Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 20)


Thank u all to those who had comment and the silent readers too! And I want to ask u all something is this ff boring as I feel the last two episodes I get less response for this one compared to the other ff. If u all never tell then I shall take it this as boring and end it soon…

Ok let’s get into the plot now…..

The execution of Abhigya’s plan begins…..
Pragya went to see Ashok at his house, Pragya ‘ I am ready to come back to you as your daughter’ Ashok ‘ That’s a great news! Your mum would be so happy hearing this!’ He quickly called Sheela and she came rushing down hear his excited voice. Ashok ‘ Sheela see! Our daughter is back! She is gg to live with us!!’ Sheela ‘ Really??’ And with that she expressed her overjoy by hugging Pragya tightly. Pragya too responded to the hug as she felt the same aura that she would usually feel when she hug Sarla ma.

Sarla ma was shocked by the sudden decision of Pragya but she had accepted it as it was the right thing to be done. Although, Pragya left Sarla ma and Bulbul but she was keeping in touch with them by regularly calling them and asking about their well-being from the staff who worked at the house. Days passed and Pragya had the gained the trust of Ashok and now it was easier for her to execute her plan.

Pragya informed Ashok that she want to organise a party and introduce to the media that Ashok and Sheela are her parents. Ashok was more than happy as it will only increase his power in the business circle when everyone knows that a celebrity like Pragya is his daughter. Pragya also realised that Sheela is very naive and she doesn’t really knows the wrongdoings of her husband. She also realised when her plan works out, the first person that would be affected would be her mum. But she can’t back out for one person as Ashok can continue his evil acts further.
Few weeks later on the party day……

There were a lot of guests were present, media ppl, business tycoons, celebrities and many more. The party was about to begin and then suddenly the lights went off…Ashok yelled at the organisers over there to check what was wrong! That’s when Ashok realised that somebody was behind his back. He turned around to look and was shocked to see the person like Prem Mehra, Abhi’s father!! (Abhi had dressed up like his father). Abhi ‘ Hi my friend! How are you?’ Ashok was so shocked that he can’t even utter a word. And then suddenly the lights were back and he looked around to see whether he could see Prem Mehra again but he was nowhere to be found!! Pragya came near to Ashok and asked‘ Dad why are sweating so much? Are u scared of something??’ Ashok with a bit of stammering said ‘ Scared?? Nothing like that Pragya…. I think I just feel a bit stuffy and hot and now’ Pragya ‘ Oh i see….’ Pragya then greeted the guests there and said this the best moment in her life as she is being with her parents and revealed to the media that Ashok and Sheela were her parents. Both of them felt extremely proud at the moment. After a few hours the party ended and everyone were slowly leaving the place. Ashok as usual went to his room where the business meetings were held. He was still a bit nervous thinking about what had happened when the lights went off but thought may be it was just his imagination…

In the room….
He tried to switch on the light but it was no use and called for his staff but no one came and then suddenly he heard the voice…. The voice ‘ Friend I am here right why u need to call someone for help? I am always here to help u!’ Ashok ‘ Who the hell are you? I know its someone knowing my past and trying to scare me! What u want? Money is it?’ The voice ‘I don’t want anything friend I want only u!!!’ Ashok ‘ What rubbish! Don’t u dare to call me friend again!! It sounds the same as him!!’ The voice ‘ I am the him u are referring to….’ Ashok was again getting pertified said ‘ This is the limit to scare one person and don’t just think u can carry on this drama!! I will now go and call the police for scaring me!!’ He tried to open the door but it was locked. He though how can it be locked when he didn’t do that…. The voice ‘ Don’t be scared my friend….’ Ashok ‘ So now u want me to lock me in this room!!! U know what? I will just kill u the way that I killed Prem Mehra who always used to call me my friend!!’

That’s it and Pragya and the police who were hiding in one of the rooms by watching this recording moved towards the room where Ashok was. Pragya tried to open the door but it was locked and she was now scared what if Ashok harm Abhi….

That’s when Abhi kept on calling Fuggy and came over there. Everyone over there were speechless as if Abhi is outside then who was inside scaring Ashok all this while??Abhi ‘ Fuggy I had fixed the hidden cameras in this room and then suddenly I heard you shouting for help and worrying that something happened to you I left this room and searched for u!’ Pragya ‘ What!! but everything had happened as what we planned!!! If u are not inside then who was the one all the while scaring dad??’

Abhi ‘ What?? Then why u all never go inside and see!!’ Pragya and others told that they tried to open the door but it was locked. Abhi said ‘Let me try!!’ Abhi tried to open the door and he was successful in opening the door. They were all shocked to find Ashok lying on the floor unconsciously. By then the lights were on and Abhi looked around to see who was the person scaring him. He then noticed that there was a photo of his dad and him in his childhood on top of Ashok who was lying there unconscious. Abhi then understood that his dad himself had came here to help him. Falling on his knees, while holding onto the photo he cried out ‘Papa you were here to help us!!!! I really miss u a lot dad!!’ Pragya went to him and said ‘Your dad have helped us?’ Abhi ‘Yes Fuggy! See this photo it was only with him and he showed that he is always with me today even though I can’t see him!’ All were stunned at the sudden twist and the police said It is totally unbelievable but what’s important is that we have the video recording of Ashok admitting that he had murdered. By then Ashok had gained consciousness but he was too weak to understand what was happening around him. The police arrested him and brought him away from there. Pragya said to Abhi ‘We planned something but something else happened. Your dad has helped us so that we don’t get into any trouble…He had protected us even though he is not physically present with us!’ Abhi ‘ I know Fuggy! He always protected me when I was young and now he made me realise that he would do it throughout my life!’

Ashok was proven guilty and was punished by the law. Sheela was shattered but accepted that whatever her husband did was wrong and he should be punished for it. She now lived with Pragya, Sarla ma and Bulbul. Abhi was satisfied that finally the murderer of his parents was punished.

Abhi going for Pragya’s concert and there is a surprise waiting for him….

Ok finally I ended this Pragya’s real parents issue. Hope u all like this episode…….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Wow what a twist yaar. Finally real parents chapter closed. Nice episode. don’t think its boring. Don’t discontinue. Update it na. There may be silent readers.. I liked it very much. Precap s nice. Waiting for the surprise yaar. Don’t worry abt less comments u just write as usual.

    1. No worries just a doubt and ur comment and my self analysis have cleared my doubt. So thanks tweety

  2. Wow! amazing! awesome!

    1. Thanks sharaya!

      1. And actually everytime i forgot to tell something to u! Ur name is very nice… I really like names that end with the ya sound!! Don’t know why i like those names….. That day i told my mum too abt ur name and she also say its kind of a unique name!

  3. Nice yaar thn it’s really interesting dint feel tat Ur ff s boring yaar

    1. Glad that u didnt feel it boring! Tks Durga

  4. yaar its not at all boring I eagerly wait fr dizzz every day nd superb twist yaar waiting fr surprise

    1. Oh Maahi u dont even have to tell it as I always know u are one of the readers who like this ff a lot!

  5. Superb epi dear loved it a lot it was really awesome waiting eagerly 4ur surprise dear pls continue dr

    1. Romba nandri pavi! Just felt like telling u in tamil… hopefully naan surprisenu sonnathu surprise mathri vantha nalla irukkum. As after i reading it i find it a bit off track…

  6. Its Not Boringggggg yaar………..Its Superbbbbbbbb………. Just Awesome!!!! Loved it………….

    1. Reshma u also no need to mention it and ya thank u for loving it!

  7. dont feel like that.i always fan of ur ff.its really awesome…

    1. Ok I wont feel like that tharu and I am glad that u feel its awesome

  8. It’s not at all boring it awesome…

    1. Tks abhigya for thinking its awesome!

  9. Very nice

    1. Thank u rithu!

  10. suprb..very nice twist..

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