Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 13)

Hi guys! So tired today so i am updating while gg back to home. So sorry if there are any mistakes…. ok let’s go to the nxt episode…

Pragya didn’t know what to do after what had happened in the cafe… That’s when Abhi texted her…
A: Pragya! I am so happy, she said she loves me.I will tell u more when we meet nxt time. And
sorry as i had wrong thoughts about u!
Pragya was shocked again she didn’t know what was happening around her…First he asked her so many qns as if like he want her to tell her love to him but now he tells his fiance is in love with him. She find it ridiculous! How can he play with her feelings like this…

Pragya: It’s ok Abhi and congrats!
Abhi so she is angry with me now that’s why her reply is so short! Ok that’s good, now i can go ahead with my next step….

Abhi called Bulbul and told everything that had happened in the cafe. Bulbul, ‘ It’s good that our plan is working but i am scared that Di is very hurt!’. Abhi, ‘ I also know that but its only for a while and then everything will be fine’. Bulbul,’ Ok hopefully everything will be fine. So u are gg ahead with the nxt plan?’ Abhi , ‘ Yes of course! I need ur help in it. U make sure Pragya is busy with her work so that I can talk to Sarla mam and find y she don’t want Pragya to marry again’. Bulbul agreed to it and was happy that she is gg to get such a nice jiju.

Abhi called up Sarla mam, ‘ Mam, are u free today can i meet u?’ Sarla,’ Yes i am free. Whats the matter Abhi? Anything important?’ Abhi, ‘ Yes kind of can u pls come xyz place at 5 pm today? ‘. Sarla ma,’ Ok can Abhi. See u later!’ .

Sarla wondered y suddenly Abhi wanted to meet her and hoped that he was not in any trouble.

Sarla ma met Abhi, Sarla, ‘ Whats the matter Abhi? Y have u called me all of a sudden’. Abhi,’ Mam I want to talk to u abt Pragya. Pragya and me love each other and we want to get married but she don’t want to against u. That’s y she asked me to talk to u’. Sara ma didn’t expected Abhi to be so straightforward she thought only
his Dadi is interested in Pragya being her bahu but didn’t expect both Pragya and Abhi to be in love. She knew that Pragya was different recently but thought may be it was due to bulbul’s return and Abhi’s friendship.

Sarla’ Abhi this can’t happen as alrdy i told ur Dadi that she is engaged’. Abhi, ‘ Mam y are u
lying? U are doing to punish Raghav’s death
right? Y mam even he wanted Pragya to move
on in her life. Then y are u ruining ur own daughter’s life!’. Sarla, ‘ Abhi stop it! U don’t
know the truth… she is not even my daughter!’.
Abhi, ‘ What? Pragya is not ur daughter. What u
mean mam? So much of hatred that u dont even consider her as ur daughter now. I didnt expect u to be so cruel!’. Sarla, ‘ No Abhi its not like what u think. Ok fine let me tell the truth and
then decide whether i am wrong’. Sarla ma told that Pragya was her adopted child. She wasn’t able to conceive for a vry long time…

So she
and her husband decided to adopt a child which
was Pragya. But few yrs later she was pregnant and her bulbul is her real child. She didn’t reveal this truth to Pragya as she considered Pragya as her own child. Abhi, ‘ Ok but what does this have to do with Pragya’s remarriage?’ Sarla ma
continued saying that she met Pragya’s real parents a few yrs ago and they want her back and heard abt her past which made them guilty as they thought that as real parents they didn’t
do their duty that’s y their daughter has suffered so much. They now want to take the responsiblity of getting her married to a well off family. So thats y she had to be harsh to Pragya
and make her feel hatred towards her. But Pragya is not like that the more harsh words that she use, the more love she gives back. I
cant hide this truth longer and she have to tell
Pragya all this but don’t have the strength….

Abhi was shocked hearing all this and realised that Pragya’s real parents are only after her
money that she had earned. Then y they never come for her when she was young?

Abhi, ‘ Mam one thing for sure they don’t care
for Pragya but only for her money if not they would come to her when she was young and not now!’. Sarla ma ‘ U may be right Abhi! But i don’t have any rights on her alrdy. I have alrdy tried to make her life better by getting her married to Raghav but it turned out a disaster to her. Now i have the responsibility to safely hand her over to her real parents. They have alrdy asking me when i am gg to tell the truth to her. So nothing is in my hands. My daughter will leave me forever and i just hope that she will be fine with them’.

Abhi ‘ Mam this is not right how can u be sure that she will be happy with them… and she have the rights to decide on her life. Its her life and not their life to decide who she should marry! Mam this is not fair!’. Sarla’ Abhi its not being fair and all. Its abt doing the right thing and i think this is the right thing to do’.
Abhi, ‘ U know how much u have hurt Pragya’s feelings that she dont ever feel that she have feelings. Thats how u have made her. Let me explain to her and she will decide what she want in her life’. Sarla ‘ No Abhi don’t do anything in hurry. I don’t want her to hate me… I want her to leave me happily’. Abhi’ Pls trust me and i will tell her the truth and she will understand. Have faith me and i promise u that she won’t hate u!’

Sarla ma got convinced with Abhi’s words and decided that she will let Pragya decide instead of her interfering in her life. She was glad that both Pragya and Abhi loved each other. She thought Abhi was such a understanding person but she didnt know that Pragya still havent reciprocate her feelings to Abhi and this was just his plan to make Sarla tell the truth.

Abhi now know the real reason and texted Purab and Bulbul to meet him. They were all equally shocked by the truth and felt sad for Pragya’s plight. Bulbul,’ So how are u gg to tell the truth?’. Abhi’ Not sure but have to tell her! Oh no now only i rmbr i told Sarla mam that Pragya and me love each other, what if she go and ask abt that to Pragya? ‘ Purab and Bulbul at the same time said ‘Oh shit!’ Purab, ‘Our plan is corrupted now! Abhi what have u done!’ Abhi’ Now what to do! I am so scared now! Help me !’ Just then Pragya called Abhi….

Abhi u told Ma that we love each other! How dare u? How can u cheat ur fiance? Where are u now? I gonna come kill u for what u have done!

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