Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 15)


Hi guys! Sorry for the late update but as i mentioned earlier it was a long day for me yesterday. I only reached home at 12 am and as it is a long journey from my college to home, I just slept in the train If not i would have updated yesterday. And one more thing I need to confess something to you all, I am sorry for a mistake that I have done earlier and if u all think that I had lied sorry for that too. Actually the thing is this is not my first ff, I have written a ff under a different name before its called Abhigya: Story of opposite attracts each other . I don’t know whether u all remember that….It has been very long. I ended it abruptly even though i got a good response but due to my depression that i was facing i was not able to do anything at that point of time. I didn’t even go to school at that time, I always stay at home crying becoz of depression. It was a very bad phase of my life. I am sorry again if i had disappointed any of u all at that time. Now i have recovered from depression and trying to be positive so hope u all can support.

Pragya reached Abhi’s apartment, she pressed the doorbell and Purab opened the door. Purab,’ Di! How are u? Pls come in’. She went in and Purab asked whats the matter and why she came as its quite late night. Pragya,’ I heard from Bulbul that Abhi is staying here. How is he now? Is he ok?’ Abhi and Purab were already informed by Bulbul that Pragya will be reaching there so they were well prepared on how to make their next move.
Purab,’ Di he is not ok, he is not even talking to me. He is always in the room and he said don’t disturb me as i want to be alone. I am so worried about him Di’. Pragya’s heart pained again hearing about Abhi’s condition. Pragya asked where he was and I want to talk to him. Purab pointed out that he was in that room and Pragya went to the room. Pragya opened the door and saw Abhi standing in the balcony of the room looking at the stars in the sky. Abhi,’ Pragya leave me alone don’t need to talk and sympathise on me!’. Pragya was shocked as he knew it was her even without looking back. How was this possible? He can feel my presence and am I that special to him that he can feel my presence?
Pragya,’ Who said I am here to sympathise u? I am just here to hear u speak and not here to console u’. Abhi knew that Pragya will give this kind of reply so he continued, ‘ Pragya, U don’t know from young i miss my loved ones, first it was my parents who died in an accident, then it was my sister who died due to cancer and then now my love which is not near me! I have my Dadi but u know right.. She also may not be with me forever….I know death cannot be avoided but why only me that have to miss my loved ones! Am i not that worth it to be with my loved ones? May be i am just fated to be alone!’. With that he broke into tears and cried uncontrollably.
Pragya also had tears hearing all this and said,’ Abhi ! I will be always with u whether u are in pain or happiness. Don’t ever say that u are alone!’ and hugged Abhi to console him. Abhi also hugged back as he longed for this moment. Both of them broke their hug and looked each other deeply and Pragya,,’Abhi just because ur love is not near u now it doesn’t mean that u lost everything! I have also lost my love but it doesn’t mean life has ended’. Abhi,’ Pragya i am not like u, I know what had happened in ur life but i am not strong as u. U know what? My love, Pragya is near me but her love is far away from me!’ Pragya was confused with his reply she knew he was referring to Pragya his fiancé but why does he have to say she is near him but her love is far away from him when their marriage is called off.

Pragya,’ What do u mean? I don’t get u!’. Abhi again hugged Pragya and told, ‘Pragya! I am referring to u! U are near me but ur love is far away from me as u are not accepting the fact that u are in love with me!’ Pragya,’ What? When did I say i love u!’. Abhi,’ Really? Then why are u so concerned about me? Its not friendship Pragya its love, Ok fine! Then promise on our friendship that u didn’t love me!’ Pragya,’ Abhi! Its true that i accept i love u but i can’t love u and i can’t tell u the reason too’. Abhi,’ Pragya i know its because of Sarla mam right? That u don’t want to accept me! Listen to what i have to say first then decide whether u want to love me or not!’.
He revealed the truth to Pragya. Pragya was shell shocked and was lost for words, she didn’t know how to react, she cried uncontrollably and was about to fall on the floor but Abhi hold her waist and saved her from falling. Abhi,’ Now u know the truth Pragya, I know its hard for u to accept but u have to make a wise decision now’. With that Abhi made Pragya sit on the couch there and was about to leave the room. Just then Pragya held his wrist and said,’ Abhi I love u! I love u because u are like Raghav and I had made a promise to Raghav to move on in my life. Will u accept my love after knowing all the truth about me?’
Abhi was so happy to hear those magical words from her and hugged her back and said, ‘ Pragya I have always accepted u as my love when i realised that i am in love with u! I don’t care about ur past!’ and kissed her forehead.
It was then Purab knocked the door and both broke their hug and Abhi went to open the door. Purab, ‘ Di are u ok? Why are u crying? Did he hurt u? I told u na, he is very moody and Abhi why u do like this!’ Both Abhi and Pragya burst out into laughter on Purab’s assumptions. Abhi,’ Purab why are u so negative? It can be tears of happiness right? And can’t u see i am also in tears?’ Purab, ‘ Ah? So what happened?’ Abhi, ‘ I will tell u everything later as its already late and i shall drop Pragya at her home’.
Abhi had managed to signal to Purab that the plan was success by showing hand gestures. Purab was equally happy but just pretended to be confused as he don’t want Pragya to know it was all their plan’.

Pragya,’ So Abhi u were never in love with that Pragya?’ Abhi was scared to reveal the truth…..

Guys sorry again and hope u all still support me after knowing the truth and I am not able to upload a episode tomorrow as I have to practice for my presentation.

Credit to: Maya

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  1. hi maya ho no its u i loved dat ff so much i feel very bad when u stoped dat ff i really missed dat alot pls if u possible continue dat opposite attracts each other plss if possible

  2. wowwww its superb nd v appreciate ur honesty if not u feel awkward thn can v knw y r u sooo depressed tht tooo nt evn gng fr school if its personal thn I am srry but if u feel its worth sharing with us thn pls blurt out but dont b depressed

  3. Superb Maya..?☺????

    1. Feel free to talk..
      I loved honesty?

  4. Not too personal guys, it was just that i felt i made a wrong choice of choosing what I am studying now. I know it will be difficult but not to the level that i don’t want to study. From young, I felt that my strength is my studies as I don’t really have other talents like singing or dancing so when my strength itself was getting weaker I felt i am useless. That’s y i was so depressed. But now I have accepted the fact that I am not only the one struggling to cope with studies as a lot of my classmates also like me. And I also thought that I have to just move on especially for my parents and help me to improve myself.

  5. Superb yaar… Thn dont feel anythg tat u lied lk tat just thk u have tat guts to accept it… I really appreciate Ur honesty thn just keep in rocking today’s episode s really superb n Im just waiting eagerly for next part…how vl abhi say the truth to pragya thn how she vl react 4 tat

  6. Hi Maya I like that old fan fiction also and this ff also great and just feel free to share
    This episode is amazing

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  9. Divya chandru

    Super and awesome yaar, fabulous

  10. Nice epi yaar… Don’t even think that we will think u wrong and may i ask u something what r u studying now? Don’t take it wrong i just asked that normally and thnks 4ur support yaar… For my ff

    1. Thank u Pavi for the understanding!. I am studying Pharmaceutical Engineering

  11. awesome yaar its ok everyone has bad phases in life it’s good that u have overcome that all the best as u will see only success in ur life here after as u hv so many fans parents siblings and all their blessings todays episode was reallly nice loved it….

  12. WoW………Its Superb……….

  13. Firstly I should appreciate ur honesty and don’t feel for anything yes life is not a bed of roses all people should come across hurdles in their life but I am happy for u that now u r facing the problem boldly forgot what ever happened in ur past and now enjoy ur present and coming to the story it was amazing I loved today’s episode keep rocking and waiting for next episode.. Take care of ur health also dr

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