Abhigya: Destiny and its games- teaser 2


Just thought of updating with another teaser before i restart this ff frm April 19.

Teaser 2
From the first teaser, Abhi was furious looking
at someone. And this person will have a impact
on Abhigya’s relationship, destiny has started its games through this person. Actually the love btw them will only get deeper through this but
there will be a lot of sadness, pain and hardship
that they need to endure. They won’t be seperated but will face a lot of hurdles which will make their love stronger and ever-lasting. How will Abhigya handle the problems together? And how their lives are gg to change and who all will support them will be revealed in the upcoming episodes….

Ok thats all guys!!! This came up to my mind and just thought of typing it before i forget about this. Pls do give suggestions on how i can improve. Hope u all like this teaser and i wish u all would enjoy this ff again.
And always happy to be connecting
with u all thr my ffs!! Also would like to wish all Malayalee friends a Happy Vishu! Ente Priyappata suhrttukal ellavarkkum vishu ashamsakal!!! Sorry if there is any faults in the malayalam wishes. I tried to wish in the little bit of Malayalam that i know if there was any mistake pls correct me. I tried googling it but all the wishes were very long so i just stick to the one that i tried.

Credit to: Maya

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  1. Its Nice yaar………Ur sentence is Perfect in Malayalam…….. I am a Malayali………….

    1. Thank u! And Happy Vishu!!

  2. Nice yaar

    1. Tks durga!

  3. Nice dr go ahead

    1. Tks Pavi!

  4. reshma chippy

    thank u

  5. dr come back soon I am badly missing ur ff the other one is nyc but I lv dis a lot

    1. Ok sure just 4 more days ! Actually i cant really concentrate on 2 ffs on one time when there is my exams. Once my last paper is over then i am free to upload tis one regularly. Actually i thought of not writing any ffs for tis past 1 wk but the response for the other ff made me to write continously. So Maahi hope u will understand and u see the days past vry fast so just few more days tis ff will be back!

  6. One more thing before i forget… i will update tis ff quite late on April 19 as after my last paper, me and friend decided to go out for lunch. Need to eat gd food to destress ourselves. So sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. ohhhhh dr itss kkkk hope u vil hv a great lunch nd yes its true tht days pass easily nd kkk 4 days more kkk I vil wait nd I am srry tht I didnt c dis msg of urs nd I replied in ur other ff abt it I am srry dr

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