Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 9)


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In Abhi’s house…..
Abhi was lost in thoughts on why Pragya cried like that. He saw an unexplained worry in her eyes. For some unknown reason it pained his heart seeing Pragya in tears….

Abhi thought of messaging Pragya and so he started texting…
A: Hi Pragya! Thanks for inviting me to the party. I had a wonderful time
P: Oh that’s great and sorry just now i was a bit moody.
A: Its ok. I understand party arrangements and all would have made u tired…
P: May be i think so but anyway u reached ur home alrdy?
A: Yes reached and hope i am not disturbing u…
P: No not at all everyone has slept. But i was not sleepy thats when i saw ur msg
A: Oh i see why u haven’t slept. U should be tired right? Sleep early and have good rest.
P: Aww so much of concern. Ok can now i am feeling better and a bit sleepy too. So Good night!
A: Haha ok can sleep well. Sweet dreams and Gd night!
With that both slept peacefully with the thoughts of each other.

Bulbul was very much sure that her Di was attracted to Abhi but she need to do something to realise her love. She was in deep thoughts on how to make them closer.Pragya came near Bulbul, ‘ Bulbul what are u thinking about?’ Bulbul, ‘ Nothing Di just thinking about my future’ Pragya, ‘ Oh my god! U have just completed ur studies…its good that u are thinking abt future but take a break now and think abt it later… So now relax a bit ok?’ Bulbul smiled to her sister’s reply she knew that her sis will tell that but of course she can’t reveal that she is thinking abt her.

Bulbul decided to know more abt Abhi so that she can make sure that he is the right choice for her Di… After having her breakfast Bulbul decided to go to Abhi’s college and meet him to know abt him. Pragya was busy that day as she had to bring Sarla ma for medical appointment. So she told Bulbul to take care and just inform her if she is gg out.

Bulbul left the house once Pragya and Sarla ma left the house. She didn’t inform Pragya as she was scared that Pragya would be doubtful.

In clinic….
Pragya was waiting for Sarla ma to finish her regular check up. Thats when she saw Abhi’s Dadi. She went up to her and greeted her. Pragya, ‘ Dadi is ur health ok? How come u are here and why alone?’ Dadi, ‘ Just a regular check up so no worries. Abhi said he will accompany me but i said work is more important so u go to college and i can manage myself… it was so difficult to convince him. He only agreed once i said our neighbour is also going to hospital so i am gg with her’. Pragya’ Dadi but he is right what? He is concerned about u’. Dadi,’ Yes i know but i don’t want to bother him. Leave this matter y are u here?’ Pragya,’ Dadi don’t think its a bother to him. He has so much of care and concern for u. Oh i had came here with my mum for her medical check up’ .

Dadiji was impressed with Pragya’s way of supporting Abhi, she felt that Pragya would be the best match for Abhi. She would be best bahu too. She saw sarla ma coming out and told her that she want to speak to her for few minutes. Sarla ma was confused as to y Abhi’s Dadi wanted to talk to her and went a bit far from Pragya to talk to Dadi.

Pragya was curious to know of what Dadi was talking to her mum. She had no idea y suddenly Dadi want to talk to her mum. After few minutes, Sarla ma came back and pulled Pragya with her hands and headed towards the car. Dadi had tears in her eyes and she was still standing in the hospital.

In car…
Sarla,’ Driver stop the car!’ Pragya was still confused seeing her ma angry. Wht did Dadi said that made her ma so angry!! Sarla ma asked Pragya to get down from the car and she started to speak, ‘ PRAGYA! What have u done? DON’T U KNOW UR PAST!!! U SHOULD KNOW
UR LIMITS!! Do u think anyone will accept u for what u have done??
Don’t even try to fall in love as long i am alive!
Just now Dadi asked u for marriage proposal for Abhi and she said both of u all had a good rapport. But i said u are already engaged!

Pragya had tears in her eyes this is not she wanted she know her past is something that had hurt everyone but now she was trying to forget that… But now again her Mum had made her remembered it…. It was not her fault for what had happened in the past but nobody understand it.

Both of them reached the house. Pragya ran towards her room locked the door and cried her heart out… She was helpless and felt all alone again… Flashes of her past came in front of her. She wanted to share her sorrows with someone but then she realised that she is always fated to be alone and there is no one to share her pain with.

Abhi meets Pragya and enquires about her engagement….

Credit to: Maya

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