u will get prosperity and wealth in ur life. Pragya knew that it was her. Hearing all this, only made her feel disgusted to have such a father and assured Dadi that she won’t let Ashok to harm Abhi again. Dadi said we have already lost a lot because of Ashok. I lost my child, bahu and now I don’t want to lose my grandchild now. Dadi asked whether Ashok saw Abhi. As Ashok saw him when he was very young and now Abhi resembles exactly like his dad. I am now worried that what if he want to harm Abhi too!

Pragya said to Dadi that she doesn’t need to worry as she will always support Abhi and make sure Ashok won’t harm them anymore. Pragya now felt the pain that Abhi have to be going through now. She need to talk to him to give him moral support and assure that no matter what happens that she will always be with him.

Abhi and Pragya’s plan to make Ashok confess about his misdeeds!

Hope u all liked this one and if u all don’t like pls do tell me! Because I myself don’t know whether i like what i write. So confused!!!

I know u all don’t like dragging so that’s y i revealed the truth in this episode itself and nxt one i will try to make it interesting. I will try to end this Pragya’s real parents issue in 1 or 2 episodes since I also don’t want it to drag too much.
And after that there will be something else which I myself don’t know!! Hmm have to think about it…. Haha . Oh my god I am feeling like I am some mystery writer now…And I seriously don’t know when will this get uploaded as my assumption so far was prove wrong yesterday.

Credit to: Maya

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  3. awesome dear really nice

  4. Super episode

  5. dr wat matters fr me is my fav ff of uuu which is dizz not the name nd I forget to say tht MONTAGE of this ff is soooooo gud nd lovely nd the reason y I lv ur ff is u reveal the truth within 1 or 2 episodes soooooo nly dizzzz is my fav ff nd nyc twist update the nxt episode soon

  6. Thank u all for the support and at last I found y telly updates is putting teaser in the title alrdy!!!??

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