Abhigya: Destiny and its games (episode 25)


Hi everyone! Maya here again….Tis one will be a longer update as i am updating while waiting for my turn at clinic….I think my turn to see the doc will be vry long….

Abhi brought Pragya to a place that she had least expected of. Its the marriage registration office! Pragya ‘ Why are we here?’ Abhi ‘ What are u thinking? Of course for our marriage!!’ Pragya was shocked by his sudden decision ‘ But why suddenly? Both our families should be informed of and they will be having so many dreams on our marriage that will happen in a grandeur way! Y u are not thinking abt them!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy!! Enough of thinking abt others and now its high time tat we only think abt us!’

Pragya couldnt believe tat Abhi spoke in tat way…he was always concerned abt other’s feelings especially his Dadi’s feelings.. what if Dadi think tat he is ignoring her expectations. What if Sarla ma think like tat too!! Pragya was so puzzled on why he have to make a sudden decision like this!!

Abhi ‘ Fuggy there is no time to think now! Just do what as i say if u have faith in me!’ Pragya ‘ Its not abt faith but its abt breaking the hearts of our closed ones! What is the hurry? and what made u to decide like tis without consulting anyone!!’

Abhi ‘ Fuggy if u never agree to this now then i have to just leave u forever!’ Pragya ‘ Why are u saying like tis!! I cant even think of leaving u and u are saying that u can leave me forever! Ok fine i will agree to this but i will have to tell u tat after tis nothing will be te same btw us!!’ Abhi ‘ We shall see that all later! Now just come in and we have to do the formalities for the marriage!’

Abhigya went inside and there were alrdy some of Abhi’s friends to witness the marriage. Pragya thought that he had decided to do this long before! But why?? He is not the person who hurt others but then why is he doing this now that will hurt so many ppl!!

After the completion of formalities…Abhigya were officially married now. Both didnt looked happy as and they just looked pale wit the sudden marriage that took place without the blessings of their families and relatives….

Abhigya first went to Pragya’s house to inform Sarla ma abt their marriage… They were wearing garlands and Pragya was wearing manglasutra as they entered the house. Sarla ma saw that and was lost for words…Sheela and Bulbul were also there and were also equally shocked. Abhi ‘ By now u all have known that we are married and i have come here to take Pragya’s belongings to my house as she will be staying with me from now onwards…’ Sarla ma’ Abhi what have u done? Why this sudden marriage? And Pragya u too agreed to this!! U know how much dreams and expectations we have for ur marriage!! We are never against ur relationship and then why this kind of decision??’ Abhi ‘ Sarla mam i dont have any answers for ur question now! Pragya u go to ur room and pack ur stuff!’ Pragya was keep on crying as she was also stunned by the sudden turn of events. Unable to answer Sarla ma she just went to her room to take her stuff….

All were actually shocked and extremely upset with what Abhigya had done…Nobody were talking to each other. Pragya came down from the stairs with her stuff packed in luggages and went near Abhi… Pragya ‘ Ma! I also dont what is happening around me but just dont ignore me Ma and i cant stand that!’ Both Sarla ma and Sheela were motionless that how could their child can do such a thing!! They knew she cant even think to hurt others!’

Abhigya left from there and Abhi drove the car to his house….Dadi over there by now got informed of this matter by Bulbul who had called her.. Once Abhigya returned there ‘ Abhi! How can u do like tis!! Not even informing me??’
Abhi didnt utter a word and just went inside his room and locked the door….

Pragya was left there alone and Dadi couldnt stand all these and went inside her room….

Abhi inside his room… Abhi ‘ Sorry Fuggy! but I have to do this to save u! If not there will be even more troubles in our lives!! Time only can tell whether u can apologise me for my act!’

How did Abhi suddenly came to the press meet to speak in support of Pragya? What made him to take this drastic decision? Why he is being so rude to everyone now? All these will be answered in the nxt few episodes…

How will Pragya find out the sudden changes in Abhi???

Ok guys i dont know whether is it long enough as i am updating thr hp…. and hope u all liked the suspense…

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Nice yaar tat abhigya married BT shocked n suprised by sudden change no no drastic change in abhi n thr marriage…

    1. Thanks durga!!

  2. shock maya……y suddenly….wt hapen…..

    1. Shocks happen suddenly to shake us…haha so wait for the nxt update…

  3. wowwww drastic twist really enjoyed thoroughly I dont want to break my head with guessing wat would hv hppnd bcoz I knew u vil sort out dizz within 2 or 3 episode sooo chill maarthe hei aur maaze lethe hei nd how is ur health now get vel soon take care

    1. Thanks for ur confidence tat i will sort it out soon…and i also don’t want u to break ur head guessing!! Glad that u enjoyed the drastic twist!!

  4. maya r u fine now…how is ur pain now…..plzs dont worry dr.it will be alright in some days….this episode make me shocked…..

    1. Thanks for the concern…feeling a bit better and i think there will be another shocking epi??

  5. awesome suga dii it was nice loved it sry fr not commenting all the while loved today’s episode.take care of ur health first my prayers r wit u don’t worry pa..

    1. No need to be sorry vaishali…And glad that u loved today’s epi..n yes i am taking care of my health n tks for ur prayers too!?

    1. Tks shriti!

    1. Tks Reshma!

  6. Wow…superb…pls add some abhigya romantic scenes. Pls…

    1. Added for the nxt update!! Hope its romantic though!!

  7. Thank u all for the support! Will add romantic scenes as some of u all requested…feeling a bit better but i think it will take time for te medicines to work as it is prescribed for 3 wks….and abt the shocking epi today, just wait for a few days and u all will know….dont know whether u all will be seeing this comment but will tell again in te ff when i update te nxt one…. actually i will be ending tis ff soon as i don wish to drag any further….once again tks for all ur concern for my recovery…

  8. Superb

    1. Tks Abhigya!

  9. twist was nice

    1. Tks kaif!

  10. Hi everyone! I have written the last two episodes of this ff…Hope u all will like it once I update them when telly updates is working again!

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