Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 2)


I am really overwhelmed with all the comments! Thank u so much and hopefully u all like this update may be its a bit shorter as i am using my handphone to update and i cant really see the word count. So sorry guys if its short.

Morning at Pragya’s house…

Pragya was busy checking her schedule with Ronnie. Ronnie is her PA but she consider him more as a brother.Ronnie, ‘ Di i think u can rest for this week as last wk u spent a lot in practising rehersals for the concert… The recordings for movies are scheduled nxt wk. So u have time to rest!’ Pragya, ‘ Thanks Ronnie without u it will be difficult for me to manage my dates. Ah i think may be i visit my college today. Its been a long time since i met my lecturers. I wanna give them surprise!’

Ronnie, ‘But Di u can go some other day. I mean today u can rest right?’Pragya, ‘ No Ronnie i don’t why but my heart says that i should go today and see them. U know right i always follow what my heart says. And thanks for ur concern, i will surely rest well after visting my college!’ Ronnie smiled to Pragya’s reply and left her room.

Pragya decided to go in a simple salwar kameez and do not want others to notice her so she had wear her favourite chasma that she could’nt wear after coming to the music industry as everyone said it would not be very appealing.She didn’t understand why people think its not beautiful to be the way u are but whenever she is at home she wears chasma.

She took her car and drove it to her college. She was so excited to meet her favourite lecturers, Shuklaji, Geeta mam and many more…. She just cant wait to see them.

In the college….
Abhi was one of the coolest lecturer, he taught his students western music with a lot of fun. To the students, it was not really like class, it was more like a session to destress themselves. He was the heartthrob of many female students too. At times he will just tease his students who will just drool over him.

After finishing his class some students asked him help for their concert performance. Abhi, ‘Sure no prob guys! Tommorow we shall meet up and discuss on how u all could improve. Girls don’t keep on look at me like that! Focus on ur work’ Girls, ‘ Sir its not like that but u are too handsome and we have to look at u like tat to capture ur handsome face in our hearts!’ With that they all ran off and shouted from far and thanks for helping us.

Abhi thought day by day its difficult for me to handle my female students. What can i do its not my fault to be so handsome! He was walking back to his staff room thats when Pragya accidentaly bumped on him. She was about to fall but Abhi hold her firmly by holding her waist. They shared an eyelock.Allah wariya plays.

Both came back to sense once they saw Shuklaji coming out from the staff room. Shuklaji, ‘ Pragya! How are you..Its a pleasant surprise! Come in I wanna talk to u alot.’ With that she followed Shuklaji.

Abhi was left speechless. He was happy and irked at the same time. He was happy that he met Pragya but he felt angry that she never thanked him for helping her. He just walked inside the staff room to see what was she doing here.

Pragya eagerly looks for Abhi. Abhi also searches for Pragya

Credit to: Maya

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  14. Thank u all for the support! I have already uploaded the the update in the afternoon. Hopefully its out by tonight! Sorry for the short updates but i will try to make it longer nxt time…

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