Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 22)


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Anyways Let’s get into the plot….
After the concert….
Abhi now realised how much Pragya loved him through her dedication to him. All this while he knew that she loved him a lot but after the performance he felt really blessed to have someone who loves him truly just like his parents. Abhi then received a call from Purab, Purab ‘ Abhi I will be going to Canada in a week’s time!’ Abhi ‘Oh that’s great! How long are u gg to stay there?’ Purab ‘ I am being transferred there so its for years I guess!’ Abhi ‘ What? U are gg to stay there forever? How can u do that when ur family and friends are here!’ Purab ‘ No Abhi this job is my passion and my family had understood this and now its my friends like u who have to undertsand’ Abhi ‘ Ok I can understand and we should catch up soon before u leave!’ Purab ‘ Sure no prob! I will inform u the date and time!’

Abhi then only realised that Pragya and him had decided to find whether Bulbul have any feelings for Purab but after all the unexpected events that had happened in their lives, they had totally forgotten about it. Abhi called Pragya and ask her to come to his house. Pragya came and ask ‘ Why did u ask me to come? Usually u don’t like to meet me in your house… Is there anything important to talk about?’ Abhi ‘ Yes Fuggy! Very important! About Purab and Bulbul!’ Pragya ‘ What is there to talk about them?’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy!! u totally forget already is it? We had decided to find out whether Bulbul have any feelings for Purab after she had fully recovered from the accident!’ Pragya ‘ Ya now i remember but what’s the hurry now? I mean there is still time right?’ Abhi ‘ No there is no more time as Purab is leaving India for his job and he may not return India forever!’ Pragya ‘ What!! Now what to do?’ Abhi ‘ U are asking me now what to do? Ok fine u can just ask her directly right? After all she is your sister!’ Pragya ‘ No i can’t she had never hide from me anything if she had feelings for Purab I know that she would have shared it with me first’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy don’t u think that sometimes certain things no need to be shared with others even though they are very close to you….’ Pragya ‘ Yes true but I am scared she will mistake both Purab and me if i ask her such a question!’ Abhi ‘ Ok fine…. Why not u try it in a indirect way!’ Pragya ‘ What u mean by indirect way?’ Abhi ‘ The same way that happened between us!’ Pragya ‘ Can u now be direct! U are the one talking in indirect way and making me more confused!’ Abhi explained his idea and Pragya said a big NO to it!!

Abhi ‘ Pls Fuggy!!! Agree to it we have not enough time and u have to agree to this!!!’ Pragya ‘ No way! I can’t lie to my own sister…What if she think when she knows the truth, This is not gg to work out!!’ Abhi ‘ U are always like that! I have always listened to your ideas but u never listen to mine!!’ And he stood up to leave from there and Pragya held his hands to stop him and said ‘ Ok I agree to this but if anything fails then you have to take the responsibility!!!’ Abhi got happy that she finally agreed to it and gave a peck on her cheek and thanked her. Pragya ‘ No matter how many times i told u not to do like this in your house, u just won’t listen!’ Abhi ‘ Fuggy don’t be angry na! Its just a peck not even a kiss!’ Pragya smiled inwardly and thought that Abhi is just crazy….

Pragya reached her house and went to see Bulbul. Pragya ‘ Bulbul U know what? Purab is getting married and leaving India!’ Bulbul ‘ Really? But he never informed me about it at all…’ Pragya ‘Oh i see I myself just only got to know about it! Feeling happy that finally he is getting settled down in life with a marriage’ Bulbul ‘ Jiju told u is it?’ Pragya ‘ Haan, ya then who else? he is Purab’s best friend and more like a Bhai too!’ Bulbul ‘ Oh i see…’ Pragya realised that Bulbul’s face was not lively as she heard about Purab getting married and thought does this means she also love Purab?

Pragya ‘ We are thinking to give him a farewell party to him before he leaves India! And just the four of us as there is not enough time to organise a big one! So u are free to join us right?’ Bulbul ‘ Sure di! Di excuse me for a while as i need to use the washroom and we shall discuss further about this later’

Bulbul went inside the washroom and locked the door. She cried her heart out and realised it was now too late to tell her love to Purab as he is already gg to get married. She had started to love him after they had met after a long time. She loved his affection towards everyone and especially towards her but she was not sure whether it was love….When she realised it was really love, now there is no more chance to tell…..Bulbul convinced herself and decided at least she can be loved as a friend by him which is more than enough for her….

Pragya all this while realised that Bulbul did have feelings for Purab and quickly went to the room beside and called Abhi. She informed Abhi about it and told Pragya to be very careful as Bulbul shouldn’t get suspicious and also make sure that she doesn’t call Purab to wish him for marriage. Pragya agreed to all that and went back to the room where Bulbul was. Bulbul came out of the washroom and Pragya noticed that she had cried a lot but never asked her about it. Pragya ‘ Bulbul, I think Purab is too busy thats y when I tried to contact him to wish he is not responding to my calls and messages’ Bulbul ‘ Haan di! He should be busy in wedding preparations’
Bulbul also decided not to disturb Purab and she didn’t have the courage to wish him too. She was already heartbroken and Agar tum saath ho plays in the background as she thinks about the moments that she had spent with Purab…..

Abhigya working together to make Purab and Bulbul realise that they love each other…..

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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