Abhigya: Destiny and its games (Second last episode)


Hello everyone! Maya here again as u all would have known that the website of telly updates was under maintenance for the past few days so was unable to update!! And one more thing I am ending this ff in one more episode as I feel there is no point in dragging it anymore…

Pragya was still confused as in why Abhi has changed like this! All his closed ones, from Dadi to Purab are not aware of his sudden change. Now she has no choice but have to find the truth all by herself….

She remembered the day at the concert in the green room….

Abhi and Pragya had a tight hug and after breaking from their hug, Abhi ‘ I know that you will say only hugs but today after what u have done i really feel like kissing you!’ Pragya ‘ Hmm y not just today I mean just once before marriage we can kiss!’ Abhi ‘ What Fuggy are u really saying this? Can u pinch me! I can’t believe this!!’ Pragya to stop his loud voice that was filled with surprise, kissed on his lips…Abhi was taken aback by the sudden surprise. Pragya moved back but now Abhi pulled her towards him tightly and kissed her passionately. Pragya was not able to move away from his tight grip and she also responded to his kiss. Just then suddenly Ronnie knock the door and both came back to senses…Abhi ‘ Fuggy u are giving me so many surprises today! Wait and see i will give a huge surprise that u will not even expect in ur dreams!!’

Pragya now was thinking is this the huge surprise that he was refering to that day! This is not even a surprise but this is a shock. I feel he is hiding something from me. Now how to find out the truth?

Pragya observed Abhi very closely he was avoiding her by not talking to her properly. He was always busy talking to someone in phone. Whenever he was talking in phone, he looked nervous. So is there something to do with the person he was talking in phone? Is the person responsible for the sudden change in him? Why is he hiding it from me?

Pragya ‘ I want to talk to you!’ Abhi ‘What?’ Pragya ‘ Are u suffering from nomophobia?’ Abhi ‘ Whats that nomo…?’ Pragya ‘ Nomophobia!! It means no mobile phobia… U are always using ur mobile phone which means u are having a fear that with no mobile u cannot survive! Abhi gave a weak smile to her and just walked out of the room. Pragya thought he had really change a lot, usually he would tease or taunt me if i say anything to irritate him but now he is not even responding!

Pragya, why do I feel he is moving far away from me? I have to find the truth but how? The only way now is I should follow him in whatever he does. She did not want to bother any of her family members so she seek the help of a private detective.

A few days later…
The private detective and Pragya met at a secret place. Private detective, ‘ Mam I have found something after following Abhi sir but I am not sure how will it be related to his changes in behaviour. But it’s one of your family member that he is meeting regularly!’ Pragya was shocked and asked ‘Who is that?’ Private detective ‘No mam i think its too early to confirm whether is it one of your family member. Let me confirm it first with more investigations and analysis’ Pragya ‘ What made u think that its one of my family member?’ Private detective ‘ Mam, that day when I followed Abhi sir I had managed to listen to his conversation with the person and she said we can’t meet in the house and talk about this so it’s better we talk here if not Pragya will know the truth!’ Pragya ‘She?’ Private detective
‘ Yes mam it was a lady who was talking but I was unable to figure out who it was as it was very dark at that time. Most probably she is someone that u know well too!’ Pragya ‘Ok thank you for the information and hoping to hear from you soon’

Pragya was now totally in a state of disbelief. Who could it be that is causing not only pain to both Abhi and her but also a drift between them? What was the need to do all this? She couldn’t believe that its one of her own family member that could be responsible for the sudden turn of events…. She was not able to suspect any of them whether it is Sarla ma, Sheela ma or Bulbul… All of them have immense concern and care for her but what made any one of them to support such a decision?? The more she was thinking about all these, it only made her to have more pain in her heart… why are they hiding the truth from me?

Abhi came back from his work and saw Pragya who looked tired and was sleeping on the bed. He sat beside her and spoke softly ‘Fuggy I am very sorry for hurting you but I have no choice and I know you would be angry with me for what I have done! I also know that in the recent times I am not talking to you properly but u know what? If I am not like this then I am scared that I will reveal the truth that will make u even more worried. I have already told u before I cannot bear to see you in pain and worry… Just wait for a while Fuggy! and I will resolve all the problems and we will be happy together again’ With tears in his eyes he kissed her forehead and walked out of the room…..

Pragya takes a decision that shocks Abhi!!!

Thank u all for the support for this ff so far and just to inform again I am ending this ff in the next episode. I started this with uncertainty but in the process of writing this and also by reading all your comments it only made me gain confidence!!!! And also sorry if some of my episodes had been boring…..

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Pragya Sharma

    No its fine u plzzz continue by giving us updates…i would be to much thankful if u would be uploading written episode as usual…plzzz..

    1. Thank u Pragya! Sure will continue to update for not this one but for the other ff that I am writing…

  2. maya dr ur ending dizzzz haa flng smwat bad bcoz its my fav but its kkk everything shld hv an ending but hope happy ending nyc abhigya romance

    1. Sorry for making u feeling bad but as u said everything has a ending and of course it will be a happy ending as I don’t know how to write tragic ones?

  3. Hey….pls don’t stop your ff…I have so many expectations on your ff..pls don’t stop…pls continue…pls…pls…pls.

    1. Sana so many pleases only make me feel bad to end the ff but I feel that this is the right time to end this ff! Endings are inevitable so we have to face it…as for ur expectations part on my ff, hope that so far i had fulfilled and may be can fulfill it in the last episode too… Sorry sana if u are disappointed..

  4. Nice yaar bt yv all of a sudden u r going to end yaar its really going nice only thn i thk u dont want to drag so u r going to end bt only one thg s don’t give any sad ending yaar…

    1. Thanks durga! Sure no sad ending only happy one!!!

    1. Thanks shriti!

  5. Maya superb ff …but my request is pls don’t end this ff…but if u end this means one condition. ..u have to come back with a new ff ok?? And waiting for next episode and u r a superb ff writer well done. ..

    1. Thanks Reji for the compliment! As for ur condition, I will try to do that but alrdy I am writing an ff but still if any new idea comes to my mind then I will do it

  6. Its Superbbbbbbbb…….

    1. Tks Reshma!

  7. Hey Maya this ff is one of my favourite ff but you are telling you are going to end this pls don’t end this ff and as usual this episode is super

    1. Sorry sharaya but I really feel if i drag some more then it will be not interesting anymore…so hope u understand and tks for the support so far…

  8. U r ending so soon maya ur ff was one of my favourite one…and today’s epi was superb ….

    1. Glad that its ur favourite but I feel this is the right time to end if not it will get boring…

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