Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 17)


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Pragya returned to home and checked with Ronnie with her schedule. By then Bulbul was awake, ‘ Di! Why u never wake me up! I am very angry with u and what happened yesterday when u met Abhi?’ Pragya was smiling shyly remembering whatever happened between her and Abhi. She was literally lost in her thoughts. Bulbul,’ Di!! Why are u daydreaming? Are u even listening to me?’ Pragya came back to her senses and told her sis whatever that had happened. Bulbul was on cloud nine and was so happy that their plan was a success! She hugged Pragya and said,’ Di I am so happy for u! U could have wake up me yesterday and told me all this! My sleep is not that important as compared to ur happiness. At least u told me now!’Pragya, ‘Bulbul I am so happy now and I just hope this happiness stays longer’. Bulbul hugged her and said u deserve this happiness and definitely it will stay forever.
It was then Abhi texted Pragya and Bulbul noticed it. Bulbul ‘So much of love ah? U two just met and then he is missing u alrdy!’ Pragya ‘Bulbul! Don’t tease him like that then i will get angry’. Bulbul,’ Okay fine now u are angry with me! I thought u usually get angry with others if anyone tease me now its not the same after Jiju came in ur life’. Pragya ‘Not like that I am sorry to tell like that, U are always important to me whoever comes into my life’. Bulbul ‘I am just kidding with u Di! So fast u get emotional! Cannot change u only Jiju should save u, ok fine I am gg out now! I will see u later!’.Pragya told Bulbul to take care and continued reading Abhi’s texts….

A: Missing u sweetheart! Are u still wearing the bangles?
A: Why no reply? U are not missing me right? I am angry with u!
A: Reply!!! ! I am not able to conduct lesson if u never reply. Shall i take leave and come and see u?
P: Oh my god! Can’t u wait for a while! 3 msgs in 2 mins! I was talking to Bulbul that’s y i never reply u on time. Yes i am still wearing it and i will be wearing it at all times. Don’t take leave. We can meet after ur work. Work is also important and ur work is very important to the students. I don’t want them to miss in their learning experience because of me and ur foolishness.
A: Ok can 🙁 But how can u say its foolishness I really miss u that’s y i said i want to take leave. Some more today is a long day, I have lessons till 6 pm 🙁 U are not missing me Pragya that’s y u never even call or txt me once u reached home
P: I am thinking abt u at every minute, every second so that’s y I am not missing u. We will meet later and now concentrate on ur work!
A: Sorry Pragya for misunderstanding u. Happy to hear that u are thinking abt me 🙂 it made my day sweetheart, Baby and Cutie!
P: Enough of so many nicknames! Ok bye! Concentrate on work!!
A: Haha bye 🙂

With that both were smiling away about how both of them are thinking about each other.
Pragya was at home that day as her recording was postponed to the nxt day. She was constantly looking at the txt messages that Abhi had sent to her and was lost in thoughts about the life that she would spending with Abhi. Just then she received a call from an unknown number.

Unknown caller: Hello! We are calling from City Hospital and Bulbul has met with an accident. Can u come down now?’
Pragya was shocked and replied saying that she will be there soon. She rushed to Sarla ma and informed her. Both of them rushed to the hospital in their car, hoping that Bulbul will be safe. When they reached there, Sarla ma was shocked to see them. It was Pragya’s real parents.
Sarla ma, ‘How is Bulbul? U all have admitted her in the hospital? How is she now?’ Pragya’s real mum, Sheela,’ The doctor’s say she is still under observation. She is in the ICU, it was a major accident and we saw her on the roads and quickly rushed her to the hospital’. Pragya ‘Thanks for the help mam. From now on we can take care’. Sheela ‘Not mam Pragya but u should call me Ma’. Pragya looked at Sarla ma and she nodded as a sign that Sheela was telling the truth. Pragya, ‘Look mam we will talk about this matter later. Now i just want my sis to be out of danger’. Sheela had tears in her eyes when her daughter spoke that way but understood what she must be going through now. Pragya’s real dad, Ashok told Pragya that we shall take our leave and if any help is needed just give us a call by giving his contact number. Both of them left the place. Pragya did all the formalities and also was continuously checking with the Doctors about Bulbul’s condition and consoled her Ma that nothing will happen to Bulbul. While waiting she wanted to call Abhi but she don’t want to disturb him so she called Purab instead. Purab came down there and was helping them with all the possible ways. He already had called Abhi once Pragya told him about it and Abhi was also there in the hospital.
Pragya broke down once she saw Abhi and he also cried as he can’t see Pragya in pain. Just then the doctor came and informed them that Bulbul was out of danger but it would take sometime for her regain consciousness. They were relieved that Bulbul was out of danger but still all of them were in a state of sadness.

Abhi,’ Nothing will happen to Bulbul! She will be fine Pragya’. Pragya ‘ I know and i will make sure nothing happens to her too! But I am worried about Ma, she is not talking to me after she saw them’. Abhi ‘ Them? Who?’ Pragya ‘ My real parents! They had admitted Bulbul here and after seeing them she is not talking to me properly, I went to talk to her to console her but she moved away. I really don’t know what to do Abhi! I feel she is going far away from me and I can’t bear that!’.

Abhi,’ Pragya I am here right? I will talk to her and give her some time she is alrdy shocked that Bulbul is in this state and on top of that she saw ur parents. She must be going thr a lot of pain too. Don’t worry I will talk to her later and make her understand. Trust me Pragya, everything will be fine’. Pragya wiped her tears and felt much better by Abhi’s words.

Sarla ma was continuously crying unable to bear the thoughts of one daughter in pain and another one will be leaving her. Abhi came and sat beside her to talk. Pragya was looking at them from distance, hoping that Sarla ma will talk to her again normally.

Purab was seen crying in front of Bulbul and Abhigya realise that Purab loves Bulbul but Bulbul doesn’t know that. Does Bulbul also love Purab?

Credit to: Maya

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