Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 14)


Thank u for the continous support. Keep supporting! And i am uploading another episode in advance too. Tmrw is long day again…Have to wrap up my proj by tmrw as the presentation is on Monday. Hopefully my gp does well.

Abhi picked up the call , ‘ Abhi what are u thinking in ur mind? Why did u tell Ma that we are loving each other? How can u cheat ur fiance? Where are u now? I gonna come and kill u!’ Abhi’ Pragya calm down! It was a misundersanding and i can explain to u’. Pragya’ What misunderstanding? U mean u tell my name instead of ur fiance’s name? U have to be kidding me!’ Abhi ‘ Yes its true but not as u think as my fiance name is also Pragya!’ Pragya’ What ! Are u serious or u are lying to me?’ Abhi ‘ Why i have to be lying to u? No Pragya its the truth if u dont believe me u can ask Purab, his relative is my fiance so u xan check with him. Wait i pass the phone to him’. Pragya ‘ Purab is Abhi telling the truth? Dont lie to me if not i will not spare u!’ Purab ‘ Yes Di he is saying the truth his fiance’s name is same as urs and she is like a Di to me’ Pragya’ Ok i believe u. Pass the phone to Abhi’ Pragya to Abhi ‘ So sorry Abhi i thought u were cheating on ur fiance and got angry at the thought and u know i am also engaged so was angry when Ma told that we are in love’.
Abhi ‘ Sorry Pragya i should have tell u abt tis but i never even mention her name to u. Its my fault. Sorry for making u tensed again’ Pragya ‘ Its ok but from now on dont hide anything from this friend. Ok take care’ . Abhi ‘ Bye sweetheart. Take care too ‘ Pragya ‘ Again sweetheart!!! Cannot change u! Bye’ .

Abhi ‘ Thank god! U two never even help me luckily i got the idea if not i would be dead!’ Purab ‘ Do u call this as an idea? She was too innocent thats y she believe this and some more she never believed u but only after i assured her’. Bulbul ‘ Yes Purab is right if u have blabbered some more i think she should have suspected u alrdy!’ Abhi ‘ Can both of u all stop it! Ok fine i am gg now… U all no need to help me. U two are only good at taunting me! I can manage myself from now onwards’.

Both Purab and Bulbul laughed at Abhi’s irritation and he just walked out the place….
Abhi thought these two were driving me crazy. Ok now Abhi u have to be very careful and think twice before u do anything. So now i need to tell the truth to Pragya and before that i must make her propose to me! But how? Idea! But for that i need Bulbul’s help again… No choice but i have to ask her.

Abhi called Bulbul again and told her abt his idea and Bulbul was extremely happy that now her Di would definitely tell her love to Abhi.

Few days later…..
Pragya was as usual was immersed in her work that day Bulbul asked her to come and pick her
up frm the shopping mall she had went, Pragya
also went there..

Pragya ‘ How long i have been waiting for u? I
am alrdy so tired and u are making me wait’.
Bulbul ‘ Sorry Di , i had to purchase some stuff for Purab he is going overseas and thats y i was late. U know something Di? Abhi’s wedding has
been called off!’ Pragya’ What are u blabbering?
No way it cant be happening as i know both Abhi and his fiance are in love with each other. He had also told me’. Bulbul ‘ I dont know abt
that Di but that is what i heard frm Purab and he
never tell me the reason but he told that Abhi is extremely depressed and didn’t go to work and was not even staying at his own house’. Pragya ‘
What? Then where is he now? Why like this
have to happen to him?’ Bulbul ‘ Purab said that he is in his apartment. He dont want to go work or house as he dont like to be sympathised by
others. U know there are ppl will always comment when something bad happens… May be he wants to avoid all that’.

Pragya ‘s heart ached at the thought of the pain that Abhi is going thr now. She wanted to see him and comfort him. She asked Bulbul for Purab’s apartment address and went there after dropping Bulbul at home.

Abhi I will always be with u whether u are in pain or happiness! Don’t ever feel u are alone!

So guys just an opinion required, Do u all want me to make Pragya reciprocate her love in nxt episode or i drag a bit? Pls give feedback! ?. Gd night! So sleepy today??

Credit to: Maya

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