Abhigya: Destiny and its games (episode 23)


Thanks for the continous support we shall just straightly go into the plot….

Abhigya were busy preparing for the farewell party that they arranged and meanwhile Purab and Bulbul were both sad that they are gg to miss each other….

Abhi ‘Fuggy we should really make the moment special when Purab and Bulbul realise that they love each other!’ Pragya ‘ Haan true! But how?’ Abhi ‘Nowadays u are always asking me how? Why ah?’ Pragya ‘ Becoz nowadays i think u are gd at ideas!’ Abhi ‘ What! It means now only i have gd ideas!’ Pragya ‘ Not like that but may be after u realised my love fully it gave u the power to come up with gd ideas!!’ Abhi ‘ I can’t believe my Fuggy is talking like this!!’ Pragya ‘ I learnt to talk like this from u only!’ Abhi laughed at her reply and told her that we should not waste time in talking and lets get into action!!!

On the day of the farawell party…..
Pragya called Abhi ‘ Everything set? I am so nervous!!!’ Abhi ‘ Yes! And y u have to be nervous everytime? Just chill ok?’ Pragya ‘ Ok its first time for me doing something like this…’ Abhi ‘ Come on Fuggy! U think I am doing like this every year!And afterall, Its really fun to help our close ones to get closer right?’ Pragya ‘Yes! I like this too and Thank u so much for helping my sis!’ Abhi ‘ Arrey Fuggy!! I am not only helping ur sis but also my friend so there is no need to thank me!’ Pragya ‘ Okok see u later!’

All the four of them reached the venue that abhigya arranged for the farawell party and still Purab and Bulbul were sad which was clearly seen from their eyes but were smiling away to hide their sadness. Abhi ‘Ok guys! I know its a small get to gather and party with just the four of us but we should enjoy it to the fullest today!!’ And the rest of them said together ‘ Yes to the fullest!!’

Purab was keep on looking Bulbul as he thought it will be the last time he can look at her….As for Bulbul she also did took glances at him and was thinking how badly she is gg to miss him!!

Abhi signalled to Pragya to start their plan….
Pragya ‘ So Purab after getting married how are u gg to spent time in Canada?’ Purab ‘ Marriage? Me? No i am just gg to work there!’ Bulbul ‘ Purab no need to be shy we all know that after getting married u are gg to Canada with ur wife!’ Purab was lost as he dont understand why they think i am getting married… Abhi was smiling away on seeing his confused face. Purab noticed that and said ‘ Abhi! Its u who told them like this right?’ Abhi ‘ No i didnt why should i tell like that?’ Bulbul ‘ Ah? Di told me that Jiju told like that!’ Pragya ‘ No Bulbul when did i told that he told like that! Stop day dreaming! I saw Purab’s fb status as engaged and tats y i thought he is getting married!’ Bulbul ‘ But di i heard u saying that Jiju told like that!’ Abhi ‘ Bulbul may be u listen wrongly!May be u just think whatever Fuggy tells is actually told by me! I know right she always talk abt me tats y u think like tat!’ Bulbul was finally relieved, it means that Purab is not getting married and she still have chance to propose!!She signalled to Pragya and asked her to come aside from Abhi and Purab…

Bulbul ‘ I am so happy di!! Very very happy!!!’ Pragya ‘ For Purab leaving country?’ Bulbul ‘ No di that he is not getting married!!!’ Pragya ‘ So u love him right?’ Bulbul ‘ Haan di!! More than myself!!’ Pragya ‘ Ok then go now and tell him!!’

Bulbul just ran towards Purab and hugged him…Purab was taken aback by her sudden hug but he too responded to her hug…Bulbul ‘ I love u Purab!!’ Purab ‘ Really? Are u telling the truth?’ Bulbul ‘ My love is truthful from the day i met u!!’ Purab ‘ I also love u Bulbul more than myself!!’ Abhi and Pragya saw them reciprocating their love and were very happy that finally they realised their love….

Purab and Bulbul realised that how Abhigya made this plan to realise their love for each other and thanked them wholeheartedly….And then all the four of them had a wonderful blast together but not for a farawell party but for a love realization party!!

Abhi speaking up for Pragya in anger tone!! What makes Abhi so angry??

As previously told one more twist is coming up… stay tuned!!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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    1. Tks shriti!

  1. superb…maya how u getting such a ideas of love plan which made by abigya.wonderful….what was the another twist.

    1. Haha i also don know where i get that idea… tks sabeenia and pls Wait for the nxt epi to know what is the nxt twist!!

  2. wowwwww superb confusing plan to make them unite haaaaa waiting fr other twist y is he sooooo angry at pragya

    1. Haha ya i myself got confused while typing it… he is not angry at Pragya. He is speaking up in support of Pragya in angry tone. Hope it makes it clear…

  3. wowwww superb confusing plan nd waiting fr nxt twist but want abhigya scenes

  4. Nice yaar…

    1. Thank u durga

  5. Wow…..Such an Awesome Episode…….

  6. wow..very nice..u always put a twist..i m eagrly waiting for nxt epi..update fast….

  7. Superb

  8. Awesome maya

  9. Amazing maya!

  10. Superb epi dr abhigyas plan to unite rabul was awesome dr one stunning pair unites another romantic pair lovd it a lot dr

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