Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 5)


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Abhi who was carrying Pragya made her slowly sit in the car. He told Pragya that he will drive as she was still in pain. Abhi, ‘Just give me the directions to ur house and i will drive the car’. Pragya had no choice she nodded and gave the directions. Abhi drove the car smoothly and Pragya thought how gentle he was even when driving the car. She closed her eyes for a while and hoped to reach her house soon. Abhi noticed her closing her eyes and just hoped that her pain will reduce. Pragya in the meanwhile didn’t want this smooth journey to end… if possible she want it forever.

They both reached the house; once again he carried her and walked towards the house. Pragya was again mesmerised with his dazzling eyes. Sanam re plays. Sarla ma from the stairs had managed to see someone carrying Pragya and she started to call Pragya’s name and walked down fastly from the stairs.
Abhi was shocked to see Sarla ma, ‘ Sarla mam! U are still alive?’ Sarla, ‘How do u know my name? And what happen to my daughter? Did she had a fall?’ Abhi was lost for words… So Pragya was Sarla mam’s daughter. He placed Pragya on sofa and continued to talk, ‘ Sarla mam u don’t recognise me? I am Abhi your student and we all thought u were dead after that fatal accident!’ Sarla,’ Abhi! So there were survivors from the accident. I thought there were no survivors and i am always guilty for what had happened on that day.’

Abhi,’ No mam u shouldn’t be guilty for it. It was not your faults at all u were just accompanying us. It was just fate that made us experience such an disaster that day.’ Pragya,’ Wait! What accident ma? Why u never tell me anything about it before? What really happened?’Sarla ma was silent and tears will continuously flowing down her cheeks.
Abhi,’ Pragya She won’t be able to tell as she loved her students more than anything. How can she tell that her students died in front of her! It happened 10 years ago when Sarla mam accompanied us to a excursion as it was our summer holidays. We were all having amazing time enjoying ourselves but unfortunately, a lorry had hit our bus and it toppled over several times and most of the students had died on the spot. Some of us manage to survive and we did search for Sarla mam but couldn’t find her and we thought she was dead.’

Sarla,’ I had tripped off the cliff and some tribal people had saved me and I was under their care for about a month. When i came back to normal tried to track down the survivors but was futile and regretted that i couldn’t save my students,my children!’ She told all this while crying and Pragya was also in tears hearing about her Ma’s pain. Abhi,’ Mam, our parents had shifted us to different schools to make us recover from the trauma that’s y u didn’t manage to find us’
Pragya,’ Ma so many things had happened but why u never share with me? I know i was in boarding school at that time, may be i was too young to understand your pain but u could tell me when i was old enough right? Am i not that enough to share ur pain?’ Sarla’ No Pragya i was so depressed after that accident. I thought i could have saved my students and the pain that i had i don’t want others to feel that’s y i didn’t share with u. And i know u are always there with me to support me so don’t ever think that u are not worth enough!’ Both hugged each other and that’s when Abhi said, ‘ Sarla mam what has happened can’t be changed but now u see destiny has made us meet again and i will arrange for u to meet others too. Don’t feel guilty that u couldn’t save those who had died and its not ur fault at all but its just fate and we have to accept it and move on.’
Sarla,’ Yes true Abhi. But Abhi when did u become so matured? I am really happy to see this side of u. U were always teasing others and taunt others with ur teases. Where is that gone?’ Abhi, ‘ Its still with me as it is born with me, it’s just that the teases will come when there is a need as i also need to be mindful of my words as i am lecturer now!’. Sarla, ‘Abhi u are a lecturer now! I am so proud of u. I hope that u reach even greater heights!’ Abhi,’ Thanks mam but don’t u think this height of mine is not enough as if i reach even greater heights then i will be more like coconut tree!’ Hearing his reply, Pragya and Sarla broke into laughter and Sarla, ‘ Abhi is back again!’

Abhi realised that Pragya was still uncomfortable with her pain and told Sarla ma to give medicine and ointment to treat her pain. Sarla ma went inside to take medicine and ointment and thought to herself through Pragya i had met Abhi and will also be able to meet the rest of her students.
Abhi also sat on the sofa and thought destiny had made me meet Pragya and through her i had met my favourite teacher. Pragya thought through her she was able to witness a beautiful relationship between a loving teacher and respectful student.
Abhi left Pragya’s house after having a long heart-filled talk with his teacher. Pragya on the other hand realised that she forgot to ask for his number. How can i ask his number? He is not even my friend but he did took ma’s number may be next time when he calls her then i can save his number. With that thoughts in mind she doze off to sleep.
Abhi, I should have asked for her number instead i asked Sarla mam’s number now how to contact her? I can ask mam for her daughter’s number, it would be so awkward!! It’s ok may be the next time when she comes to college then i ask her! Ah but when will she come again? Enough Abhi this is too much! Think about work and divert ur mind.

Pragya grabbed Abhi’s hand and came closer to him…..

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Credit to: Maya

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