Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 18)


Hi friends I felt that the last episode that I had updated was a bit emotional and I don’t want to pause my ff like that. So i am updating this one which would be lighter and happier one. Keep supporting too! Updating thr phone so sorry for any mistakes. Here we go with the nxt episode…

Abhi tried to talk to Sarla ma but she insisted that she wanted to be alone. So Abhi went to Pragya and both decided to go and see Bulbul in the ward. Just then they saw Purab entering the ward and they quitely followed him. Since the door was not closed properly Abhigya were able to hear what Purab was saying.

Purab ‘ Bulbul how can u do this to me when I called u up to propose to u! I love u since our high school days. First I thought it as crush but after seeing u again, I realise its love!’ He cried hard while saying all this to Bulbul who was still unconsicious.

Abhigya were shocked and moved away from there not wanting to disturb Purab in that state.
Pragya ‘ I didn’t expect Purab to love Bulbul. I thought they were best friends!’ Abhi ‘ Why best friends can’t be best lovers is it?’ Pragya ‘ Not like that I mean I dont know how will Bulbul feel when she get to know that Purab is loving her!’ Abhi ‘ We can ask Bulbul about her feelings toward Purab for that we should work together!’
Pragya ‘ Ok can but only after Bulbul gets fully
recovered. I dont want her to go through any
strain now’ Abhi ‘ Yes boss! Shall we go and see Bulbul now?’ With that they both went to see Bulbul, by then Purab has left the ward.

After a few days Bulbul was discharged from the hospital. Both Pragya and Sarla ma took
care of her with utmost care and concern. Still Sarla ma was not talking properly to Pragya but talked to her normally in front of Bulbul as she didnt want Bulbul to feel sad.

Pragya noticed all this and mostly spent time with Bulbul so that she can talk to her Ma. She shared all this to Abhi and he realise how upset was Pragya is and he made a plan to cheer her up.

‘Pragya come with me now! Excuse us for few hours. Its urgent and i need to bring her with me’ Sarla ma and Bulbul were shocked with Abhi’s sudden action of holding Pragya’s hand firmly and bringing her out of the house.

Pragya was equally shocked but now she was scared as Abhi sounded tensed. He asked her to sit on his bike and he drove off in a dashing speed that made Pragya to hold him tightly. Pragya ‘ Why this much of speed! Can u slow down a bit? I am getting scared’. Abhi didnt reply and just slowed down the speed but still it was too fast for Pragya.

They reached a dark place and Abhi asked her to blindfold with the cloth that he had given. Pragya ‘ What is this? U said some urgent work right? I have no time for surprises! Can we leave I need to be with Bulbul and help her!’ Abhi’ I know all that! Fine we can leave if u want to leave me forever!’ Pragya ‘ Why are u talking like that. Dont ever say like that! Ok fine i will do as per ur wish!’ Abhi then carried her in his arms. She remained silent all the while as she couldnt understand why Abhi is doing like this.

Abhi let her down and opened her blindfold. Pragya was surprised at the sight in front of her. It was a garden where it was full of portraits of her displayed. There were also candlelight dinner arranged in one corner.The thing that captured her most was the all the portraits had her wearing her favourite chasma. Pragya looked at Abhi and asked ‘ U did all these?’ Abhi ‘ Who else know ur chasma look? Yes i drew all these!’ Pragya ‘ I didnt know that u can draw so well. U never tell me before!’. Abhi ‘ I used to draw but after all my loved ones were gone I left drawing and when u came to my life I feel like drawing again. U know what Pragya I cant think or see u in pain and tears. Thats y i drew all the portraits that show u smiling. U no need to worry as long I am with u!’ Pragya hugged him and said in tears ‘ What did i gave u to love me this much? I think i dont deserve this love! ‘ Abhi
‘ No Pragya dont say like that. I will tell u what u
gave me to love u this much. I got peace frm ur singing. I learnt good qualities from ur character and most importantly i got love from u. Now u tell me what else do I need?

Pragya once again hugged him but this time it was a very tight hug and somehow it made Abhi
to have the urge to kiss Pragya. So he tried to kiss her and Pragya noticed what he is up to and moved away. Abhi ‘ How unromantic? I have spoken romantically and the place around us is
so romantic but u are not romantic!’ Pragya ‘ Tell
whatever u wanna tell but as i said earlier no kisses before marriage!’ Abhi ‘ U said that for hugs too! But see we have hugged so many
times alrdy. So y not the kisses also goes into
that category?’ Pragya in her top pitch voice exclaimed ‘ No!!!!!’ Abhi was amused with her reply and broke into laughter. Pragya ‘ Why are u
laughing like this?’ Abhi ‘ Pragya just now when
u said No ur face turned like a football! And then i thought of a nickname..it is Football Fuggy! Nice na?’ Pragya ‘ Fuggy what kind of
nickname is that? ur previous ones are much
better! And my face also dont look like football!’

Abhi ‘ How u know that? Jus now u never see ur
face right? Ok fine dont be angry. Its already
late. Lets have dinner and get back to home’

After having their pleasant dinner both reached
home Abhi ‘ Sarla mam! Pragya will tell what
happened jus now and i am running late so bye mam!’ Pragya blushed on how can she tell her Ma what had happened jus now….Before leaving
Abhi turned and said ‘ Fugggy good night and see u soon! ‘

Hearing that name Sarla ma couldnt control herself but laughed out loud. Pragya was irritated but felt happy to see her mum laughing. Pragya in her mind… whatever he does it always bring happiness. I wish that he also have the happiness throughout his life.

Sarla ma told Bulbul abt Pragya’s new name and Bulbul teased Pragya ‘So di u have become fuggy so no treat for us to celebrate!’ Pragya ‘ Stop it bulbul and sleep now. U need to rest well!’ Bulbul ‘ Ok fuggy! Gd night’ Pragya got irked and just then she got Abhi’s call.. she pickex up and bulbul was keep on telling the name fuggy to distract their conversation. Abhi asked Pragya to put the phone in speaker so that he can talk to Bulbul. Abhi ‘ Bulbul can u stop it! We are trying to talk and u are yelling from the back! One more thing i can only call ur sis Fuggy due to copyright issues. If u wanna use the name u must buy from me!’ Pragya laughed at his childish talk and Bulbul ‘ Jiju so how much is it? I am willing to buy at any sum!’ Abhi ‘ I am not selling it! Its only me who can call her! U make sure no body calls her that way if u call me as Jiju!’ Bulbul ‘ Omg! Why are u such a dramebaaz. Ok fine i shall take care of it. I am feeling sleepy alrdy. Bye bye jiju. U can continue ur romance with di now!’ Pragya ‘ Y u talk to bulbul like tat? So rude!’ Abhi ‘ No it was not rude she know me well! Ok fuggy i also feel sleepy bye..Ah fuggy forgot to tell u principal was saying the concert that u agree to come is coming soon. I think he will call u soon fuggy. Ok thats all and sweet dreams fuggy’. From that day onwards Pragya got used to her new name Fuggy. Initially she found it funny but as days passed she felt nice especially whenever Abhi called her fuggy in different tones depending on the mood he was in.

Destiny will start its games…

I dont know what to put for the precap as after this i will only continue only after 19 april….so i pause here now and play back on 19 april. Sorry if i am sounding like a video player by using terms like pause and play!??

Credit to: Maya

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