Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 6)


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In Pragya’s house
Pragya decided to go to the college again as she felt she want to meet Abhi but now she went with the reason of setting up meet and greet session with the students as requested by them. She reached the college and firstly she went to the principal’s office to meet him and talk regarding about the meet and greet session. Principal, ‘ That would be great! I think it would be better if u have the session during our annual music concert and hope u can be cheif guest for the event too. Afterall it would be great chance for the musical students to get inspired by u’. Pragya, ‘ Sure sir i am very pleased to be a part of it! Just sent me the event details and i would confirm with u about my visit after checking my schedule’ Principal’ Ok sure we will sent u the details soon. Thank u and Nice meeting u!’ Pragya’ Its my pleasure and ok sir i shall leave now’. With that she left the room and headed towards the staff room with the expectation to find Abhi there…. ‘Abhi sir didn’t come to college today! I am so sad that i can’t see his handsome face today… i missed him a lot’ said one of a female student… Pragya heard that and closely listened to what they were talking about Abhi. She was behind them and so they can’t see her.

‘ Ya Uma i am also very upset… i am missing his smile now. But what to do i heard that he is unwell and that’s why he is on leave. Hope he gets well soon. Hey why not we go and visit him! I know his address before he came to teach here he used to teach my younger sister guitar, and i usually go to his house to drop her. His house is nearby to the college too..’ ‘ Its a good idea now we are having our free period until 3 pm so why not we just go now.’

Pragya so now i have to follow them so that i can meet him. Pragya what have u turned to! A spy to see Abhi’. She walked slowly behind them making sure that they don’t suspect her that she is behind them. She managed to call her driver near by Abhi’s house. So she stayed in the car as the students went inside his house…

She had to wait for about 2 hrs in her car until the students left. The 2 hrs was so unbearable to her. She was listening to her favourite songs but they were not soothing as it used to be. Today she found them playing slower as if testing her patience.

When she saw them leaving she felt as if the time has moved faster. She quickly get off the car and walked towards his house.

She was apprehensive what if he thought why is she here. I am not really his friend yet then what will she reply if he asked why are u here. She thought she can say something to manage. She just want to see if he is ok now! She pressed the doorbell and she saw a old lady opening the door and greeted her, ‘ Namastey, is Abhi sir around? ‘ Dadi,’ Ya he is around looks like its visiting session for my grandson and only girls are coming to visit him’

Pragya smiled at Dadi’s reply she realised that both Abhi and Dadi had the same way of talking. Dadi asked her to come in guide her to his room where he was lying down on bed covered with blanket. Abhi was surprised to see Pragya….

‘ Pragya how come u are here? How do u know my house? ‘ Pragya, I heard that u are unwell so just thought of visiting u and handed over some fruits that she has asked her driver to buy during the 2 hr wait.

Abhi, ‘ Oh i see ok Dadi this is Pragya, Sarla mam’s daughter. I told u abt her yesterday she is the one.’ Dadi, ‘ Pragya so glad to meet u i thought it was u when i saw u at the doorstep juz now. So glad to meet u how is Sarlaji?’ Pragya, ‘ She is fine and thanks its my pleasure to meet u too’. Pragya was very happy that Abhi never mention that she was the popular singer instead he introduce her as Sarla’s daughter…

Dadi excused herself and said she will coffee for Pragya but Pragya said i will help u too Dadi and went to the kitchen with her. Abhi was smiling at the way Pragya was behaving with his Dadi. Pragya came back with 2 cups of coffee to Abhi’s room while Dadi told that she is going to her room to take a nap.

‘ So Abhi what happened and why are u unwell?’
Abhi thought to himself how can i tell its becoz of her that i didn’t go college. After i left her house yesterday i am having thoughts only about her… thats y i decided not to go to the college today as i felt that i won’t be able to teach properly. Jus now when the students came i accidentally mentioned her name. It was not once but thrice. Luckily the students didn”t care as they know i am a ardent fan of Pragya’s singing….

Pragya, ‘ Where are u lost? I am asking u what happened to u that u are unwell?’ Abhi,’ Just a bad headache i thought i should rest that’s y i am on leave today’ Pragya, ‘ Is it better now? Did u take medcine? May be its work stress… shouldn’t stress too much’ she said in a caring tone. Abhi’s heart melted listening to her caring voice. He like the way she was concerned about him. He didn’t expect this to happen so he was very overwhelmed.

Abhi,’ I am ok now so no worries… so u had went to college today thats y u got to know that i was unwell. So u again visited Shuklaji?’
Pragya, ‘ No i went to discuss abt the meet and greet session with the principal’.

She told the details about the event and her subsequent visit to the college again. Abhi smiled hearing that she will be in the concert too and they continued to talk but now more about their interests and family… Dadi came and saw how Abhi and Pragya were laughing away while talking abt something.

She liked Pragya for the way she behaved and Abhi was so comfortable with her. Usually he is very jovial with everyone but she noticed that with Pragya it was something different. He was really enjoying himself which can be clearly seen in his eyes that she can’t see when he is talking with others.

Dadi, ‘Pragya its already evening Sarlaji worried if u go late right? ‘ Pragya, ‘ Oh ya we were talking so much that i didnt realise the time… ok Abhi i shall take my leave’.

Abhi, ‘Ok Pragya see u soon and thanks for the visit my headache is gone now. I had a great time talking with u’ Pragya smiled at his reply and said goodbye to them and left the house.

Abhi said to Dadi i want to sleep for a while and Dadi switched off his room light.

Pragya came to Abhi’s room and slowly covered him with blanket and grabbed his hands and came closer to him. They were so close as if to kiss each other! Abhi heard his phone ringing and woke up just to realise it was a dream. Abhi saw his phone and it had Sarla mam’s number. Sarla ma,’ Hello Abhi! Did i disturb u? Sorry i heard from Pragya that u are unwell so thought of calling u up to check how are u feeling now?’ Abhi, ‘ i am fine now mam. No worries i will call u again mam. I have an urgent work now. Thanks for the concern mam’ . Sarla,’ ok can don’t overstress too much and rest well. Bye!’

Abhi what have u done… how can u think like that abt ur teacher’s daughter and how will u face both of them now. Day by day its getting worse. Why i can’t stop my feelings towards her? Is it that hard! No it can be controlled but its nice when she is around and when i think about her. Ok i don’t sleep now. May be o watch some movie and divert my mind!

Pragya felt peaceful after seeing Abhi and just wanted to spent more time with him but don’t know how since she will be free for this week after this week she will be back to her busy schedule. She closed her eyes and just thought i should live this moment don’t think too much about what is going to happen later.

Bulbul came back from US to India…

Credit to: Maya

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