Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 8)


Thank u all for the support and I hope u all like this episode too… And b4 i forget i always wanted to say very big thanks to aditi, tisha, sowmiya, naveena and others too! Their ffs are always interesting and they had inspired me to write an ff too. I am always expecting their ffs. Ok now here we go to the nxt episode….

In Pragya’s house….
Abhi was just speechless with the sight of Pragya’s beauty. Pragya came closer to him to greet him. Both had a eyelock and were lost for
words. Bulbul came in between and, ‘ Di! U never introduce this Mr Handsome to me?’ Both came to senses and Abhi smirked at Bulbul for mentioning him Mr Handsome. Pragya was a bit annoyed for that but didn’t show it much. Pragya, ‘ Bulbul this is Abhi he was Ma’s student’. Bulbul, ‘ oh i see ok nice to meet u Abhi… u look so cool and dazzling in this blazer!’ Abhi, ‘ Thank u! And u are very different frm ur sis. U speak so much!’ Bulbul,’ Really and u know so much abt my sis that u find difference btw my sis and me! How long do u know each other. Are u all friends?’ Abhi don’t know how to reply to that and at that moment Sarla ma had came and he thanked her inside his heart for coming at the right moment and saving him from bulbul.

Sarla ma, ‘ Abhi u had came! It is a pleasure to meet u again’. Abhi, ‘ Pleasure is mine mam’. Pragya by then had moved to the small stage that was set up in the living area. She was a bit annoyed as she thought Abhi would compliment for her looks. Then she thought he is not even my friend so why do i expect compliment from him.

Pragya, ‘ Ladies and Gentlemen thanks for coming to the party to celeberate my sister’s return and I am so happy that she had came back and I wish her great success in her future endeavours! Now i am going to sing some songs to dedicate to her. Bulbul! This is for u and its all ur favourites! Hope u enjoy it!’

Bulbul was surprised she knew the party would have surprises but not this one especially from her sis. She knew how busy was her sis and had no idea how she managed to set aside time to do a performance for her.

Pragya finished her stunning performance and everyone praised her and gave thunderous applause. Abhi was mesmerised with her

performance, voice, and everything about her.

Bulbul ran towards Pragya and hugged her with happy tears and thanked her for the best
surprise.Sarla ma was also in tears of happiness when she saw the bonding of her daughters.

After that there was dance was arranged for the guests over there where they have to dance as couples with the guests around. Bulbul thought this was the right time to bring her Di and Abhi
closer. So she made the announcement saying that her di will dance on the dance floor with the
one of the guests around but it will be chosen by lucky draw…. She picked the paper and it was
her plan so she took the paper that had Abhi’s name written.

Pragya was shocked for this sudden twist and had no choice but agree to the dance and Abhi was more than happy to dance with her. He lifted his hands and she also hold his hands.

Both came to the dance floor with other couples and danced for ishq bulava…

All eyes were on Abhi and Pragya’s scintillating chemistry during the dance performance. Some were jealous of how come someone who is not popular can dance so closely with Pragya… Others enjoyed their performance and some felt they look nice together.

The song ended and both again had a eyelock again. Both came back to senses and did not want to move away from each other but they had to.
Abhi, ‘ Pragya u look gorgeous today!’ Pragya thought he finally complimented me and what do i want more than this? This is such a pleasant feeling.

Pragya,’ Thank u! U look dashing too.And thanks for dancing with me’. Everyone already had parted their ways after the dance for dinner. Abhi was with Pragya for the dinner and they again spoke a lot. And thats when Abhi said i have a surprise for u!

Pragya, ‘ What surprise for me? Why?’ Abhi, ‘ Wait actually its not only for u but someone over here too…’ With that he moved from there andPragya was wondering what is he upto….

Abhi went up to the stage now..’ Hello everyone! U all may not know me but Pragya and Sarla
mam know me and I have a surprise for them… I know its Bulbul’s day but i don’t know when will get the next oppurtunity so i just do this now

Both Sarla ma and Pragya were confused and thats when they saw a projector and screen was set up. It showed the video montage of Sarla
mam and her students 10 yrs before… and then it was her students who are now present in different places not only in India but overseas. They had made a video and greet her and made promise to meet once they visit Mumbai….

Sarla ma was again emotional and thanked Abhi for this surprise and Pragya was equally
emotional seeing her mother in happy tears. The guests present were emotional. And praised Abhi for his initatitive.

Pragya, ‘ I am surprised Abhi! How did u do this in such a short time!’. Abhi, ‘Come on Pragya technology has improved so much. It was a few
phone calls and skyping. So no need to be so surprised and after all anything can be done to make Sarla mam happy!’
Pragya thought I am happy that u wanna see my mom happy… Nobody else except my sis and
me wanted my mum to be happy. Even my dad had didn’t have the thought if not he wouldn’t had left us. I know u are her student but something in me tells that u are more than
that… and someone special to me too…

Pragya was in tears while thinking all this and Abhi got worried and asked, ‘What happened Pragya why are u crying? Is everything ok?’
Pragya,’ Nothing Abhi… ok fine its already late and u got lesson tmrw right? I am going back to my room. See u nxt time. Take care’.

Abhi was perplexed with the sudden change in Pragya’s behavior he felt something was bothering and he knew he is not close enough to ask her. But he hoped time will make them closer and hoped to meet her again.

Pragya crying and thinking about her past…She didn’t want to think about it but Sarla ma had reminded her again.

Credit to: Maya

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