Abhigya: Destiny and its games- teaser 3


Hi friends! I am back with this ff again! Hope u all like it and we shall straightly go into the plot….

Days had passed the love btw Abhi and Pragya had deepened for each other. They understood each other very well. As for Sarla ma, she was being normal with Pragya even though at times the thought of her leaving made her feel really upset.

Few days before the concert that was gg to happen in the college….

Abhi called Pragya from the college ‘ Hello Fuggy are u busy now? I want to ask u something!’ Pragya ‘ Not busy just practising singing and what u want to ask?’ Abhi ‘ Pragya I was looking at some of the alumni names as the principal asked me to check whether all the alumni have received the invitation for the concert by calling out to them. Then i came across this funny name from ur batch! Jerry Chin! And is he even Indian? I was wondering its very easy to tease his name like chin show ur chin and let me check whether ur chin really looks like a chin or not?’

Pragya ‘ U are always in the mood to make fun of others!! Its not chin as in the facial part its QIN but pronounced as chin. Yes he is not Indian but he is a Chinese and he came to India to study in our college about Hindustani music. Don’t tease him like that! U know he is my friend during my college days! He was such a cheerful person’ Abhi ‘ Okok i think its spelled wrongly in the data system here. But tell me one thing he was just ur friend or very close friend?’ Pragya realised that he was a bit jealous on knowing that he had a guy friend and thats y he is asking in this way. She decided to instill more jealousness in his mind, ‘ Yes he was my best friend and u know what we used to share food together! Go out for movies, lunches during holidays and every one in our class thought we were in love!’ Abhi ‘ What Fuggy u were that close to him! No it can’t be u said to me before that u didnt really have best friends in college!!’ Pragya ‘ Haan but he considered me as a best friend in that way he is my best friend!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy!! Now I am very angry with u from hiding this from me!!!’ Pragya ‘ Angry or jealous? Okok I was just lied to u to make u jealous. And so fast u believe my words!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy u know how much stressed i was for the past few minutes! Really I couldnt imagine u with that guy and he looks so awful in the photo here!’ Pragya ‘ Abhi dont judge anybody by the looks and by the way it was nice hearing u being jealous of me!’ Abhi ‘ Sorry fuggy for saying that but I will have my turn for making me stress just now!!’ Pragya ‘ Really let’s see what u will do to me!’ Abhi ‘ Ok u will see that fuggy! And bye for now as i have to continue calling the rest of them!’ Pragya ‘ Ok and happy working!’

On the day of concert at college …
Pragya tried calling Abhi but he was unreachable and understood that he might be busy in the last minute preparations of the concert. She reached the college about half an hour earlier so that she can meet Abhi first. But still she was unable to figure out where he was….

Concert was about to begin and Pragya was ushered by some of the students to seat in front. Pragya’eyes was keep on scanning for Abhi in the massive crowd. Finally she met him and he looked dashing in a simple white shirt. They both shared eye contact with each other and thats when Abhi’s eyes which was filled with love changed to a unexplainable anger!

Abhi saw the person there in the VIP seat and he was disgusted to see him there. The same person who had made his life miserable! The same person who made him far away from his parents! Unable to stand the sight of the evil person he walked out of the auditorium. Pragya noticed all this and had looked at the direction where he was looking at and to her shock it was her real dad whom she met at the hospital that day! Pragya thought does Abhi know him as my dad or he know him as someone else. His eyes expressed so much of anguish just now. What does this all mean??? I cant go now to see him as the concert is gg to begin and i am one of the chief guest here. Oh god why is this happening
to me?

The concert beginned but Pragya was just restless and was unable to pay attention to the concert and this was noticed by her dad who was two seats away from her. Pragya managed to text him in btw the concert and was now keep on looking at her phone whether he got replied.

Finally the concert ended and she wanted to see him but she realised that there is still meet and greet session with the students. She requested the prinicipal to make it shorter as she had a urgent work now. The meet and greet session ended earlier and now she was free to go and see Abhi. Thats when her real dad came infront of her to talk. He said ‘ Pragya so i think since u know the truth by now. Can i know when are u coming back to us!’ Pragya ‘ Sir I have some urgent work now! We shall talk about this later!’ He replied ‘ Sir? Call me Dad! I have been longing to hear that from u for such a long time!’ Pragya was irritated by his words and said ‘ I have to go now and we shall talk about this later!’ With that she walked off and tried calling Abhi.

Abhi unable to tell the truth to Pragya!

Credit to: Maya

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  1. awesome yaar i was waiting fr urs finally u updates thank god it was really really nice what abhi is hiding is ringing on in my mind right now

  2. Thank u vaishali but i dont know why they put the title as teaser 3! When i changed it to the normal title alrdy! Lol?

  3. Is telly updates thinking the length that i wrote for this looks like a teaser??And why they update so late??? I submitted this in afternoon and its coming after almost 10 hours late!!!!???.

  4. Awesome episode. Unite abhigya soon. End this real parents of pragya yaar. Cute abhigya scenes. Reveal all the mysteries. Waiting for next episode.

  5. Maya…. For sure i will turn crazier for your ff dude ??? this is so awesome, i just can’t wait……

  6. superb maya….pls update the nxt epi soon ya..

  7. Its Superbbbbbbbb yaar……….?????????????

  8. omg wat am I cing Maya dr ur back with a bang nd thnq uuuu sooo much fr updating hope u had a great lunch nd had done vel in ur xams nd u made me relieved by updating I lyk dizzzzz ff bcoz its entirely diffrnt with many twists nd great work dr feeling jealous fr our loved ones is the most precious feeling I think sooo thnqs fr including my fav feeling

  9. Amazing Maya I was eagerly waiting for this ff

  10. Nice yaar…

  11. nice epi yaar & twist was superb wt is the relation of pragya real dad &abhi
    eagerly waiting for nxt epi

  12. Superb

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