Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 3)


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In staff room…
Pragya was so happy that she met Shuklaji and the guy she wanted to meet too. Abhi came inside the staff room and saw Shuklaji was so comfartable in talking to Pragya. He wondered who was Pragya to Shuklaji. It was then Shuklaji spoke to Abhi, ‘ Abhi sorry to ignore u! This is Pragya, the current sensation of music industry and my favourite student.’ ‘ Oh she was a ex-student of this college! So proud that she was a student here… Now it makes me worth to teach here!’ Said Abhi.

Hearing that Pragya was on cloud nine. He praised me! Why am i so happy when he praised me? Oh no how adorable he is when he smirks. What! Am i attracted to him? No way Pragya control yourself he is just talking like that out of courtesy. With that thoughts in mind Pragya thanked him for his praises and she said whatever she is today its becoz of the teachers here and their teaching that moulded her to be a good singer.

The 3 of them continued talk about the changes made in the college and Pragya also shared her best moments in the college. Abhi while listeninv to all this realised that he didn’t felt her as a celebrity when she was talking so much more like one of his student. He was smiling throughout the conversation and also took glances at her beautiful face which was quite different from what he saw in the concert and magazines before.

He really liked the way she was simple yet stunning. Pragya did notice that he was looking at her. It made her smile inwardly and tried not to look into his attractive eyes.

Shuklaji, ‘ Pragya its time for my nxt class may be u can stay here waiting for other lecturers or u can go to canteen to eat smthing. ‘ ‘ Ok sir i think i go to canteen first to eat something then i come back later to see other lecturers. I know that all of them should be having classes.’

Abhi. Why can’t she just stay here! I wanna talk to her more… Ok ya i know she may feel awkward just staying with me. I can’t stop her but i can join her right? Yeah ok i join her! Wait no then later she think i am going behind her. May be i should go after she reach the canteen. Yes that will be fine.

After coming to conclusion, Abhi, ‘ Pragya have a nice meal. I have some work if not would have joined u for a meal. I will be coming in a short while to canteen after finishing my work. If u are still around there then i see u later!’

Pragya was quite disappointed but she thought may be there was still chances to meet him later. That thought made her excited. Pragya, ‘ Its ok Abhi no problem! I can manage myself and happy working!’. Abhi, ‘ Thank u!’ . She left the staff room and headed towards the canteen and it was supercrowded.

Luckily due to her so called chasma disguise the students didn’t notice her. Some of them did stare at her closely but didn’t ask her anything. She was glad that no one approached her for autographs and selfies. Its not that she don’t like all that but just that today she just want to be the Pragya that she was used to be in her college days. She ordered her favourite food and sat at a corner of the college which is her regular spot during her college days.

She slowly eat her food and started to reminisce about her college days. It was then he saw Abhi entering the canteen. Was it Abhi or was she daydreaming she eagerly looked again for him by moving up from her sitting position. Abhi on the other hand was searching for Pragya in the crowded canteen. He thought, Why the hell is it so crowded today! I can’t even see her! He was scanning the whole area that’s when he saw Pragya trying to move here and there in her sitting position and look at his direction. He found her cute for what she was doing. He quickly walked towards her direction.

Pragya’s heartbeat was thumping so fast when he realised that he was really there in front of her. She tried to calm down herself and smiled widely at him.

Abhi carried Pragya to her car….

Credit to: Maya

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