Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 21)


Hi everyone Maya here!! We shall just directly get into the plot……

Pragya felt that she needs to do something to cheer up Abhi after a lot of unexpected events that had happened. Within a few weeks there will be a musical concert that Pragya would be performing and over there she wanted to give a surprise to Abhi!

After a few weeks…..
Pragya met Abhi at his house….
Abhi ‘ What brings u here? I mean u could have just called me right?’ Pragya ‘ No I want to personally invite u to my concert that is going to happen next week!’ Abhi ‘Concert! How come I didn’t know that?’ Pragya ‘ U have been busy all this while that’s y u had never heard of it! Already the tickets are selling fast!’ Abhi ‘ That’s great then I need to faster grab one too!’ Pragya ‘ U no need to do that I have already bought the VIP pass for u!’ Abhi ‘ VIP pass!! I mean u know need to do that I can just manage being with the normal audience ’ Pragya ‘ But I want to see you closely when I am performing!’ Abhi ‘ How sweet of u Fuggy! U want to see me closely? Then come near me now we shall have a tight hug so that u can see me closely!’ Pragya ‘ No!! Pls we are in your house NOT some other place! What if your Dadi see?’ Abhi ‘ It’s ok Fuggy she won’t mind!’ Pragya ‘ Pls!! Can u stop talking like this and I have got to go now and here is the VIP pass and don’t misplace it!’ With that she ran out of Abhi’s house to escape from him. Abhi in his mind thought, Fuggy y are u so shy to hug me!! After all we are lovers but it’s ok your shyness is what i love too!!

The concert day…..
Abhi reached the concert venue and was ushered by some guards there to the VIP sitting area. It was his first time being a VIP seat and was able to see a lot of celebrities that he had never even expected to see them in such close proximity.

He texted Pragya…
A: Are u ready?
P: Yes just waiting for the anchor to call me! A bit nervous…
A: Fuggy I am here right? Then no need to be nervous, just relax and do your best!
P: Ok thank you for the support and wishes!! 🙂
A: See you soon on the stage! 🙂

Once the anchor mentioned Pragya’s name everyone over there cheered her name and she came to the stage with her long dark blue gown looking at the crowd and of course looking at Abhi closely too. Abhi was bowled over by her beauty and was also smiling at her and realised she is wearing his favourite colour too. Pragya started to speak ‘ Hello everyone and thank u all for coming here! And today is a special day for me as for the first time I am dedicating a performance to someone who is close to my heart! And hope u all can enjoy it!’

The lights in the stage were turned off and spot lights were shown on two individuals standing by facing each other. The two of them were dressed up like Pragya and Abhi. But over here the person acting as Pragya was wearing chasma and from that Abhi knew the performance was going to be about their love story.

Those who acted as Pragya and Abhi started to perform a skit with the moments that Pragya and Abhi had shared so far while Pragya started to sing for their performance….
She sang the song haan hasi ban gaye….
Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe
Beintehaa pyaar doon

I’ll give this life,
Lose every victory,
Whatever be the price,
I’ll give you limitless love

She looked at Abhi after singing that line and he too looked at her in response with a smile on his face…

Saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye…

I’ve broken all my barriers now,
Having given me the address, you became wandering…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

You have become (my) laughter,
You have become the wetness (of my eyes),
You have become my sky
And my earth

Now Abhi was in tears hearing those lines as Pragya really sang those lines with so much of emotion which he knew its for him.

Kya khoob rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko khuda

What a wonder god has done,
Has given me so much without even asking,
Otherwise where do unbelievers like us get god…

Hasratein ab meri tumse hain jaa mileen
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

My wishes have now gone to meet you,
You have now become my last prayer…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan name ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

By singing those last line now Pragya was also in tears and the crowd over there were also mesmerised by the performance and it took a while for them to give a loud ovation and cheer.

Pragya thanked everyone for enjoying her performance and hope they would enjoy the other performances by other singers and left the stage.

Abhi knew this whole performance was dedicated to him but now when she left the stage he wondered how to meet her! That’s when Robin, Pragya’s PA came there and Abhi knew that Pragya have sent Robin to meet her. So he followed Robin to Pragya’s green room. Abhi entered the room while Robin was waiting outside the room. Abhi saw Pragya there sitting down and went closer to her. Pragya saw him and stood up and asked ‘ So u liked my surprise?’ Abhi ‘ Words are not enough to tell how surprised I am!!! But actually more than surprise I am more emotional!’ Pragya ‘ No u shouldn’t be emotional at all! I have expressed my love for u through that performance and you should feel my love!’ Abhi ‘ Yes I know that but do I really deserve your love?’ Pragya ‘ I feel that only u deserve my love!’ Both hugged each other in tears and felt both are lucky to have met and fallen in love with each other.

Abhi trying his best to make Pragya understand on something that she don’t want to agree to! Will he succeed in making her understand?


I may be wrong in what I am going to tell now but its just my thoughts. Sorry if I hurt any of your feelings through my thoughts. The last episode I asked you all to tell whether this ff is boring and if u all never tell then I shall just take it as it is boring and shall end it soon. But then I realised there is no point in asking that also as I know those who comment regularly will never say its boring as u all like this ff and that is why u all commenting regularly. Then I felt may be to those who feel its boring, they actually no need to tell that. As a silent reader myself I won’t comment as its boring as I don’t want to hurt the feelings of the writer. I mean only when u feel happy reading the ff then u would comment at least once in a while as a silent reader. I know we all have our own busy schedules and so its difficult to find time to read ffs as soon as they are updated and on top of that it will be no use if we comment very late as the writer may or may not check the late comments. So i think its totally inappropriate of me to ask such a question in the last episode. So sorry for asking such a silly question.
By now u all have thought of me as a crazy person who ask question and then find the answer for it myself. Haha Ya I am always like that!! A person who thinks too much!!! Thats y some of my friends call me self-analyzer lol!!! Before coming to this conclusion I have already thought of the ending of this ff alrdy. So now u all know how far I am thinking!!! Seriously I can’t stop thinking haha… I wanted to be prepared with a backup plan before a lot of u all say its boring which I now know it’s not possible for u all to say. Ya then I have thought of an unexpected ending of course it will be a happy one so no worries!!! But I will continue this for the time being as I think there is still some unfinished matters in the plot and also especially for my readers both silent and the non-silent ones who love and expect for this ff a lot!!!! Ok guys bye for now from a non-stop crazy thinker called Suga!!!

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. nice episode nice song my favorite song also

    1. I am glad that u find it nice! Its my favourite song too.

  2. I’m sorry I did not comment I don’t mean to hurt your feelings I follow up with you is very nice but still confused why abhi want to convince pragya

    1. No need to be sorry Sasmerra! I was just confused not hurt and I am happy tat u follow up with te ff. No need to be confused as it will be revealed in the nxt epi. Just have to wait for it!?

  3. Super episode and you wrote my favourite song thank you!

    1. You are welcomed sharaya!!?

  4. Superb

    1. Tks abhigya!?

  5. ohhhh dr as hard as I try words really arent enough to xpress my desire towards this ff bcoz I lv it to the core nd I totally agree u r a self analyzer both questions nd answers r frm ur side nly nd the surprise is damn gud the three main reasons y I lv dizz ff is PRAGYA AND ABHI NVR BROUGHT THEIR STATUS IN BTWN LOVE I KNEW ITS UU WHO DIDNT BROUGHT IT BCOZ UR SUCH A SWEET HEART ND SARLA MA AND PRAGYA RELATIONSHIP ENTIRELY DIFFERENT AND ABHI ACCEPTING PRAGYA’S TERRIBLE PAST AND SUPPORTING HER nd I lv dizz bcoz venever v feel v r broken down destiny vil dfntly gv its hand to bring us up by the means of our loved ones I lv dizz feeling bcoz many of us gone through them nd waiting fr ur nxt episode nd y abhi is convincing pragya wanna wait nd watch lv uu umaaaa fr my heart touching ff

    1. Wow!! I really appreciate u for liking my ff with reasons that u have mentioned and it only makes me really happy ????! And ya hopefully u like the nxt one too!!

  6. Nice yaar really superb awesome n amazing…

    1. Thank u durga always a pleasure seeing ur comments and support!

      1. Forgot to put this ?

    1. Thank u shriti!!! 🙂

  7. Its Superbbbbbbbb!!!!Awesome!!!! Amazing!!!! Fabulous!!!! Loved it soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhh yaar………………..

    1. Thaaaanks Reshma!!

  8. ofcousre I lv both ur ff dr no need of hope its pakka but dizzz is spcl to me

  9. ofcousre dr no need of hope its pakka bcoz dizzz is spcl to me so no hopes nly assurance

    1. Thank u for your pakka feeling, u have so much of confidence in me that i myself dont have….

  10. pragya superbly expressed her long….really feeling a lot…a wordless love…..

    1. Thanks sabeenia!

  11. wow..its very nice….suprb. abhigya feelings r awesome…

    1. Thanks nasima!

  12. Hey maya i thought to call u suga but dr a thought came frm my mind will u like tht if i call u suga but frm tday i am gonna call u suga is it k for u my dr frnd&haan dr tdays epi was awesome lovd it a lot&by the way dr i wanna ask u something r u a girl frm pondicherry?

    1. No need to ask permission! I am more than happy when my friend call me by my name! Glad that u loved it and for ur qn, My mum is from Pondicherry and I am born and brought up here in Singapore! since my grandmother and some of the relatives stay there, when we visit India we go there first before visiting other places like a lot of temples and appadithan naan meenatchi amman koyiluku poyirunden!

  13. superb

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