Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 7)


Thanks again for the comments and it had gave me a lot of happiness??….. As i cant really fall asleep now and guess what Its 12 am here as i am typing this and i still can’t sleep I am updating the nxt one. This would be a shorter one and hope u all like it…

Pragya’s house ….
Sarla, ‘ Ronnie u have checked everything right? Bulbul will be reaching soon… U know right she wants everything to be perfect in her room and study area’. ‘ Yes ma i have checked with Pragya di with the arrangements and she said ok!’. Sarla, ‘ Ok then it should be fine… just check again once beta…’ Ronnie smiled at her and was back to his work for double checking the arrangements and he also had to make sure the welcome party of Bulbul was perfect too…

Bulbul was returning from US after completing her degree programme… It had been 4 years since she left India, eventhough Pragya and her mom had been in contact thr skype but its face to face interaction is what they really missed a lot.

Pragya and Sarla ma were super excited on Bulbul’s return..Pragya’s best friend was bulbul she was the one who gave advices on make up tips although she was younger than Pragya. Its not only about that but as a person she is more lively. Everyone called her live wire when she was around.

Pragya and Sarla ma reached the airport to receive bulbul. Once she saw Pragya and Sarla ma, Bulbul exclaimed in happiness, ‘ Di! Ma! I missed u guys so much… u all could have also come there! It was so fun over there’.Pragya, ‘ Huh fun? U went to complete studies or have fun?’ Bulbul, ‘ Both u have to mange both… life is not only abt studies it got many more things to experience too! So any boyfriends Di?’ Pragya slightly blushed remembering Abhi but quickly came back to her senses and said ‘Chup! Jus shut up! U think i got time for all that? Ok come lets get inside the car’ Sarla ma was smiling widely listening to the sister’s conversation and just wished they remain united and happy as always.

In the car…
Sarla,’ Pragya why dont we invite Abhi to the welcome party tonight?’ Pragya was on cloud nine on that thought and said ok to her. Bulbul was thinking who was this Abhi and Pragya said i will tell about him later and u sleep for a while… U really look tired.

Pragya called Abhi, ‘ Hello! Pragya here how are
u? Are u feeling better?’ Abhi was astonished to hear her voice when he was just thinking about her, ‘ Ya feeling better now! How u got my number? And whats the matter?’

Pragya, ‘ I got it thr my mum and actually called up to invite u to a welcome party that we are organising at my house for my sister’s return from US. Will u be free tonight to join?’ Abhi, ‘ Oh i see i think can i am quite free tonight… what time is it?’ Pragya, ‘ It starts at 7’. Abhi, ‘ Ok sure see u later!’ With that their conversation ended but their thoughts on each other did not had a end.

Pragya decided to wear dark blue saree for the party tht night and it was Abhi’s favourite color when he told her during their conversation at his house the day before.

Bulbul noticed Pragya’s way of getting ready and was quite suspicious… Di won’t take so long to get ready. Was she trying to look good for someone? No way she had already mentioned to me that she is too busy and have no time relationships… But still this is a bit weird. I think i shall jus ask her!

Bulbul,’ Di why i taking so long to get ready and this dark blue color saree! U don’t like dark colors light then how come u are wearing this… ‘ Pragya, Oh my god my sis has started notice things if i am caught now then I am finished. Ok try to calm down and tell some reason.

Pragya without looking into bulbul’s face. ‘ This is a gift from my friend and it looks nice right? I thought of trying something new. Oh for getting ready part today there would be so many guests so i need to be presentable right? Moreover its the welcome party for my dear sis! I need to look stunning right?’

Bulbul was quite convinced with her di’s reply but thought of having a eye on her to double confirm whether she is telling the truth as all the while Pragya talked to her while searching for something in her closet and not facing her.

Both the sisters were ready and Pragya welcomed the guests and kept on looking at the entrance for Abhi’s arrival… Bulbul did noticed her Di’s longing look of keep on staring at the entrance. She just wanted to see who was she waiting for….

Abhi arrived and saw Pragya in his favourite color saree… He felt she was so beautiful and absolutely stunning! They both looked at each other and shared a eyelock… This was noticed by Bulbul. So he was the one ah? Ok now i need to confirm again is there anything between them? Idea! Ok that would be fine.

Abhi and Pragya ‘s dance….

Thank u again guys for the comments. I am actually thinking of a twist in the story but pls let me know is it too early now or i shall jus continue with the abhigya scenes and then slowly establish the twist? Hope to get feedback?

Credit to: Maya

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