Abhigya: Destiny and its games (episode 24)


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Purab had decided not to leave the country after Bulbul had proposed to him. He had asked his company to have placement in of the branches in India itself….As for Pragya she was having a busy schedule and was finding it hard to meet up with Abhi. But they will in touch through regular calls and text messages….

Pragya had to attend a press meet on that day. The press meet is actually the success meet for the concert that had happened few weeks ago. So she as usual was early to the press meet and there were also other singers and music directors who had performed in the concert.

The press meet begined….
Pragya was questioned with a lot of questions and she politely answered each and every question of the press people. That’s when suddenly one of them asked ‘ Pragya mam! U had dedicated ur performance in the concert to someone close to u right? We heard that the someone is here only!’ Pragya ‘ What? No way it cannot be!’ The person ‘ No mam we know he is here only and its the music director that u have worked with and had gave back to back hits with him’ Pragya was shocked and she dont know what to say! Pragya ‘ Sir i think u have misunderstand it as my performance was dedicated to someone really close to me and its not the music director. I am heavily indebted to the music director that u are refering to and my way of gratitude for him is always signing up to his projects without any hesistance even if i have a busy schedule!’ The person ‘ This is all celebrities would say to hide their relationship status with their coulleagues in the same industry! Typical way of answering!’

Abhi came there and in anger tone, ‘ Can u just stop it! Cant u see how politely and patiently she is answering to your questions! She doesnt even need to do that with the popularity that she has!’
The person ‘ Who are u to support her like this? And anyway we all know that she is having a relationship with the music director!’ Abhi ‘ Stop it! Dont just spread rumours about anyone that u think of! And especially about my Pragya!! So now u know right! She is my Pragya and she dedicated the performance to me not to the music director!!’ Everyone over there were shocked by the sudden arrival of Abhi and his heated argument with the press person! Pragya was also totally shocked and was speechless. Abhi came closer to Pragya and grabbed her hands and brought her out from there!

Pragya was still looking at Abhi who was fuming in anger. She started to speak ‘ How come u are here? How u know i am here? And why u got so angry just now? I mean press people usually ask this kind of ridiculous questions but for this u got so angry!!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy!! Stop it I am alrdy very angry and dont ask me so many questions to worsen it! Just come with me now to where i bring u!!’ Pragya was now afraid seeing his anger at its peak and just agreed to him and followed him….

Pragya was in a state of shock with the sudden decision of Abhi!!

Hope u all like this too!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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