Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 4)

Thank u again for the wonderful comments! It really made my day and I will try my best to make the updates interesting with a lot of abhigya scenes and hope you all can enjoy it. Thanks for the wishes for my exam too. I don’t know why I wanna give intro about myself now, I know it’s quite funny to give intro abt myself in the fourth episode of my ff. I am from Singapore and studying an Engineering course, my studies are so stressful and that’s when I decided to write this ff to de-stress myself. To some extent it helps as by reading the comments I am kind of happy but I know I have to spent a lot of time on my studies….I really don’t know how I am helping myself by writing this ff at least I am happy that it makes others feel nice reading my ff. So sorry for the unnecessary talk, just felt like sharing with you all…Ok here we go for the next episode….

In canteen
Abhi was in front of Pragya. Abhi,’Hi Pragya u haven’t finished eating?’ Pragya,’ Not yet I always eat slowly. So u are done with your work?’ Abhi,’ What work? There is no work at all. I am free for the whole day ‘Pragya,’ Really? U said that u have some work to do that’s y u can’t join me for a meal’ Abhi realised that he forgot about his lie and quickly said, ‘Oh that work! Yes I have done it. U know it’s a very simple one that’s y I don’t remember about it. Ok let me buy my meal first and join you too’.

Abhi thought to himself, Thank god! I managed to escape from her that I was lying… Abhi nowadays u are so forgetful! Pragya looked behind as Abhi was buying his meal and saw him turning around to look at Pragya. She smiled at him and soon he came back to Pragya’s table. Pragya, ‘So How’s work? And u are a lecturer here? What do you teach?’ Abhi, ‘Make a guess! Let’s see how smart u are?’ Pragya,’ Sure! I am quite smart to make a correct guess. U definitely cannot be teaching something related to science or languages… So it should be the arts and music department. Hmm I have a strong feeling its music. Am I right?’ Abhi,’ Yes I am teaching music but why do u say I cannot be teaching science or language. U think I am not that intellectual?’ He told that in quite an angry tone. Pragya, ‘Not like that, sorry if I have hurt your feeling but your face shows that u are a person who is more for the arts and music side’. Abhi,’ So you know face reading?’ Pragya,’May be I have the talent’. They continued to talk sweetly to each other and many random things.

That’s when a group of students noticed that it was really Pragya the sensational singer who was talking to Abhi. They all surrounded their table and cheered for Pragya and bugged her for autographs and selfies. Pragya was taken aback and she was confused of how to move from there. That’s when Abhi said ‘Students! No worries she is the ex-student of this college and has plans to come here often so just leave her now. The next time when she comes she will definitely give u all autographs and selfies. Hope u all can give her privacy too’ Hearing that the students were very elated and said Ok sir and Pragya mam sorry for bothering u but next time pls come here and have a meet and greet session with us!. Pragya,’Sure no problem and definitely will do it for my sweet fans like u all’. With that both Abhi and Pragya walked their way to the staff room again.

On the way to the staff room….
‘Thanks for helping just now!’ said Pragya. Abhi, ‘It’s my pleasure but your thanks is only for what I did just now? Did u forgot to thank me for something else?’. Pragya was confused, ‘For what else do I need to thank u? Oh is it for your cheering during my concert?’ Abhi, ‘What u noticed me during the concert? I was talking about preventing u from falling earlier today. Any way I am surprised that u noticed me during the concert’
Pragya blushed as she had mentioned she had noticed him and said thanked again for helping her. That’s when Pragya had tripped and had fall again but this time Abhi didn’t catch her as he was lost in some thoughts.

‘Ouch!’ Pragya exclaimed in pain. Abhi, ‘Pragya so sorry I didn’t help u now. I was thinking about something.’ Pragya, ‘ No need to apologise I was not careful enough! How can i expect u to help me everytime.’ Abhi was upset for what she said. She can expect him to help her at anytime and why does she have to think like that. What! Anytime i want to help her! How’s that possible? She is not even my friend! Ok enough Abhi don’t think too much and help her to stand up.
Abhi gave his hand for her to hold and stand up. She was hesitant at first but had to get his help for her to stand. She couldn’t really stand up as she had sprained her ankle badly. Abhi noticed she was struggling and he said, ‘ I think u should leave now. If u don’t mind i can carry you to your car?’
Pragya was stunned by what he said but had no choice and she agreed to it. He carried her and she was keep on looking at his dazzling eyes all the way to the car. Some of the students had noticed this and thought they were lovers.

Abhi is shocked when he saw Pragya’s mum……

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