Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 16)


Thank u all for ur support! I really appreciate all of urs words of wisdom which makes me feel better and i also feel that i have good friends like u all by writing tis ff. And to those who had enjoyed my old ff, if u all want me to continue it, I can but i can only do it after my exam. Now i really don’t have time. Pls comment if u all want me to continue the old one. Today, finally my presentation ended? It was not that good but not that bad too as its tough for our gp as we all are not that strong in Programming. At least we tried our best. With that thoughts, here we go to nxt episode…..

In car….
Abhi and Pragya both were smiling at each other after knowing that both love each other. Pragya,’ So Abhi now I know that u love me and i also love u but were u in love with that Pragya?’ Abhi was scared to tell the truth…At first place he was not even engaged with anyone, it was just a plan to make Pragya jealous and make her closer to him. Abhi, ‘Pragya why talk abt unnecesary things? Talk abt smting else’. He
somehow managed and Pragya also agreed to it
and thought may be nxt time she ask abt it.

Both reached Pragya’s house. Abhi, ‘ Pragya now i will miss u the whole night after what had
happened just now!’ Pragya smiled shyly and said’ Arrey u are talking as if we are in stone age! We can skype each other or video call each
other. So what’s the problem?’ Abhi, ‘ Huh ya
but cant hug u or kiss u right?’ Pragya, ‘ Chee! So shameless i won’t allow all this before marriage!’ Abhi, ‘ What! Wait i have to wait until marriage to do all these to my lover?’Pragya, ‘ Ya u have to ! U know i am not a normal lover but i am the sensational singer Pragya!’ Abhi, ‘ So now u are showing off? Then u think a normal lover just becoz that i am lecturer! Wait Pragya i will show u that i am not the normal one!’ Pragya, ‘ Let’s see! Ok Gd night and u know what u look cute while u are arguing with me!’ With that she pinched Abhi’s cheek and ran towards the house

Abhi smiled widely and told himself that he will surely show that he is not a normal lover…Sarla ma saw Pragya running inside the hse with so
much of happiness. Its been long time that she saw Pragya like this. She never went near her to ask Pragya what made her to be so happy. She
was still having the pain that Pragya will leave
her soon. Pragya first went to see Bulbul to share her happiness but she was sleeping, not wanting to disturb her she went to see Sarla ma. Pragya, ‘ Ma I am so happy today! I love Abhi a
lot and he loves me too!’ Sarla ma’ Beta i know all this but i thought u two were alrdy in love, that’ s what Abhi told me that day!’ Pragya ‘ No
ma only today we shared our feelings abt each
other. So he got talk to u abt me before?’.
Sarla ma explianed all that had happened that day and Pragya felt so lucky to have Abhi’s care and concern. Now she understood that it was all abhi’s plan to make Sarla ma reveal the truth.

Sarla ma ‘ Sorry Pragya that i never tell u abt ur parents but they will come here soon to bring u back. I really don’t want to feel bad but its my responsibilty to hand over to them’. Pragya’ Ma u think they are really concerned abt me? No ma they are only after my success and money! I won’t leave u ma and its my life and i will decide with whom should i spent my life. Ma i will talk to them directly once they come here. And one more thing Ma I am always Pragya Arora daugther of Sarla Arora and nothing else!’ She hugged Sarla ma and Sarla ma was very touched and hope Pragya’s words will be true forever.

In the morning…
Abhi called Pragya up… ‘ Pragya come and meet me at xyz place pls… i need to give u something!’
Pragya got ready not even waking up Bulbul who was still asleep. She was so excited to meet Abhi again.

Abhi, ‘ So early, Cant wait to see me huh? ‘ Pragya’ Nothing like that! I am always punctual u know? I dont like others to wait for me!’
Abhi’ Really? Ok close ur eyes i need to give u smthing!’ Pragya ‘ U can give me while my eyes open right? Whats the need for surprise like small kids?’ Abhi ‘ Pls for me!’ He said that with cutely that Pragya couldnt disagree to it so she closed her eyes! Abhi took out the bangles that they had bought tat day and put it on her hands.

Pragya opened her eyes and was vry surprised to see the same bangles that they had bought tat day. She hugged Abhi with tears of happiness and told ‘ So u lied to me right? There was no other Pragya! It was jus ur plan’. Abhi’ Yes Pragya but i had no choice other than this. And u know what i cant even lie to u properly! This had only happened with my mum. I cant lie to her properly everytime i will tell some nonsense to cover my lie. The same situation is repeating but now its with u… I see my mum in u Pragya so dont worry frm now onwards i wont lie to. Its a promise Pragya!’

Pragya was very touched she was lost for words abt how Abhi feel towards her and hugged him again. Abhi’ Somebody said no hugs before marriage huh?But now see what is happening?’ Pragya broke the hug and said ‘ All is fair in love and war… But still no kisses yet!’

After that both parted ways to carry on with their daily routine. Little that they know that destiny has its own games after that….

Bulbul met with an accident!

Credit to: Maya

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